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The Nameless Unit Workshop

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Unit Graphics' started by nameless53, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. nameless53

    nameless53 Prince

    May 16, 2004
    Sorry, the workshop is now in standby.
    StandBy:no or *little* units will be added until further notice.
    This topic will contain edited versions of original units created
    by others. Original units are availible in the unit library or the
    unit's original post.
    Please save or copy old FLC/unit files before replacing them
    with the edited version(s).

    PAGE 1
    2nd Post=fixed AttackA animation

    5th Post=complete original unit -PowerArmour- with fixed AttackA

    9th Post= edited "darker shadow" version or PowerArmourV2; also has preview of Dragon Dreadnaught's new attack preview.

    10th Post=Dragon Dreadnaught V1.3 complete download

    11th Post=Dragon Dreadnaught's original FLCs

    12th Post=New electric sound for Dragon Dreadnaught's attack

    13th Post=Aluminum's Fixed Machine Gunner by Screenstorm.

    14th Post=edited version of Colonial and Native muskeman replacement by their original creators.

    15th Post=edited version of Utahjazz's Separatist

    18th Post=Enlarged version of the Separatist and AoK Halberdier

    -Resized Fanatic
    -edited versions of 2 out of 5 of Bebros Future Tank Set (final-no others planned for editing)
    -alu's AOK unit enlargement includes:Hand Cannoneer,Champion,Throwing Axeman,Longswordsman,
    -Utahjazz's enlarged Viking Swordsman
    -Project GuangDao produced Temple Warrior
  2. nameless53

    nameless53 Prince

    May 16, 2004
    UPDATE: preview in GIF is now possible for me to create. FLC previews are taken town. Please refer to the 5th Post for the powerarmour or 9th for version 2.
  3. Mr. Will

    Mr. Will Mister

    Jan 30, 2004
    Simpsonville, SC
    I haven't looked at BlueO's unit before, but it looks like you did a good job with your new attack. :goodjob:
  4. nameless53

    nameless53 Prince

    May 16, 2004

    ok, if it is ok with you guys ill post up the edited COMPLETE version, all it is:

    it has the edited graphics

    it also have NEW sounds from the game, using OTHER unit sounds WHICH IMO makes a lot better sound fx than the old config.

    ill do it As soon as I TEST THE EDITED GRAPHICS fully in game which wont take long.

    Thanks mr will! ... in the future if i work on it again ill try to add "more detailed" surge blast.

    BlueO i THINK is also responsible for the naked amazons...

    ANYWAY, i have another comment, BlueO's mech dragon, power armour, and gundam never got a unit 32, or pedia icon. i used the unit's frame picture and made the power armour's stuff but its not that good looking so if anyone wants to make a new one they are welcome to.
  5. nameless53

    nameless53 Prince

    May 16, 2004
    Here is the new BlueO's PowerArmour for download.
    The new Attack A was tested in all directions. You might notice a "slight shortness and split" in the NE, and E (due too cutting some graphics off to make it fit and not move the extra yellow over to another frame) animation when it uses the attack A in that direction. Using I-Mage seem to have pushed all the "extra" lines back to other frames when it passed the "boxed area" or limit the animation can go to. I tried to shorten it and this was the happy medium that occured.
    ... So the splintered end and slight shortness was due to that. Please forgive me.

    Includes all files needed.
    Different attack A animation and different configuration of what sounds it use. All sounds included.

    Credit goes to:
    Screenstorm (used his machine gunner's sound)
    and Faraxis (sound files)


    if link does not work, please post reply telling so.
    screenshot below
    On a side note:
    Update: i found it too hard to redraw ALL the shadows.. so im making the next version still circle.. but darker. the exception is the Death animation. I think if i made it darker it looks "wierd" in its case.. why? the units body is completely off the ground and you will then see a CIRCLE of dark grey under it.. less grey is not that noticable and again... dont feel like drawing ALL the shadows over.. found it a bit hard because my shadows look wierd when i tried to draw it. Other than that i wont do anything else to the Attack A. I thought of another idea but again, its to complicated and i might get 2-3 frames right and make it look bad on the 4th or so... but i had the surge blast as an idea too but its much more simple than the more detailed one i had planned. asside from darkening the shadows (i will test ingame to make sure its not too "wierd" either) i will be redoing its "moving and jump" booster fire color, and the color of its gun fire (having some flicster difficulty with opening that file for now). booster will be a light orange and red instead of solid yellow again (i find it acceptible, but ill let you guys decide) and the gun will be less solid yellow with more of a white or light yellow.

    I also plan to redo the attack animation for the Mech Dragon BlueO created.
    again he used a large solid yellow "beam" which in the dragon's case I simply will try to make it more "detailed" in some way.

    (i must note that i noticed something strange about this unit. it accually might be a good strangeness to some of you. the attack was default set as AttackA and Attack B, which would resault as animation of Cannon blast and Gun for the rest of the way. Ive noticed atleast in my game when you LAUNCH an attack on an enemy, the attack becomes Attack A, Attack B, Attack A again, Attack B for the rest of the way. I repeats the cannon attack once more. Ive tested it and set it on Attack A, Attack B attack B so it will repeat all 3 slots unlike 2 slots that uses attack a and then repeats B for the rest. Same result.. the 3rd attack animation after you command it to attack it will always cannon... any other notices? i think its good looking that way but i dont know if it will cause problems... hope not.. or maybe the game naturally do this)
    BlueO's edited PowerArmour preview.

    Attached Files:

  6. MSTK

    MSTK Deity

    Dec 30, 2003
    Woah. YOu scared me with the ALL CAPS there for a second.
  7. Der PH

    Der PH Combat Smurf

    Oct 8, 2002
    Aachen, Germany, Europe, Earth, ...
    Thanx, nameless!
    The Attack1 was the only thing that I didn't like about this beautiful unit.
  8. zulu9812

    zulu9812 The Newbie Nightmare

    Jan 29, 2002
    Athens of the North
    Always nice to see BlueO's units - still among the best out there, IMO
  9. nameless53

    nameless53 Prince

    May 16, 2004
    PowerArmour V2
    Changes include:
    One edit in sounds (not big difference but shorter in time so it doesnt "drag on" after your unit stopped... still drags on though, mainly the sound is smoother with no "boom" after you enter every square; that occurs if you have movement set to more than 1.)
    The shadows are darkened. NO changes were made to give shadows shape (now is more visible circles of grey). I found it to take too long and i can not draw them well FAST enough.
    A little detail was given to the thrust in fidget (jump) and run animation.
    This is the FINAL unit out UNLESS i find a way to use flicster and edit the attackB animation which as of now, it wont do due to error. Dont worry, Attack B animation works fine with no problem (ingame wise). Changes i planned for it was color only.
    The old version i edited will be availible still if you replaced it with V2 and no longer wish to use V2.

    download V2 by clicking the link below:


    If link does not work, please post the problem (or any problem).


    I plan to edit the Machine Gunner (Fallout) of Screenstorm as soon as i figure out how to resize and make FLC with SBB and flicster... no much luck yet.
    Then after organizing and trashing what i dont need i will edit Dragon Dreadnaught's solid yellow attacks as well. Again, no shadow changes are planned anymore.

    Edit: Aluminum has said he will resize the Machine Gunner for me since im having so much trouble figuring out what to do.
    I have went ahead to start on the Dragon Mech (dragon dreadnaught of BlueO). Here is what i have so far. I am COMPLETED with all the attacks but i need more time to try to fix the death and make it better (dont get me wrong death was fine before im trying to edit it.. but ill see if i can make it a bit better. wish me luck).
    BlueO made these GREAT things here... but after looking at the detail and size no wonder he didnt bother to even do "unit shape shadows" or "detailed attacks".
    Well, again, preview of old and new attack is below.
    :) hope you like it :)
    if you don't... oh well :(
    (PS, the new one is suppose to be "electric beams" or just a large group of lightling... when i downloaded the unit i always wondered what attack it have. BlueO broke my common idea of either lasers or fireball of some sort and some way.. instead he used this "UFO DESTRUCTION BEAM" type things you see in movies ... you know.. UFO shoots big giant beam and it rips the ground apart... then again it could be search lights HAHAHA :lol:
    I dont know why i chose electric attack again... surge cannon at first with the armour, now this... maybe i really like electricity.. a electro-freak.... or maybe its yellow.. and we use to all color lighting yellow.... then again the sun was too.... or maybe its those darn POKEMON.... and their PIKACHU.... obviously they have marked me for life somehow :p .. evil japanese :p JK)

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    • BaA.JPG
      File size:
      13.2 KB
  10. nameless53

    nameless53 Prince

    May 16, 2004
    Hello again,
    Well, as I did say, I was working on this unit by BlueO. Again, attack was at first solid yellow, and I did edit a little of some other area.
    In this package you will get the FINAL version (unlike my previous edit all in chunks) which comes with the new unit with the changes of:

    Fidget animation
    Sounds included
    Reconfigured INI
    New Attack and Death animation
    Includes the ability to cut forest and clear jungles using its attack (for strategy and just for the heck of it purposes; you must allow this ability in the editor if you want it)
    unit32 and civpedia icons included (never made for the original)

    as the main changes.

    For the attack to look its "logically best", do not set this unit on RANGE ATTACK ANIMATION. I will let you decide the rest.
    I am sorry i could not find any "good" sounds for the new attack. I used what i knew would sort of work. The sound i was searching for sounds like the one i used but i wanted to include zapping noise or electric sounds. If you find a suitible sound, feel free to show us it.
    This unit HAS BEEN tested in game and it seems to work fine.
    GREAT for any future mods.
    NOT TO MENTION, if you havent seen them already, KINBOAT has made a series of "REAL" dragons. Just think what kind of a Mod you can come up with... Dragon Slayers by using the Crusader(kinboat),... group of dragons.. and then out of no where A GIANT MECH DRAGON/HYDRA! well i think it be interesting... or have something like BIOs dragon all team up vs the MECH dragon.. you decide. So dont forget to check out those great units as well!

    Download Link is:

    Please let me know if there is any problems (link or unit).

    Credit goes to:
    BlueO (original complete unit and its graphics)
    Faraxis (sounds)
    Creator/Editor of the unit of Predator (used one of its sounds)

    Old Animations for this unit will be in the next post.

    Preview of unit is below.

    Attached Files:

  11. nameless53

    nameless53 Prince

    May 16, 2004
    NOTICE: if you havent noticed already, there are changes to the previous post ect. update and such might occur in that fashion. When you check back to this post, do scan the previous ones for any minor update or detail you may have missed or due to info i may have added.

    Meanwhile if the new Dragon Dread. does not work for you, the old animations are here if you replaced the old one already.
    the only contain the FLC, not the INI.


    Attached Files:

  12. nameless53

    nameless53 Prince

    May 16, 2004
    I have now found a sound file for the Dragon Dreadnaught's edited attack. For those of you who wish to have a electric bolt-ish sound.
    Sound has been added and tested in game/seems to work.
    please report any problems.

    EDIT: I was informed by Spiky82 that Kinboat's blue dragon's lightening breath attack sound works well with BlueO's Dragon Dreadnaught. If you havent downloaded all of Kinboat's dragons already :p , be sure to try it out as another option.

    Attached Files:

  13. nameless53

    nameless53 Prince

    May 16, 2004
    as i have said earlier, Aluminum generously edited, centered, and resized the unit i had so much trouble with because of my lack of knowledge.
    The unit is now fixed.
    I have added a cheaply made pediaicon small and large.
    unit32 was originally included.
    attack animation fire was edted in the east view due to the fact you couldnt see it as well as other views.
    sounds have been added and INI reconfigured.
    some animations were increased but didnt reduce the "stiffness" dramaticly.
    however the unit works GREAT and again... most importantly FIXED.

    Credit goes to
    screenstorm (unit creator)
    Aluminum (unit editor)
    Faraxis (sounds)

    to download the Machine Gunner (Fallout) by Screenstorm, click on the link:

    again, report any problems (link or unit).

    Attached Files:

  14. nameless53

    nameless53 Prince

    May 16, 2004
    Hello again,

    i found these 2 great units in the library.

    for the indian musketman, i just gave it a spark in gun fire and a LITTLE smoke. I know it might not be accurate but... well just an add on...
    Kinboat also made a collection of native american units. He wasnt the only one... i think someone else did too...

    the colonial i had a lot more trouble.
    Thankfully aluminum told me there was a centered version already out.

    so then after i fixed the "old one" i did the same thing to the centered one.
    anyway, i gave more detail to the smoke, added spark during fire, and rounded some sections of the shadow.
    i didnt see any more minor problems so it was good to go.
    yes. if you do notice, i didnt round off shadow in victory... thats if you do notice..

    well, both of these lack pedia pictures. i know dark sheer's musket infantry post had some in there. i dont know who created the native american musketman... forgot name.

    credit goes to:

    Creator of these 2 units (darksheer for colonial soldier, native american by someone... :confused: )

    also thanks to Aluminum and the guy who centered the colonial soldier/musket infantry.

    Faraxis for sounds.
    EDIT: the Indian Musketman/Rifleman (native rifleman) is by UtahJazz7.
    also I would like to apologise. I have a bad habbit of naming the ziped folder the same thing as the folder inside you have to extract. though it didnt happen here, pretty much all units before did. I do it automaticly... like an assembly line reaction. I will try to avoid that next time.

    File contains BOTH units.
    dowload link below:

    please inform me if link or something about the unit goes wrong.

    Attached Files:

  15. nameless53

    nameless53 Prince

    May 16, 2004
    There was only minor edits to this unit.

    Edited the death animation: changed its speed to faster and also "moved" his hand more towards his stomach when falling to the ground... instead of looking like he is holding on to his area where i dont know if I should say out loud and would really suck if you really did get shot there. Do apologise for the slight "jolt" upward of the arm/hand but it wont be that noticable especially since the speed is increased.

    Edited the attack animation, gave "flashes" of gun burst.

    Added in sounds.

    Reconfigured INI file.

    There is a MINOR issue with its size. Version 2 might be out with a slightly larger separatist---pending on i can figure out how to resize it myself; will try sometime.

    Credit goes to:
    Utahjazz (creator)
    Faraxis (sounds)
    Findsounds.com (sounds)

    Meanwhile if your interested, the download link is below:
    please post if there is any problems (link or unit).

    below is the preview for both this and the resized separatist (18th post)

    Attached Files:

  16. sourboy

    sourboy Awakening...

    Nov 25, 2001
    What are you using to edit these units with & do you take requests?
  17. nameless53

    nameless53 Prince

    May 16, 2004
    Flicster, SBB, MS Paint, and I-mage is what I use to edit the units. I am still learning to do more. Basicly all edits are just redrawn pixels after resizing if it was required. (EX. Dragon Dreadnaught was a lot of redrawing the attack. Separatist enlargement will require a bit of editing to try to get rid of distortions caused by increase in size.)
    Right now the units I have edited are those I personally downloaded + use.
    Go ahead and name + link (if you can) the unit you want to see edited. If I can do so (not out of my range) I will give it a try. Small things like these isnt hard (time consuming it certainly can be) but I dont think the creators themselves have time to alter their units all the time.
    (like Aluminum resizes units at times on the boards, and he might even take a request to if you have a lot of trouble/dont know how like i did---Im just helping out. Some units are very good but there just this LITTLE thing that bothers -say me- and i want to fix it.)
    screen for enlarged Separatist and Halberdier

    Attached Files:

  18. nameless53

    nameless53 Prince

    May 16, 2004
    I have created a larger version of the Separatist and AoK Halberdier (the unit that i was bothering aluminum to resize for me hahaah).
    Aluminum has warned me about distortions by enlargements and i have noticed some. For the Separatist i did some "wide coverage" editing to try to make it not to noticeable. However the Halberdier proved to be a little more difficult. I did not do much for the Halberdier other than straighten the weapon pole more than it was when it came out. It still looks very rough.
    The size is larger than the old one but is still smaller than compared to QIN spear/pikeman by DomPedro II and is slightly smaller than regular pikeman.. VERY SLIGHT (main cause is 1 his standing position and his centering in frame is about +2-4 Y value.

    I know for Separatist there isnt going to be MAJOR difference since it was non major to start with.
    But i want the halberdier to be be larger and you can tell.
    Please see if its large enough and suits your play.
    i could go back and try to "smooth" the weapon graphics more... maybe the helm, shoe, ect. if really needed.

    THE LARGER SEPARATIST WAS MY FIRST UNIT I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY MADE LARGER! [dance] :beer: :clap: :bounce: :goodjob: yay i learned how!
    ... ok... i know... ez stuff everyone know how to do... slow learner me...
    but i got it done finally.


    Enlarged Separatist
    -*slightly enlarged FLC files
    -comes with original sounds, INI, pedia icons and UNIT32
    -added README but you really dont have to read it if you read all this.

    AoK Halberdier
    -*Larger FLC files
    -comes with original INI, PEDIA and UNIT32
    -no sounds included. (uses pikeman default, i didnt change anything either)
    -credited to Aluminum and/or JimmyH (?)
    for mini-screenshots of these units please refer back to one post above.

    Enlarged Separatist Below:
    For AoK Halberdier v.1.01 see attachment.

    Attached Files:

  19. thestonesfan

    thestonesfan A Client of Ron Kuby

    Aug 6, 2002
    Wow, this is some great work!
  20. Gojira54

    Gojira54 The folly of Man

    Apr 22, 2002
    Monster Island black-sand beaches
    This would make a GREAT MechaGhidora. Is there any chance of you reskinning this to make a Basic Ghidora unit? Basically all golden scales with no armor.... It would be very much appreciated....

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