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The Llamast Jokes Thread... 3

My New Year's Resolution is to stop talking to myself. And I think I'll be successful. It's really just mind over mutter.
Elephants can weigh up to 250 lbs. (115 k) at birth, making them the second biggest babies on earth, just after Trump supporters.
How cold is it in Winnipeg, Canada?
Last night, I was working the gate at an indoor ice hockey arena. As people were coming in, I was telling them to sit by the ice and warm up.
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I've made an observation, but I'll let you all decide how significant it is.

The letter "h" is sometimes really important.

But again, you can decide for yourself whether that's worth noting, or worth nothing.
When life doesn't give you lemons . . . well, I guess it's just sugar-water for you, then, chap.
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