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The official "looking for scenario"-thread!


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Looking for a scenario? Post it here.
Maybe I'm a bit lazy or lost, but I can't find Struggle for Empire, by Winterfritz. Anyone knows where to find it?
Much thanks for the link. Although the struggle for empire link doesn't work. I notice that the others do.
I believe I have Struggle for Empire at home. I'll attach it this evening if you haven't found a working link by then.
I came home for lunch. Here's the scenario - enjoy!


  • StruggleforEmpire.rar
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I`am looking for an old vietnam scenario for vanilla civ before FW. It had no new units, just some events and the scn file. If i remember right i maybe had it from civ2 partisan ?! sorry it's a long time ago, but it was great to play, as it was very balanced.
I have three Vietnam scenarios. Two have quite a few new graphics. The third one uses original units but has no events and the map only vaguely resembles Vietnam and the city names are wacky (Carthage?) so I'm not sure if that's the one. Despite the historical inaccuracies it looks like a good vanilla style game.
Old atomic age/cold war scenario. Kind of like Crises of the New World Order except older. I think the scenario file name was atomic.scn.
Oops! I forgot to mention that it wasn't Atomic Eagle. :D

Aha! You pointed me in the right direction, though. It was Cold War X, I believe.

Hmm... not as good as I remember it to be. :lol:
Hi sorry to bother you all, but i am looking for a Civ2 TOT converted version of the scenario "Carolus Invictissimus" by Jesús Muñoz Fernández.
I haven't looked yet but there is a good chance Petit may have made a conversion and mod and posted it in this thread.

EDIT: :hmm: I can't see it in that thread, but there is a ToT conversion in my ToT scenarios folder that looks like it has been updated by Petit so the files must be uploaded somewhere. I will check the Scenario League.
I can't find it anywhere, but I have attached the files I have. It may well be a modified version rather than a pure ToT conversion.

Let me know if you find it elsewhere and I will delete the attachment.


  • Carolus.7z
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Thanks for making me feel welcome. Ive actually been playing civ2 for many years now and reading the forums. I buy new games but i always come back to play civ2 because of its simplicity and the scenarios you people make. Keep up the good work. :goodjob:
Sorry to bug you all again. But did anyone ever make a ww1 scenario focused on the European Theater that included some of Fairline's great graphics?
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