The Monarchy with the meanest King in the World!!!!


Sep 15, 2007
Once Upon a time,

There was a monarchy on the internet, and they had a terrible king that was very mean and ugly. He called himself :king: King Farty Pants :king: because he loved to eat beans all day long :nuke: . His kingdom was called "Civilization Fanatics' Forums"

If you can't tell this story is fiction then there's something wrong!!!!
Why did you create a thread just for this...?
I meant it as a joke, if you can't take it as one, then you shouldn't post. Also, trying to start an argument that you can't win will doing no one any good. I would like to get along people around here. I've already made to many people upset already. I'm going to leave it at that, if you don't like someones sense of humor then just tell them. You don't have to try and pick a fight with them.
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