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The Night of the Neverending Frogs!!!

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by AmtrakQuebec, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. AmtrakQuebec

    AmtrakQuebec Chieftain

    Jun 19, 2012
    You know that place by the other place...
    Sounds a bit like a B Horror Movie doesn't it?

    No, this is far worse.

    So, let me regale you with this tale of woe and misery (not mine).

    It begins thousands of years ago (as Civ-based tales most always do) in a Random game with a bunch of Russians. Now, even though I'm from Canada, I have a Ukrainian grandfather and actually studied Russian at University. So, in other words, I got the gist of what they were saying in Cyrillic... not that I let on.

    France was my neighbour but so was Brazil... I drew Arabia (which reminds me of a The The song, but I digress). I guess France didn't like Brazil hogging all the bananas and Cocoa, and therefore dutifully attacked them early. This led to a long, pointless war where neither side gained any ground. Now, I should point out that at this time, Brazil offered some booty in exchange for a joint war against France... in hindsight, I should have jumped at this offer, and thus all the later unpleasantness may not have occurred.

    After France tired of battling Brazil to a standstill, she turned her eyes towards her other neighbour, me, i.e., Arabia. I guess France was unfamiliar with the strengths of Arabia because I was already way ahead in Science and when she attacked attacked with Swordsmen and Knights, I just upgraded my Chariots en masse to Mamluks. The mighty Arabian Mamluk Jihad quickly turned the tables on the blasphemous Frenchies and soon had one of their cities to boot.

    Now, I had no interest in a long, drawn-out conflict, so I offered peace and even offered to return the city I had captured... no dice, says the infidel Queen!! You know why? SHE HAS A PLAN!!!! lmfao

    It seems she was just a couple turns from having the tech to upgrade Swordsmen to Muskets... of course, it would have helped if there were actually some Niter in the realm. Once she realized this glaring omission, she set off to found a city near some... where of course my Mamluks were lying in wait since I had discovered Niter a long time ago. I let her found the city and even let her mine the Niter to upgrade a few units before I set about pillaging it. Oh, and I also upgraded my Crossbows to Field Cannons at this time :)

    Now, you would think this major setback would deter the Queen of Farts... but you would be wrong. She still wouldn't peace out.

    Sigh says I and I graciously leave the field... even though I'm winning on all counts.

    Which leads me back to my other thread, why do people in MP only know one way to play? (Domination) I would like to make an addendum to that thread which also asks, "Why do people in MP always think they can somehow win a war, even when they are hopelessly outmatched???"

    The saga shall continue on another day with other deluded Multi-Players...
  2. SlySlySly

    SlySlySly Chieftain

    Feb 8, 2017
    This is one reason multiplayer makes me angry. Often, someone goes for dom, then everyone is forced to build military, until domination seems to be the only feasible win strategy. My suggestion would be to hold the war until she gives up, mostly pillaging, don't capture cities, just wipe the map of improvements and units, making her forced to make peace.

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