The Lost History of the Grigori

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    This game story features the awesome Fall from Heaven II Shadow mod 0.30.

    With 9 civs total, the 8 AI civs are
    • The Ljosalfar (elves): Amelanchier, Thessa, and Arendel Phaedra
    • The Doviello: Charadon and Mahala
    • The Clan of Embers (orcs): Sheelba, Jonas Endain
    • The Illians: Auric Ulvin

    Difficulty: emperor
    Options: raging barbarians, require complete kills, wildlands, AI no building requirements, all victories enabled


    Starting tech

    Unique units

    Unique buildings

    Spoiler :
    For those who aren't familiar with the settings, a boreal map is almost completely covered in forest, with occasional lakes. With cold temperature, the domintant terrain types are plains, tundras and ice. The dominant food resource is deer, with the occasional farm and pasture resource.

    This game is actually my first Shadow game since I didn't get a chance to play during the holidays. So I'm experimenting with many things at once. This forest covered map should favour the elves, so I expect them to dominate most of the game. Due to the forests, starting out with a cottage economy (CE) is gonna be almost impossible, this will give me a chance to try out an initial specialist economy (SE) with the Grigori, with a transition to a CE once it's feasible. I'm using a large map to see how the map plays (monsters, barbs, etc...), before running into another civs. I'm also trying the "require complete kills" option for the first time.
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    The Lost History of The Grigori

    Year 0 - The Founding of Midgar

    Although the ice had begun to thaw, much of Erebus is still very much frozen. Fortunately the ice had retreated enough for Deer to thrive. Hunting will provide ample food for our people.

    We decided to build our settlement on a bare patch of ice by the river, so as to not disturb the forest.

    Although I have much wisdom to impart to the Grigori, it is my hope that they be free to determine their own fates. In that spirit, I have gathered the Grigori elders so that we may consult together in the everyday decisions concerning our tribe. The elders were very impressed by this, they had expected me to rule them as immortals have always ruled humans: in a paternalistic or authoritarian manner.

    After surveying the surrounding area, we decided to develop farming tools in order to harvest the nearby Wheat field.

    Our Scouts visited a tribal village just north of Midgar. The villagers were quite hospitable and even provided us a detailed map of the northeastern lands. On the map they indicated the location of a Cotton field as well as a place with "glowing rocks". I surmise that they were referring to an untapped Mana source.
    Spoiler :

    Our scouts report that there are a couple of Ruins and a Barrow nearby. We have ordered them to the destroyed as soon as possible, to prevent dangerous creatures from nesting.

    Year 2

    The Ruins closest to Midgar has been destroyed. Our Scouts are now moving towards the next Ruins. I pray that they make it in time before monsters manage to nest there.

    Year 5-6

    Thankfully our Scouts were able to destroy the second Ruins on time. While exploring the area they uncovered and successfully destroyed a third set of Ruins. However I fear we will not be able to destroy the Barrow on time.

    Year 8

    Unfortunately our Warriors were not able to reach the Barrow on time. The area was already infested by Skeletons. As our Warriors are ill-equipped to defeat such unholy creatures, we ordered them to retreat to Midgar and fortify against potential attacks.

    However there is good news, our Scouts were welcomed in another tribal village just east of Midgar. Our scouts must’ve made quite an impression on the villagers, as they offered them 48 gold as a gift of hospitality.

    Year 9

    We have formed a second unit of Warriors. Our citizens are now being ordered to begin building a brewery until more important things need building. A few of the Grigori elders insisted we form more warriors, however the majority of the elders and I felt that as a pacifist society we did not need more warriors. We only want to be left to ourselves, free from the whims of gods.

    Year 11

    While hunting deer for sustenance during their exploration of the eastern regions, our Scouts were attacked by a wolfpack that were hunting the deer as well. It seems that Wolves do not like to share their prey. Fortunately our scouts managed to fend off the wolves.

    Year 13

    Our people have now been ordered to gather a unit of Workers as our sages are almost done developing farming tools. Construction of the Brewery has been put on hold for the moment.
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    Good luck.

    The boreal map is a killer for lack of resources, the elves will love it though.
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    Year 20 - Bahamet the Second

    People looked up from their daily labor as he slowly walked into the village. The traveler was dressed in a tattered tunic and seemed weary, yet he projected an aura of confidence and prowess. The villagers whispered between themselves. Among them was a veteran scout and hunter, for a brief moment he met the traveler's eyes, and nodded knowingly at the traveler.

    He made his way to the palace. Standing before me he asked if we would allow a lonely and tired man to take shelter in our village, to give him respite from the cold. I replied: "All men and women are welcome to live in peace among the Grigori."

    Spoiler :
    I'm going to hold off upgrading Bahamet until I need him, since he requires upkeep once upgraded.

    Year 21

    Our sages have finished developing farming tools. Once our Workers have been trained, we shall begin harvesting Wheat immediately. In the meantime our sages have been instructed to look into the secrets of Ancient Chants and Mysticism.

    Year 23

    While visiting another tribal village, our Scouts encountered a seer who revealed to us the secrets of Exploration. What motive he had for such generosity is unclear...
    Spoiler :

    Year 24

    Our Workers are ready and have been sent toward the Wheat field to begin farming immediately.

    As our Scouts were surveying the abundancy of Crabs at a lake west of Midgar they spotted a Giant Spider. Fortunately the creature did not see them and our Scouts were able to retreat to safety.

    Year 27

    The endless winters from the Age of Ice has hardened the Grigori into a hearty people. As a result the weak and the sick are rare among us. The Grigori elders decided that we had no right to impose such testing on our people, therefore we chose to forgo the tests.

    This year we met a tribe of humans who call themselves Illians, led by Auric Ulvin. Though nobody knows of their origins, I do. As past worshippers of Mulcarn, I am doubtful the Illians have forgone their god-worshipping ways. And Auric has the eyes of a religious fanatic. They are not to be trusted.

    Year 29

    As our Scouts were surveying Marble stones southwest of Midgar, they spotted a Bear Den. The bears seemed content to stay in their den, for the moment.

    Year 31

    A Skeleton was spotted entering our borders! Our Workers have been recalled back into the safety of Midgar. Our Warriors are on their highest alert and are preparing for an imminent attack...

    Our Warriors valiantly defended against the Skeleton, an entire unit of Warriors were slain...

    However the Warriors did not die in vain, they managed to weaken the Skeleton enough for our second unit of Warriors to destroy it. Our fallen Warriors shall be remembered.

    Year 32

    Our Scouts spotted Ruins inhabited by Lizardmen just south of Midgar. While the Lizardmen seem to be currently keeping to themselves, we can expect them to venture into our borders sooner of later in search of food.

    Year 33

    While Bahamet has been living peacefully among us, the threat of the Skeletons and Lizardmen has convinced him to take up arms with us. The many years that he travelled alone to distant lands and survived in the frozen wilds are a testament to his prowess as a Scout. Our citizens will be very relieved to have a hero of such experience on their side. However even he cannot protect everyone by himself, so we have begun gathering another unit of warriors to aid in the defense of Midgar.

    Spoiler :
    Since there's alot of good animals around to subdue, such as bears and spiders, I've decided to upgrade Bahamet to a scout. He'll be less useful as a front line defender vs skeletons and lizardmen, but will work fine in combination with regular warriors.
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    Thanks! My secret wish is for the elves to pwn me ;)
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    Year 35-37 - First contact with the Lizardmen

    Lizardmen have approached our northeastern border, we have sent our surviving unit of Warriors to intercept. Our Warriors have staked out an easily defensible position behind a River, on a Hill, under the cover of the Forest. The plan is to have our Warriors taunt the lizardmen into a suicide attack, as I highly doubt our Warriors could defeat Lizardmen otherwise...

    Our plan worked! Taunted into a fit of rage, the Lizardmen blindly attacked our Warriors from an unfavourable position and were slain.

    Midgar’s success has attracted the seedier elements of humanity to our town, the Ratcatcher’s Guild has been founded in Midgar.

    After being interrupted by the Skeleton and Lizardmen attack, the Workers have finally finished the wheat farm and have begun building a road connecting the farm to Midgar.

    Year 38-40

    A Skeleton has been sighted on our eastern border, hopefully our Warriors will recover from the Lizardmen attack in time to deal with this new threat.

    As fate would have it an alchemist heard of our plight. We had just enough money to afford his Healing Salve too. We did not like emptying our coffers but thought it wise to obtain the Healing Salve, considering the constant threat of Skeletons and Lizardmen.

    We also were able to form a second unit of Warriors to aid in the defence of Midgar. Things are certainly looking up.

    It turns out that we did not even need the Healing Salve, our Warriors successfully defended against the Skeleton. The Healing Salve will be kept for furture use.

    With the threat of Lizardmen and Skeletons over for the time being, construction of the Brewery has continued.

    Year 44 - Our Workers have begun building farms on suitable open plains just south of Midgar

    Year 45-47

    This time 2 groups of Lizardmen are approaching our northeastern border, we have sent out 2 units of Warriors to intercept them, equipped with the Healing Salve. Will these ones fall for the same taunting tactic as the previous Lizardmen? We can only hope...

    And taunting has proved its worth again! The 1st group of Lizardmen foolishly attacked our Warriors. Experienced in fighting Lizardmen, our Warriors easily dispatched them without taking any casualties...

    Having witnessed the fate of their kin, the 2nd group of Lizardmen were hesitant to attack. That is until our Warriors called their mother a hamster. While Lizardmen are skilled in the art of hunting, they clearly are lacking in the art of common sense.

    Meanwhile, our sages have discovered the secrets of Ancient Chants and are getting closer to uncovering Mysticism.
    Spoiler :
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    Year 50

    A Bear Den has been uncovered north of Midgar. Bahamet tells us that in distant lands, fearsome bears are subdued and tamed using the ways of Animal Husbandry.

    Year 51 - Construction of the Midgar Brewery is completed. Our citizens celebrate our first draft of beer with drunken revelry!
    Year 54 - While exploring the ice flats northwest of Midgar, our Scouts have uncovered Ancient Towers left over from the Age of Magic

    Year 55-60

    Fended off Lizardmen attack
    Fended off Skeleton attack

    Our scouting party was slain by a pack of Bears on the ice flats.

    With the defense of Midgar assured by our battle hardened Warriors and Bahamet, we have decided to gather a group of Settlers. Our sages are currently surveying the surrounding lands for a suitable location.

    Year 63

    According to our sages the most suitable location for our new village is just west of Midgar, where deer is abundant and near a cotton field. A new unit of Warriors has been gathered for the defense of the future village and workers have begun building a road leading to the new village site.

    Year 70 - Carrow the Hunted

    - "I am but a tender deer herder" said the man.
    - "You mean you're a deer hunter" said the elder.
    - <sigh> "See that's precisely why I call myself Carrow the Hunted, so as to not confuse me with a hunter.

    Spoiler :
    I'm abit low (71) on gold right now, I'm gonna wait till I need this 2nd adventurer before spending the gold for the upgrade.

    Year 72

    Our sages have uncovered the secrets of Mysticism. As soon as our Settlers are formed, we will convene a Council of Elders in Midgar. The sages are now turning to discovering the ways of Animal Husbandry in order to subdue wild animals.

    We have just discovered that the future village site is infested with Bears! We are sending Bahamet and a group of Warriors to deal with the matter.

    Year 73-75 - Fended off Skeleton and Lizardmen attack

    Year 76 - Word of Orthus has reached us from distant lands.

    Year 77

    Bahamet proved his now legendary prowess as a woodsman by single-handedly defeating the pack of Bears occupying our future village site.

    Year 78 - Nationhood

    As the newly gathered Settlers headed off to found a new village, the Grigori elders and I convened to discuss the future of our nation. It was with great sadness that we concluded that survival in these hostile lands was incompatible with our pacifist ways. Instead, inspiring a sense of Nationhood in our people is necessary if we are to defend ourselves against the dangers of this Erebus.

    Spoiler :
    I was very tempted to pick God King as well, but it just didn't seem in theme with the Grigori.
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    Year 79 - The Founding of Junon

    The village of Junon has been founded and has begun to convene its own Council of Elders.

    Year 82

    Bahamet destroyed a Skeleton that wandered into our lands.

    The Midgar Council of Elders has been convened and a Sage has been assigned to the Council to aid in the search for knowledge and secrets.

    Year 85

    Orthus has been spotted near our border southwest of Midgar! Bahamet is scrambling our Warriors to defend Midgar...

    Year 87

    Orthus has reached the outskirts of Midgar! Our Warriors are preparing for the worst, but are bravely fortifying our city...

    Our Warriors have defeated Orthus!

    Let it be known to all Grigori that the victorious Warriors have earned the name of Orcsbane, and shall bear Orthus’ Axe as a testament to their prowess in battle.

    Year 88

    Now that our defence is assured, we have begun forming a new unit of Settlers.

    We have also ordered Scouts to explore the surrounding lands in order to locate the lairs of the creatures that have been attacking us all these years, so that we may eliminate them once and for all.

    Year 91 - Our Scouts were ambushed by Lizardmen north of Junon, no doubt that there is a lair nearby.

    Year 92

    Lizardmen loyal to Jonas Endain of the Clan of Embers approached the borders of Midgar today. Wild Lizardmen are bad enough, we certainly don’t need any that are aligned with orcs.

    Spoiler :
    Jonas has Lizardmen, I was worried this map would be too hard for the AI. This is a good sign since the elves are probably doing even better than the orcs.

    According to our sources, Jonas and Auric share a solid diplomatic and trade relation with each other. No doubt they are kindred spirits through their love for violence and death.

    They also both share a disdain for the Grigori, therefore we should be wary of them. There is even talk among our citizens that we should simply eliminate both the Illians and the Clan of Embers altogether. While I do not agree with such a drastic course yet, I shall certainly increase our defences for the time being.

    Year 93-95

    Junon has finished convening their Council of Elders and are now concentrating on erecting an Obelisk.

    Orcsbane Warriors have fended lizardmen and skeleton attacks at Junon.

    Year 96

    As the 1st centennial of Midgar approaches we have convened the 1st Centennial Council, where the future of the Grigori is decided for the next 100 years. The needs of our people for the next 100 years are assessed and Adaptive measures are taken to assure our prosperity.

    It was the Centennial Council’s decision to abandon Industrious policies in favour of Charismatic leadership. This will improve the strength of our military and ease unrest among our citizens.

    Spoiler :
    For those who aren't familiar with the Adaptive trait, it lets you switch traits every 100 turns.

    Year 97 - Our warriors destroyed a skeleton wandering into our borders.

    Year 98 Lizardmen loyal to Jonas have been spotted near our borders, they appear to be surveying our territories. We fear that they may be precursors to an imminent invasion.

    Year 99

    Our sages have discovered the ways of Animal Husbandry and now turn to uncovering the ways of Hunting. We are sending Bahamet out to subdue the Bears that roam the forests and bring them back. These fearsome animals will be of great use to us.

    Horses have been located south of Midgar outside our borders. Our sages tell me that such animals may be useful as mounts.

    Year 103

    Bahamet has subdued our first pack of Bears! These fearsome animals are now under our command!

    Year 104-105 - Bahamet has subdued a group of Wolves and another pack of Bears

    Year 106 - Bahamet was attacked by 2 packs of Bears but managed to subdue both of them.

    Year 108 - Orcsbane Warriors have destroyed a Skeleton wandering into our borders.

    Year 109

    Bahamet subdued a pack of Bears.
    Warriors accompanying Bahamet defeated a pack of Wolves.
    Orcsbane Warriors defeated orcish barbarian Warriors entering our borders.

    Year 111 - Barbarian Goblins attacked Junon and were easily repelled by our Warriors
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    Year 112

    Carrow the Hunted has join us in arms as a Scout. Having spent countless years in the forest with his beloved deer, his skills as a woodsman are only surpassed by Bahamet himself.
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    Year 113-116 - Barbarian Invasion

    Barbarian Warriors are advancing into our borders with a coordinated three-pronged attack. Is Jonas behind this orc raid?

    The Orcsbane Warriors easily dealt with an advancing group of barbarians.

    Our Bears ambushed a surprised band of barbarians, unaware that we had such fearsome animals under our command.

    Refugees from the barbarian hordes pour into Midgar. Among them is the Great Sage Narsiss. In exchange for our protection he has founded the Midgar Academy.

    Bahamet visited a tribal village to the north of Midgar. His reputation as a great hero precedes him. The entire village threw a feast in his honour and offered us 53 gold to our cause.

    While exploring the forests north of Midgar, Bahamet stumbled upon Remnants of Patria. He is now recalled back to our borders to help us deal with the barbarian hordes.

    2 more groups of barbarians have entered our borders and are advancing towards Junon. One of them was eliminated by our pack of Bears guarding the town.

    Our Warriors fended off a barbarian ambush in the wilds.

    Year 117-118

    Goblins and Lizardmen have joined the orcs in the barbarian invasion
    2 groups of barbarians were slaughtered by our defenders while attacking Midgar and Junon.
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    Year 119 - The Onslaught Intensifies

    Orcs, Goblins and Lizardmen are pouring in from every corner of our realm :mad:
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :
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    Year 120

    As the barbarian attacks continue to escalate, our sages have discovered the ways of Hunting. Midgar has immediatly begun constructing a Hunting Lodge for our Scouts to train in the ways of the Hunter.

    Bahamet has arrived in Junon and is coordinating the defence of the town.

    Year 124

    The barbarians aren't tiring...

    Spoiler :
    If I had known that I would see this much combat, I would've picked the Raider trait instead of Charismatic. Oh well.

    Year 131

    Our Hunting Lodge has finally been completed and Carrow the Hunted has become our first Hunter. We shall train Bahamet as soon as we have the resources to do so.

    Meanwhile the barbarians are slowing down abit.
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    Year 135

    We have managed to train Bahamet in the ways of the Hunter. He is currently domesticating a Hawk. That will allow us to locate the Lizardmen hideouts so that we may strike back at them.

    Year 138

    Now that the Hawk is trained, Bahamet and a group of Hunters will set out in search of the Lizardmen hideouts.

    Year 139

    The Hawk surveys the lands south of our borders and reveals hordes of barbarians, but no hideout.

    Year 145

    A Ljosalfar Hunter was encountered near our eastern border. He hails from an elven kingdom ruled by Arendel Pharedra. And although I disapprove her nature worship and her condescending rightousness, she makes a more honourable neighbour than the Illians or the Clan of Embers.

    It would be wise to stay on good terms with Arendel, her Hunters are expert woodsmen and combatants. And they move like the wind through the forest, as all elves do.

    Arendel and Auric share an Open Border agreement, although rumour has it that it is very tenous. Jonas on the other hand wants nothing to do with her.
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    Year 146

    Our sages have taken it upon themselves to make their knowledge accessible to all our citizens. Education shall allow all individuals to improve themselves to their fullest potention. We are one step closer to human empowerment.

    Education has brought a widespread change in Grigori society. As the next phase of human self-determination, I have created independent City States. Though these City States will be closely allied together for the common good, they shall also be free to govern themselves in most matters. And as the defence of the nation has become a great concern of the citizens, we have instituted a system of Apprenticeship. Bahamet and Carrow have taken on apprentices who will learn from them the art of battle and of hunting.

    We have trained a 2nd Hawk. Its survey of the lands surrounding Junon reveals extensive mountain ranges. The passages between the mountains will make great defensive points. The eastern passage even already has an abandoned Citadel.

    Year 148

    An aerial survey of the lands northeast of Midgar has revealed the location of Jonas Endain's realm.

    Year 152 - The Founding of Kalm

    The village of Kalm has been founded just north of Midgar, near the Remnants of Patria. Our sages hope that by studying the strange construction of the Remnants, we can improve our own construction methods. In the meantime Kalm is convening its own Elder Council.

    Year 153

    A Bear has taken up residence in Kalm as a Dancing Bear. As word spreads of the talented Bear, the cultural influence of Kalm increases and its citizens are happy.

    The barrow northwest of Midgar has been destroyed.

    Year 154

    Distant travelers have informed us that the Doviello Empire ruled by Mahala has fallen into ruin.

    Year 156 - Kalm successfully repelled attacks by groups of Lizardmen and Goblins.

    Year 157

    This year we have met barely human barbarian warriors from the Doviello, ruled by Charadon.

    He and Jonas may as well be of the same race, as I do not see the difference. The Doviello view the Grigori with open contempt but of course get along with the Clan of Embers.

    Junon repelled a Goblin attack.

    Year 158

    We have decided to accept his proposal. Though we do not trust him yet, the Clan of Embers have made no aggressive move towards the Grigori so far. It is time to give them a chance at peaceful coexistence.

    Year 159

    This year we have met with another faction of the Ljosalfar, led by the archmage Thessa. Her religious zeal is even greater than that of Arendel, as the Fellowship of Leaves was founded by Thessa herself. This nature worship closely resembles god worship in my eyes.

    Thessa shares cordial but not too intimate relations with her elven brethen. She has rather sour relations with the other nations.

    A traveling alchemist offered to sell us a healing salve but we refused.
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    Spoiler :
    Even though I don't mention barbarian attacks anymore, they are indeed happening every turn.

    Year 161 - The traveling alchemist returned to offer us the healing salve yet again. His insistence makes me wary.

    Year 162 - The Founding of Edge

    The village of Edge has been founded near marble stones and horses. Our sages plan to use the marble to build a Great Library.

    A Dancing Bear took up residence in Edge.

    Year 166

    Another faction of the Clan of Embers has made it's appearance. They are led by an orcish female named Sheelba. She seems rather civilized for an orc I must say, almost sophisticated in comparison to Jonas.

    Sheelba naturally is kindred spirits with Jonas, Charadon and Auric. Thessa and Arendel do not trust her at all. Also over the years relations between Thessa and Arendel has improves. They now share an Open Borders agreement.

    Year 172

    The sages declare Bhalira to be their brightest pupil and the warriors boast the young boy to be their most skilled apprentice. In order to encourage exceptional talent such has he, I have decided to sponsor him.

    Year 174

    An aerial survey of the lands northeast of our nation has revealed more mountain ranges. In a valley between the mountains Dragon Bones and Reagents have been located. It is said that Reagents are ingredients used by archamages to unleash the most powerful spells.

    Year 178

    Our sages have come up with an ingenious system for storing knowledge on parchment that will greatly facilitate education. The next task for our sages is developping tools for mining marble stones from which we will build our Great Library.

    Delent Payne, a Great Sage at our Midgar Academy has uncovered Knowledge of the Ether.

    Year 188

    Both the orc factions are beginning to warm up to us. It seems that they respect our strength. We have accepted their Open Borders agreement.

    Year 189

    Our sages have finished developping Masonry tools. Greatly concerned by our nation's lack of wealth, we have begun researching methods of mining the abundant Gem just south of Junon.
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    Year 192

    Arendel's realm as been located, west of Edge.

    Year 194 - The Founding of Corel

    The village of Corel has been founded. Protected by the mountain ranges, it is a very sheltered village. We are in dire need of the Gem mines, our gold reserves are getting lower than ever.

    Year 195

    The first Gem mine is now under construction. The other Gem deposits are covered by thick forests. Our sages are researching ways of clearing the trees blocking our way to the Gems.

    Year 196

    The 2nd Centennial Council has convened. Some elders wished for a military more focused on Raider tactics, while other wanted to keep the current Charismatic leadership as our citizens had grown accustomed to it. As a change from Charismatic leadership would cause unrest among the citizens, the Centennial Council voted to keep the current Charismatic leadership.

    Copper has been located just east of Junon. Sages at the Midgar Academy claim that this material will make better weapons than the one we are currently using. As soon as our Gem mines are completed, we shall begin mining the copper at once.

    Year 197

    It appears that barbarians are learning from our example as they have begun to gather in settlements like ours. Perhaps if they become civilized enough, we shall allow them to join our nation.

    Year 199

    Kalm has finished building our very first Mage Guild. Training of Adepts skilled in the use of magic has begun.

    Year 201
    Our first Gem mine is complete! Our economic woes will soon be a thing of the past.
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    I like your story alot
    keep up the good work!
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    thanks genine!

    Having witnessed the wonders of elven nature magic, our sages are comtemplating the potential benefits of Communion with Nature. However the more conservative Grigori elders believe that we should leave the "tree-hugging" to the elves, and that we should instead concentrate on ascending to arcane power through Strength of Will.

    As the debate between the sages and elders continues without a clear concensus, I have called out to the greatest sages from across Erebus to come forth with their wisdom on the matter.

    Spoiler :
    I'd really appreciate any input on the matter by anyone, please post your opinion in the linked thread :)
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    Year 202

    In an effort to foster closer relations with the elven nations, we have proposed Open Borders agreements to both Thessa and Arendel. They seemed very keen on the idea as well. Our citizens will be happy with this treaty since many Grigori have always wanted to see the wonders of the elven nations firsthand.

    Barbarians have built a small settlement near the abandoned citadel east of Junon. No doubt they will us it as a base of further raids into our borders.

    Year 203

    Our Marble Quarry has been completed. The Marble stones are being shipped directly to Midgar for the construction of our Great Library.

    Our scouts have reported the location of the Illian nation.

    Workers are beginning on road construction leading to Arendel's realm. It is our intention to establish a lucrative trade route into the elven nation.

    Year 205 - Harnessing the Arcane

    Our very first Adept has been trained in the arcane arts. He has chosen to specialise in Spirit and Enchantment magic. We are sending him across our nation to imbue our weapons with magic as well as bolster the fighting spirit of our people.

    Year 209

    This year we have met a 3rd faction of elves, led by Amelanchier. Our first meeting was a positive one though he did not wish to sign an Open Borders agreement just yet. However I am slightly disturbed by the increasing influence of the Fellowship of Leaves. Luckily our citizens have remained steadfast in their Agnostic principles, though I hope this will not generate conflict with the Fellowship in the future.

    Amelanchier have very close relations with his elven brethen and shares Open Borders treaties with them. Strangely enough, he has an Open Borders agreement with Jonas as well.

    We have finally developped tools capable of cutting the forests that have been choking our progress for so long. In response the elven leaders have petitioned us to stop chopping down trees. I have replied that we are more than willing to stop if they shared their elven way of building among the trees. That seemed to have silenced their objections.

    Year 210

    An aerial survey of the lands southeast of our nation has revealed the location of Amelanchier's realm. It is located far beyond the mountain ranges, requiring many seaons of travel to reach.
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    Jan 26, 2006
    Year 211

    Sheelba's realm has been located far east of our nation, across the mountain ranges.

    Year 213

    Our Great Library is complete! Great Sages from across Erebus will come to Midgar and share in the knowledge that is accumulated within its marble walls.

    One of the first Great Sages to flock to our nation is Abruel Azburgah, who has chosen to take up residence near the Great Library.

    Year 218

    Our road to elven lands has been completed! We are currently attempting to establish more trade routes. A new era of economic prosperity through foreign trade has begun.

    However, foreign contact has also brought undesirable elements into Grigori society. Though I have given them freedom to choose for themselves, it saddens me greatly that some humans still turn to religion for guidance...

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