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The International RNG Enlightenment Accosiation

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Multi-Team Demogame' started by Meleager, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Meleager

    Meleager Stoned as a Statue

    Jun 5, 2005
    Brisbane, Australia

    The International RNG Enlightenment Accosiation

    [size=-3]From www.landtours.com[/size]
    From the Randotican, the holy random country within Athens, the land of MIA.​


    Some of the dedicated members of MIA have been enlightened enough to worship the RNG for some time now. Whilst some rebel elements of our nation continue to worship the entity know as "Rik Meleet", we are hopeful that they will soon convert. In the meantime however, we have "collected" enough fund to bring this wonderful enlightenment to you.

    The 10 Random Commandments of the RNG

    1. Thou shall worship only the RNG… and only on random days.

    2. Thou shall decide all decisions by flipping a coin.

    3. Thou shall randomly make holy war against a random enemy.

    4. Thou shall eat dancing fruit 3 times a day.

    5. The more thee donates the greater the random chance yee has of avoiding eternal damnation.

    6. Thou may pay their taxes randomly.

    7. Thou shall randomly vote.

    8. Thou shall watch their head for randomly falling objects.

    9. Thou shall name the first head of randomly generated 2 headed animals after the RNG.

    10. Thou shall become one with the random.


    He are some pictures regarding our enlightenment.

    [size=-3]From www.ourladyofvictory.org[/size]
    This is the inner sanctum of the beautiful headquarters of our new church.

    [size=-3]From www.danbrown.com[/size]
    This is the old Enlightenment Centre in Athens. It is still used as storage for dancing fruit.


    Unfortunately, the government made me edit this to stop certain government secrets leaking. :mischief:

    Random-number-generatorus Peter the great
    “The dice on which I shall build my philosophical ideology”
    Peter was the first to see the enlightenment that the RNG had to offer. He was sitting at the beach when shells washed upon the shore randomly generated the words “You are the dice on which I shall build my philosophical ideology”. The message spread quickly. Unfortunately, Peter was soon killed in heavy rain when some hail randomly fell on him.

    Random-number-generatorus Arthur the First
    “I played lotto and won”
    Since Peter died so quickly, it was up to Arthur I to fill certain gaps in our philosophy. Arthur would randomly pull doctrines out of his hat; ensuring a pure, random faith. The day Arthur I randomly won the lotto, he was randomly hit by lightning on a sunny day.

    Random-number-generatorus Jonathan the Ninth
    “you shall find only barbs until you worship me”
    Jonathan IX randomly prophesied “Thou saith the RNG: ‘Spearmen shall destroy tanks unless you worship me with dancing fruit’”. And so the search for dancing tropical fruits began. They have not yet been found and as a result spearmen will soon start destroying tanks. Jonathan IX died when a meteorite randomly entered the earth’s atmosphere and struck him dead.

    Random-number-generatorus Ben the Twenty-Seventh
    The Heretic
    Ben XXVII sought to make the RNG faith more acceptable to the RIK followers. He did this by introducing the doctrines of the Infinite Civ and the Civ Trinity. Such heresy broke the first commandment that Arthur I had pulled from his hat: “Thou shall worship only the RNG”. Not many random things happened during that time. Ben XXVII died at the ripe old age of 163.

    Spoiler Infinate Civ and the Civ Trininty :

    The Doctrine of the Infinate Civ

    The great and almighty random-number-genratorus, who leads our worship of the RNG - let it be praised :worship: has received a revelation from the eternal Meir about our humble existence.

    Upon watching four rich noblemen - playing a PBEM, the almighty pope saw the truth about our existence: we are all part of a civilization game. The people clicking on us and making us do things are also part of a civilization game, and so on and so forth...

    He also saw the power of the divine civ-trilogy... Sid Meir - The Almightily creator of physics and natural law, without these nothing is possible; Rik Meleet - The Creator of the world, who used Sid's physics do form the world we live in; The RNG - The controller of what happens in this world.

    Quickly! We must find some dancing fruit before these gods get angry.

    Random-number-generatorus Hauhakjhdaks the First
    Enlightenment Centre Builder
    Hauhakjhdaks I caste out the heresies and returned the faith to its roots. He is also responsible for building this wonderful enlightenment centre. Hauhakjhdaks I is known for randomly finding coins and always getting 3 lux and a cow when he starts a game of civ.

    Finally, Welcome to The International RNG Enlightenment Association. People, who wish to avoid eternal damnation, please leave your donations at the door - Thankyou.
  2. azzaman333

    azzaman333 meh

    Apr 9, 2005
    Melbourne, AUS Reputation:131^(9/2)
    You forgot that the RNG looks unkindly on those who dont pay random tributes to the churchs most acitve participants, azzaman333 and Meleager. :mischief:
  3. ybbor

    ybbor Will not change his avata

    Nov 16, 2003
    Chicago Suburbs
    Lo and Behold I come bringing messages of deliverance! You have done evil in the eyes of Meleet! Repent! Repent! Repent I say to you! Do not be fooled by the temptations of randomness that threaten to consume you! Repent! Now! And Rik may have mercy on your soul, but only if done quickly! Meleet has seen in his infinite wisdom for us citizens of civilized society to be separate from the barbarians that fall prey to the temptations of randomness! Repent!

    May Meleet have mercy on your souls.
  4. Emp. Killyouall

    Emp. Killyouall EVIL Emperor

    Aug 13, 2005
    On my computer
    you all like whats in my sig, right?
  5. azzaman333

    azzaman333 meh

    Apr 9, 2005
    Melbourne, AUS Reputation:131^(9/2)
    I havebeen told a random prophecy!

    Dinsog is the devil, and must be shot with mudbricks on sight. If not, a hairy llama will eat your brains.
  6. classical_hero

    classical_hero In whom I trust

    Jan 30, 2003
    Perth,Western Australia
    The randomness of this "church" is offensive. Please learn to spell you cultists. The great Meleet is terrible in his wrath and his vengance shall come upon you for such porr spelling.

    I shall now light some candles and say some prayers on behalf you guys so that the great Meleet does not smite thee down with his furious anger.

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