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The Northern Stellar Dominion


Oct 28, 2014
The Northern Stellar Dominion
Version 3
Previously known as the Canadian Dominion or the Dominion of Canada
Hooray! My first mod!

I have put in notes/comments to the code of my mod so that others can learn modding. If you need help don't hesitate to leave a comment here or PM me on Steam or Civfanatics.com

Alpha Lupis Samuel Hadfield - Ad Aspera per Astra:
+3 Orbital Coverage in the :c5capital: Capital, +25% :c5production: Production for Orbital Units, and +1 :c5science: Science from tiles with Array improvements

This is a sponsor very much focused on the orbital game. For maximum economic growth you should be spamming Solar Collectors, Weather Controllers, and Orbital Fabricators.
When you go to war, you don't march your army halfway across the map. You put a Phasal Transporter above the enemy's capital city, declare war, then teleport 6 Battlesuits/XenoSwarms/CNDRs on top of them.
When an enemy is marching towards your city and you don't have any units, you don't Retire. You use the production bonus to build a few Orbital Lasers in 1-2 turns each, then unleash hell on your enemies from above.
When another Civ is just plain annoying, try putting a Miasmic Condenser above their capital (Or if they are Harmony then a Repulsor). That should make them mad enough to declare war on you and save you the diplomacy penalty for kicking their sorry butts of your planet.

In the early days, what was to become the superpower known as the Northern Stellar Dominion was a large, but often overlooked and ignored country called Canada. In the 21st century, this nation made a monumental discovery in the field of Antimatter technologies, specifically in directing the gigantic power that exploded outward if this element ever came in touch with regular matter. Canada showed this revolutionary discovery with its closest ally and neighbour, the then-superpower known as America. This soon turned out to be a mistake. America, recognizing the amazing benefits to Space flight this technology provided, turned on Canada and proclaimed the discovery theirs. Canada tried to protest, but as they often were, got ignored by the nations of the world who lauded the United States for “their” monumental discovery. Canada, disgusted by the world, booted all people without citizenship out of their territory, and closed their borders to immigration. Canada took on the simple motto Ad Aspera per Astra, or Through Hardships to the Stars.

While the Great Mistake rocked the world, Canada was left largely unscathed. Because of their giant landmass only the far northern regions and the coastal cities were impacted. America, however, fared far worse. A Megacorp known as ARC took the opportunity to rise up and take control of the weakened government, and in doing so, discovered that the Antimatter technology was not America’s own. When it was learned that Canada had been assembling a spaceship faster than any other to complete a manned round trip mission to Mars, ARC panicked. They could not let any nation, much less Canada, take the title of first to land a human on another planet. The nuclear reserves were rolled onto the launchpad. Unfortunately for ARC, that was the biggest mistake they could have possibly made. In a stunning combination of mechanical failure and Canadian missile-jamming technology, ARC accidentally Irradiated a large portion of Alaska. The Governor of the state of Alaska was NOT pleased with this sudden turn of events, nor were the people of Alaska. Then ARC tried to explain to the people that it was an accidental explosion of Missile Silos left over from the 20th century, this was quickly discredited when a civilian flying a recreational drone with a camera onboard captured the entireity of the missile's impact.

The citizens of Alaska reacted with fury at the thought that an unprovoked attack on a peaceful nation was the cause of the huge collateral damage, and immediately recalled the Governor (for whom it was later revealed he had a part to play in the incident) and voted 89% in favour of joining with Canada as the 14th Province. With the acquisition of Alaska, Canada had complete domination of the northern shipping lanes from and to Europe and Asia. Canada decided to come out of its forced isolation with the rest of the world with a new start, and re-branded the nation as the Northern Stellar Dominion. It would soon become clear why they picked that name. At the close of the 21st century, Dominion astronaut Liam Hadfield was the first human to set foot on Mars. Liam was the obvious choice for the mission as he came from a dynasty of Stellarnauts starting with Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian astronaut to visit space, and the commander of the old International Space Station. Since that monumental day, each great Dominion Stellarnaut has taken on the name Hadfield when they complete a monumental mission.

Canada, or rather its reincarnation, had finally gained the respect of the world, but they were running out of resources. The NSD turned to Greenland, whose coastal regions had flooded, leaving rocky terrain rich in precious metals for space flight but no infrastructure to remove them. Iceland had become nearly uninhabitable due to the collapse of the gulf stream making it a frozen wasteland, though they had adapted by sheltering entire cities in domes and relying on geothermal power. After a series of treaties and agreements the three nations merged the entirety of the Northwestern area of the planet under one flag, and during those treaties the Stellar Dominion’s end goal became clear: to leave Earth. They had not forgotten the cruelty of the world, and regarded Earth as a doomed project by the universe, and the reason it had failed was humanity. A few decades into the 22nd century, the lunar launch complex was established in the Kepler Crater on the moon. At 32 Kilometers wide this still considered one of the greatest wonders of Old Earth. Kepler Colony was used for launching all interplanetary flights, as the surface Gravity is 17% of Earth's and rich in Helium-3, a fuel used in small reactors and ships. Halfway into the century, the NSD colony of Freehold was established on Mars in the Syria Planum a large plateau which provided free Geothermal heat and power. A decade later, experiments with the Antimatter technology that was vastly improved a century ago came to fruition, as the Stellar Dominion was able to use their new Antimatter drives to put a manned spacecraft into the far solar system and return within the constraints of having to bring food and water. However, on the first such test voyage the spacecraft was forced to veer of course by an unexpected comet impact in the asteroid belt which left chunks of ice hurtling towards the intended flight path of the craft.

This change in trajectory meant that the craft would have to pass outside of the solar system if it hoped to return to human-controlled space, specifically the spaceport at Freehold. With a little food conservation, luck, and an Antimatter drive, Samuel Tucker became the first human to exit the solar system and return to Earth intact. He was granted the honourific Hadfield in congratulations. At the Dawn of the 23nd century, the Northern Stellar Dominion had complete superiority over all matters of space, though most of it was uninhabitable. When their prized Antimatter focusing technology failed to advance to the point where it was possible to fly a craft between solar systems within a human lifetime, the efforts of the Eagle division (Research) turned from Antimatter to cryogenics, and here they found results they could give to the Wolf division (Space Agency). The designing of a few massive crafts were commissioned and given to Rhino division (construction), and suitable candidates were taken from Grizzly division (the army) and the civilian population. Samuel Hadfield was at this point something of a folk hero and was unanimously chosen by the government to lead the expedition, though Samuel fought against it for personal reasons. Ultimately he accepted the role that society had given him and departed for the lunar launch station, to go on one last space journey, with the hopes and dreams of those left behind hanging in the balance…

Also, if anyone says "WAAAH U CANT MAEK CANDA TH3Y R WITH ARC" shut up. Name a single instance where Firaxis has said that Canada is part of ARC and I will believe you. And the "Official Wiki" is not from Firaxis.

Thanks to Firaxis for making an awesome Civilization game with enough potential (and enough design oversights lol) that an active modding community has birthed. Also thanks for giving us ModBuddy.
Thanks to CivFanatics.com for helping with any and all design problems (and there were A LOT).
Thanks to Space Aristocrat for his awesome United Commonwealth of Nations mod, which provided the framework for mine. He also was my modding mentor in times of widespread bugginess and frustration.
Thanks to AbstractBuffalo for comments on Trait balance, for identifying bugs and glitches, and for the V2 and V3 artwork.

Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=336515377

Direct Download: http://www.filedropper.com/thenorthernstellardominion
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