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The Ivention of the throwing axe

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Demo Game III: RPG' started by Sir John, May 12, 2003.

  1. Sir John

    Sir John The evil one...

    Jan 15, 2003
    Norway, Bodø
    Janus: Hi Ceasar, what are you working on now?

    Ceasar: Well, you know me. Im always working on something. Well, right now Im trying to make a axe that will fly trough the air like a arrow...

    Janus laughs of out loadly...

    Janus: Are you serious? You know as well as me that a axe will only fall to the ground if throwed...

    Ceasar: Well, Usuallly It would, but the axes Im working on are more aerodynamic (a ancient word for this kind of thing please) and its much lighter.

    Janus: How did you get it so much lighter? Dont you use oak as normal?

    Septimus: No, I used this new type of tree that Septimus found in the wood for me. He always knows where to find things in the wood. He practicly lives there...

    Janus: Well, good luck. Im going to bed now.

    Janus slept well and in the next morning he awoke and he went out in the living room.

    Janus: Ceasar? Have you been up all night and working on that fly-axe?

    Ceasar: Yes. Ive finally completed it. Its very light and very sharp. It is the best Ive ever made. I shall call it: The Trowhing Axe.

    Janus: Can I try it?

    Ceasar: Ofcourse, but remeber that you need practise to throw it perfectly as its quite difficult...

    Janus: Well, lets go out in the backyard and start then...

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