The Moon


Feb 21, 2013
Oddly, although there are angels for the Sun and the Stars, there isn't one for the Moon, which considering that virtually every comparable polytheism had moon deities, is a major omission. Is it because there is no Moon? If so, how do tides etc. work in Erebus? And if there is a moon, why isn't there an angel for it, how does it figure in mundane matters, is there magic related to it? Or maybe there's two or more - in any case, what's the state of the moon?

(And please don't say that it's a Death Star.)
There's definitely a moon of some kind. I just dd a word search in the FfH2 text file and "moon" appears several times, including in words such as "moonlight' and phrases like "moonless night."

I've read on these pages that Erebus is supposed to be an infinite plane, so not sure how tides would work. There was an earlier discussion about day and night in Erebus, with people trying to figure out how that worked on an infinite plane.

As for angels and magic related to the moon, those are questions way above my paygrade.
The Moon of Erebus is strongly associated with Esus, although its exact nature has not been descried in detail. Still, it makes sense for the god of shadows and deception to be embodied by the pale reflection of the sun, which is itself often hidden in part or in whole by shadows.
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