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The Llamast Jokes Thread... 3

Uncle Sparky

Pheasant Plucker
Aug 29, 2013
Post the lamest jokes you, or someone, can think of. For example...

Aren't time zones fascinating? In Europe, it is 2018. In Canada, it is still 2017. In the USA, it is 1952.

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Son: Dad, could you do my math problems for me?
Dad: That would be completely wrong, son.
Son: Probably, but you could still try your best!
A local paper, desperate for copy, once ran a story on sheep running wild in a children's playground. However, once it was revealed that these were simply chicken-wire models with cotton wool cladding, the paper had to apologise for a fake ewes story.
That joke is so old that it probably has grandchildren now!
Why is a calendar worried about dying?

Because its days are numbered
Why can't clocks keep secrets?

Spoiler :
Because time will tell
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Meeeeee! I'm guessing.
I saw a whole shelf of fairy cakes in tutus the other day. They were clearly in a bun dance.
A man walks into a fishmonger with a tuna under his arm.
"Do you do fishcakes?"
"Of course sir"
"Good, because it's his birthday"
What did they call a candle in the window on the 85th floor of the world trade center?

Spoiler :
pilot light
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