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The Nobles' Club Bullpen: Second Cycle


May 9, 2006
Kingston, Ontario
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So, keeping to the current 2-week schedule means the first leader for the second cycle is due this Friday, August 13; hope no one is superstitious! Aside from avoiding very recent leaders, and perhaps also delaying those duplicated in the first cycle, I don't have any constraints on who to do first. I like drlake's suggestion of mixing up map types a bit more. Bearing in mind that we still hope some new Nobles will be trying the series, I wouldn't want to make things too weird or difficult; Huge seems a bit too difficult (though IIRC we did have one or two the last time out) but maybe Large would work OK. Feel free to suggest map scripts and leaders that go well with them; we tried out Arboria with Monty Ghengis, for example, which seemed to be a good fit.

Any suggestions?
hmmmm....Friday the 13th would seem to suggest playing a psycho

I too agree with playing different map scripts, but I think keep the size of the maps standard is better - at least no more than large. The bigger sized maps can be taxing on some folk's systems.

Another that is to add some RPC elements to the game but such that these elements reflect certain strategies that are worth practicing for less experience players.
I would recommend highlands map script, it has some other ways to play then usual scripts.
Since highlands has a lot of land making it small could work better.

Leader...well probably someone starting with mining :)

(oh and i still didnt started last nc game! completely forgot)
As TMIT mentioned, we should play Sid on such a wonderful day.
How do I select Sid as a leader? I'm guessing I have to edit the WBsave somehow. I presume the point is to play without traits, UU, or UB -- "back to basics"?

Edit: oops, offline until Thursday. Please discuss; whatever we decide Thursday I can get a map together quickly for Friday.

Eventual possibilities:
  • Joao on a Terra map -- get to the new world fast with carracks? Then crash economy until State Property?
  • Somebody with mining for Highlands? We used that for Boudicca but I didn't realize I needed to increase number of AIs.
  • Some of the weirder maps? Hub, for example -- central area unoccupied, connected by narrow defensible isthmuses (isthmi?) to one-civ peninsula.
I find Huge intimidating, but maybe once in the cycle we should try a European civ on an Earth map? Huge is harder, Europe is a lot easier -- might balance.
For Friday the 13th game our psycho choices should either be Monty, Shaka, Sury (Look at his face like:D), Alex or Napoleon. Huge is intimidating but can be quite fun, i find it easier on epic or marathon speeds. I think a Euro civ on a earth map is a good idea though. Joao on terra sounds interesting also.
isnt playing Sid basically always war map? I remember something mentioned in madscientists thread or somewhere
Posting to subscribe to the thread. I'm not playing much until sometime this fall, but I'll at least start a game here and there.
I'm interested in joining the Noble's Club, it looks like a good opportunity to learn the insides and outsides of the game.

I've read through a couple of the previous games and I already learned quite a lot from them. I might download a couple and see how I do myself.

As for game settings. I know you guys have played a lot of games and can probably adapt to each setting, but I think for the new players at least standard game turns should be a requirement. Epic is actually different enough to warrant a different playstyle and I think most universal rules and strategies can be teached better on standard speed.

Leaderwise, Creative, Financial and Spiritual are some of my favourite traits, so any combination would rock for me. Hattie and Willem are my favourite leaders because of these traits. Though I'll probably join the game regardless of the leader.
I would also like to join the Noble's club I have read the last games as the Inca and became intrested.I am also a follower of TMIT'S Let's play series on youtube. My favorite traits are Financial Imperialistic and Organized. My favorite leaders are Julius Caeser, Darius I of Persia and Joao II of Portugal.

But I will play regardless of the leader

since NC games are created as WB saves and are played through "play scenario" option you can define difficulty and speed that you are most comfort with.
You mention those who want to post game threads. If I were to do this (no chance to do it between 6 Sept-1 Dec though, so this is just in theory) how far in advance should we call it in?
Another comment: you should probably cut down on the map tweaks, especially converting deserts to plains. Leave us with useless lands to adjust to, it's a good learning experience. I'd prefer minimal WB tweaks to the map, in favor of just generating a map and keeping it after checking to see whether it is "reasonable" or not.
I agree also, worldbuilder is fine for OCC, but cutting down on the tweaks will be better for experience. A Sid game sounds fine to me.
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