The Increased OSS Problems

Discussion in 'Fall Further' started by Chiyo-chan, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Chiyo-chan

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    Jul 18, 2010
    i just reigistered to the site but my brother been using the site a while and me and him play lan games on fall further and fall from heaven 2 alot but it seems the came it loosing sync the more we play
    its a shame as we both enjoy it alot
    we tried adding modules to help reduce it but non seemed to have
    some games it doesnt happen alot but some games usually the most fun) it keeps happening every 3 or 4 turns
    now i think its likly because the game thinks we have differant versions we have the same though
    we have to play through direct ip games and when he joines it always says "player 2 has differant game version please verify this is a trusted player" somthing like that anyways but is there first of any way to stop this so it will finally acknowledge we have same game versions?
    second of is there any way to reduce this oss problem? it drive us mad as it ruins such fun games i know it cnt be stopped but just maybe anyways to stop it accoring so commonly?
    i have some modules as said which r meant to help but they dont seem to
    any advise? i will be willing to change files and modify em if need be :)
    sorry about spelling being bad but thankyou for any help

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