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The Other Teams

Discussion in 'Team CivFanatics' started by RegentMan, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. RegentMan

    RegentMan Deity

    May 7, 2003
    Washington State
    Here is a centralized place for information about each team’s leader and civilization.

    Civfanatics (Mansa Musa - India)
    Leader Traits: Spiritual and Financial
    Unique Unit: Fast Worker
    Unique Building: Mausoleum

    Starting Techs: Mysticism and Mining
    Starting Unit: Warrior

    WePlayCiv (Ragnar - Native America)
    Leader Traits: Aggressive and Financial
    Unique Unit: Dog Soldier
    Unique Building: Totem Pole

    Starting Techs: Agriculture and Fishing
    Starting Unit: Warrior

    Civforum.de (Isabella - Inca)
    Leader Traits: Spiritual and Expansive
    Unique Unit: Quechua
    Unique Building: Terrace

    Starting Techs: Agriculture and Mysticism
    Starting Unit: Warrior

    Apolyton (Elizabeth - Ottomans)
    Leader Traits: Financial and Philosophical
    Unique Unit: Janissary
    Unique Building: Hammam

    Starting Techs: Agriculture and The Wheel
    Starting Unit: Warrior

    Spanish Apolyton (Boudica - Zulu)
    Leader Traits: Aggressive and Charismatic
    Unique Unit: Impi
    Unique Building: Ikhanda

    Starting Techs: Agriculture and Hunting
    Starting Unit: Scout

    CivPlayers (Darius - Aztec)
    Leader Traits: Financial and Organized
    Unique Unit: Jaguar Warrior
    Unique Building: Sacrificial Altar

    Starting Techs: Hunting and Mysticism
    Starting Unit: Scout

    Realms Beyond (Pacal - Egypt)
    Leader Traits: Financial and Expansive
    Unique Unit: War Chariot
    Unique Building: Obelisk

    Starting Techs: Agriculture and The Wheel
    Starting Unit: Warrior

    UniversCivilization (Mehmed - Holy Rome)
    Leader Traits: Expansive and Organized
    Unique Unit: Landsknecht
    Unique Building: Rathaus

    Starting Techs: Hunting and Mysticism
    Starting Unit: Scout

    Civfr (Willem - Maya)
    Leader Traits: Financial and Creative
    Unique Unit: Holkan
    Unique Building: Ball Court

    Starting Techs: Mysticism and Mining
    Starting Unit: Warrior

    Financial: 6
    Expansive: 3
    Organized: 2
    Spiritual: 2
    Aggressive: 2
    Charismatic: 1
    Philosphical: 1
    Creative: 1

    YossarianLives has already posted some interesting insights in the leader/civ-picking thread:
    "Best Picks"
    "So-so Picks"
    "Worst Picks"
  2. YossarianLives

    YossarianLives Deity

    May 26, 2012
    Los Angeles, CA
    It is pretty early to make really accurate assessments, but since we’re starting to meet other teams now, I guess that makes it a good time.

    Here is the newest rollout of my completely biased and uneducated list of rankings, from worst to best, of the other teams’ outlook for this game:

    9. Team Spanish Poly (Boa of Zulu) Score: 57 (previous ranking: 9)
    What is this team doing??? They only have one city, which is still stuck at Size 2, they only have finished two techs, and by my interpretation of the Power numbers, they just recently built their first Warriors. Maybe they have some brilliant plan up their sleeves, but whatever it is, it’s unorthodox. They’re the only team with BW, and this is a pretty big deal, but it’s just not going to be enough, even with a forest of trees to chop, to catch up from how far behind they already seem to be. Still, if they’ve just been waiting to chop out an army of 2-move Impi’s, someone could be in major trouble. Let’s hope it’s not us.

    8. Team UniversCivilization (Mehmed of Holy Roman Empire) Score: 59 (previous ranking: 7)
    UCiv definitely takes the prize for most unconventional start, choosing an Exp leader, and then opening with a Warrior instead of a Worker. Since then, their capital has not grown another Pop point. At least they have gotten their second city out, but it took them 22 turns without growing before they settled city 2. By contrast, the Germans grew to size three, planted a city 7 turns later, and then grew another 2 turns after that. They got their second city 2 turns before UCiv, and their Cap is now at Size 4!. UCiv is also down a Tech. They lack TW, so they cannot build roads to their new city, and Mining, so they have no way to increase their Mfg capacity, and they’re two Techs away from Pottery, so their GNP will suffer for a while still.

    7. Team WePlayCiv (Ragnar of Native America) Score: 67 (previous ranking: 8)
    Team WPC also went for a Warrior-first opening, but at least they’re Agg not Exp. They don’t have a second city yet, but they do have a size-4 Capital. They also have discovered three Techs, but one of them is cheap Hunting. Not a great start so far, but they barely edged ahead of UCiv to improve from their pre-game ranking.

    6. Team CivFr (Willem of Maya) Score: 61 (previous ranking: 6)
    Civfr is actually doing pretty well so far, but they're still 6 because the competition in this game is very stiff. They were the first team to a second city, and they are the first and so far only team with two cities above size 1. But, their Cap is just size-2 and they only have two Techs complete. It has been 14 turns since their last Tech, so they have to be going for BW now. If they complete that in the next turn or two and grow their cap another pop or two, they’ll be in a better position.

    5. Team Realms Beyond (Pacal of Egypt) Score: 67 (previous ranking: 2)
    So here’s the big shocker in my rankings. I wasn’t expecting to place them so far below their pre-game position, but when I took a close look at where everyone’s at, I feel they deserve to be here. They started off really strong, with the fastest Worker-start pop growth (T15), and scary fast growth up to pop 3 (T18). But then they stopped to build a second Worker, and used it to build a Plains Cottage that they’re not even working and a road to nowhere?? Now they’re stuck with a size-4 Cap and no second city. I am guessing they will have their second city soon (settled in the direction of that road, ie towards us), and their Cap can probably grow again quickly, but I really do feel that they slowed down their game here and have started to fall a little behind.

    4. Team CivPlayers (Darius of Aztec) Score: 70 (previous ranking: 5)
    CP is following a similar strategy as us with the pop-5 Cap, but they’ve been a step or two behind us the whole way. They grew one turn after us the whole way, and their Tech’s came out a turn or two after ours each time, too. In fact, they don’t have their third Tech complete yet, so we are pulling away from them a bit more. They might catch up with a second city planted with us or maybe even before, but our Tech rate will keep growing faster than theirs since they don’t even have TW yet.

    3. Team Apolyton (Elizabeth of Ottomans) Score: 70 (previous ranking: 3)
    Poly’s capital is tied in size with RB, but they have their second city already. I think they went Worker -> Warrior -> Warrior -> Settler like us, but they focused more on :hammers: and less on :food: in order to get the Settler out faster at a smaller size. They also have three Techs, but their last one was one of the cheaper options (Fishing or Myst).

    2. Team Civforum.de (Isabella of Inca) Score: 70 (previous ranking: 4)
    I am very impressed by Civforum’s performance so far. They were the second team to plant a new city, but at size-4, their Cap is twice the size of the team that planted city 2 before them. They were the first team to finish three Techs, beating us to Pottery by 4 turns. At this point, with our extremely limited knowledge, I’d say the Germans are going to be serious contenders in this game.

    1. Team CivFanaticsCenter (Mansa Musa of India) Score: 70 (previous ranking: 1)
    Of course we’re doing the best! Sure we may not have been the first to plant a new city, and sure some of the other teams may be Teching a little faster than us right now, but we have everything in place to explode onto the scene! Our Cottages will start growing soon, and I bet our second city will start contributing to our empire even before those teams who already have cities settled. Our micro is precise and constantly improving, our Diplo skills are top notch, and our team’s commitment to the game is unfaltering.

    Now how we want to use this to influence who we ally with, that’s up for debate.

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