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The Plant civ - Ideas thread

Discussion in 'Orbis Modmod' started by Opera, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    The Plant Civ, Re Ki - Ideas thread

    What is it about?

    The Plant civ, now named Re Ki is the new civilization I'll work on once I'll consider the Ngomele done. Basically, the theme is of a civilization of tree-living creatures wanting to wipe out non tree-living creatures. Yeah, evil civ!! Eating trees, exploding mushrooms and killing pixies!

    That's a bit blunt but that's the short description.

    Why a thread?

    We had a discussion yesterday about this civilization on #erebus (you know you HAVE to be there now!). Just a mention by lemonjelly and the channel was on fire! It was a bit crazy how people jumped to ask questions and tell me ideas...

    So I figured I should do a sort of "pre-thread" where we could discuss the whereabouts of this civilization.

    Just thought of mentioning that it isn't a community effort; at least not for now. I intend to do the hard work (at least the coding and fluffing) myself. The few peoples on #erebus just seemed so interested that I thought discussing here rather than on the chat was a better idea to store the conversations ;)

    The Ideas

    As of 09/05/09...

    The Leaders


    Alignment: Evil

    "Lena" is the main leader of the Re Ki civilization.

    She's their creator and she's convinced that she's not human anymore and that she must help the Re Ki to clean Erebus from the existence of other civilizations.

    Currently, I'm still hesitating between two pictures:

    The others

    As of now, I didn't think of any lore behind other leaders (and it's Jabie's idea that created Lena anyway). But I have many pictures to choose from:

    The Cities ()​

    A Re Ki city will be a big tree in and around which a bunch of creatures are living; the tree's spirit is the Hamadryad, a unit held that represents the city itself.

    When a Re Ki city is destroyed, there's no city ruin: instead, there's a Dying Tree that evolves into a Dead Tree within five turns.

    A Re Ki city is able to turn into a powerful unit using their world spell.

    The Hamadryad (Then na vë)
    (and the Dryad)​

    The Hamadryad represents the spirit of every Re Ki city. It is a held unit with a good defense but with less chance to defend the stack.

    If the Hamadryad is killed, the city is destroyed and turned into a Dying Tree.

    Overtime, the Hamadryad gains xp. It will have a special line of promotions, not being any unitcombat;

    The Hamadryad is able to materialize itself through a summon, the Dryad. The Dryad will get a fraction of the Hamadryad xp (fraction which could be increased through Hamadryad promotions) and some promotions depending on its Hamadryad's promotions. Thus, you will have to choose whether you want more XP (picking the "more XP" Hamadryad proms) or if you want more unique proms (picking the Hamadryad unique promotions).

    The Dryad is able to move and battle like any other unit. I think it will have a special line of upgrades, something like Melee/Archer/Adept.

    It will be able to "settle" on a forested tile and spread spores to the nearby tiles, giving all forested ones a chance to spawn units and making the non-forested one grow forests.

    Some unique promotions (from the Hamadryad) will enhance the chance to spawn units.

    In this state of "settling", the Dryad is weaker and more vulnerable to fire than at any other moment.

    Once the Dryad dies, the xp she has gathered is lost. The Hamadryad should somehow suffer of her Dryad's death; the Hamadryad will be able to summon a new Dryad as soon as she recovered.

    Dead Tree (Vë wë)
    (and Dying Tree, Vë ten wë)​

    Dying Trees only exist during five turns; after that, they will be Dead for good.

    During this timeframe, it's possible for a Dryad to cast a spell on the Dying Tree to revive it, thus creating the city anew (but bare, without buildings nor population).

    When Dead, the tree can be chopped by non-Re Ki civilization for 50:hammers: (an Ancient Forest is worth 30). The Re Ki civilization can build a "Tree Mausoleum", giving a boost of :commerce: on the tile and a free specialist in the nearest city.

    Recon line: Pixies (fon)​

    According to the bestiary of Erebus, pixies are most akin to magic than to recon; although Plant Pixies are different: even though they still like beautiful flowers and are well known herbalist (Medic I), they're now trained to be deadly silent. They are flying creatures, smaller and weaker than most others;

    Some pictures:
    http://ekoputeh.deviantart.com/art/pepper-fairy-78462300 <- An early pixie (scout, maybe hunter)
    http://slipgatecentral.deviantart.com/art/battle-fairy-72320656 <- Late one, maybe the Assassin replacement
    http://jarling-art.deviantart.com/art/Fairy-and-Serpent-21865824 <- Maybe this one would be better as a Spearman!

    Workers: Mushrooms! ()
    (and the Lesser Mushrooms, dã masha)​

    Their workers are slow, 1 move, and weak, 1 strength, and unable to gain experience; when they're killed, they explode, giving poison damage to nearby enemy units and a "Mushroomed" promotion, akin to "Poisoned" but tougher; I think they should have some affinity with the mushroom resource;

    The Lesser Mushrooms are a spawn-only unit. Mainly, they will spawn if an enemy stack walks on a Mushroom Village. Unlike the regular mushrooms, they're unable to perform worker's duties and they cost no maintenance!

    Here are some pictures:

    Palace & Mana

    Their palace would grant them -40% war weariness.

    As for the manas, not sure yet. Here's the list of possibilities:
    • Nature (only one sure);
    • Creation;
    • Life;
    • Water;
    • Sun;
    I'm personally tending toward: Nature, Life, Sun.

    Race promotion

    The Re Ki can "seed" other alive units. Maybe it should just be a unique unit who could be able to do that, though.
    I thought of a unit converting defeated alive units non-animal non-race (thus humans) into "Seeded Human", a unit capable of creating a "Human Nest" in a Vë (buildingclass Nest, thus only one nest can be in each city, so no Elven Nest and Human Nest). With it, the city could be able to create Seeded Humans units.

    The smallest creature here would be a Seeded Human: http://www.guildwars2.com/global/includes/images/concept-art/guildwars2-24.jpg

    They would have -50% fire resistance and immunity to poison.

    Also, innate bonuses for Forests of Eternity and maybe all other forests.

    Terrain flavors

    The Re Ki can't found cities on desert or snow tiles.

    "Gaea" unique terrain!

    The "Gaea" unique terrain can only spread into Re Ki lands. It can't spread on desert and snow tiles.

    It can't be turned into hell terrain.

    However, it can't spread passively to Hell terrain either. You have to remove Hell first.

    (Or maybe we could the Forests of Eternity to ward Hell away, since there doesn't seem to be any other real use of the Gaea terrain...)

    Forests of Eternity

    Overrides Forests/Ancient Forests/Jungle/Marshes (even it may prove difficult to do without python).

    Woodsman I/II promotions have no effect on Forests of Eternity.

    Can't build regular improvements without choping. Choping needs a late tech.

    Can damage enemy units!

    Can give a Plagued-like promotion to ANY non-Re Ki unit.

    Improvements: unique!

    All improvements needs forests, ancient forests or forests of eternity.

    "Mushrooms Field", +1:hammers:, +1:commerce: on river tile;
    (upgrades to "Mushrooms Village" in ~50 turns)

    "Mushrooms Village", +2:hammers:, +1:commerce:, +1:commerce: on river tile;
    onMovePython that may spawn Lesser Mushrooms if an enemy unit steps on it.

    A Mushrooms Village picture: http://th01.deviantart.net/fs29/150/f/2008/120/4/3/mushroom_forest_by_hongryu.jpg

    "Fruiting Grove", +1:food:
    maybe turning grains into fruits.

    "Tree Mausoleum", +3:commerce:, +1 free specialist in nearest city;
    need to be built on a Dead Tree.

    "Special Road", only usable by Re Ki units. Commando has no effect on it.

    Unique Paladins: the Children of Dy! (Wany sha Dy)​

    The Children of Dy are vë-born human females; Dy is actually Lena, the Patrian mage who created the Vë. The Children are generated using Lena's mixed tree/human blood/spirit/soul/whatever.

    They require the Commune with Nature tech and replaces Paladins/Eidolons.

    They have 8:strength: and 6 poison combat; 2:moves:, are a national unit (limit of 4), can cast some spells (undefined yet) and cost 260 hammers.

    Hero: Izha Ru

    Izha Ru is one of the two Re Ki heroes. However, only one of them is buildable! Izha Ru is only available for Dy/Lena.

    Izha Ru is a Children of Dy hero: strength 8 and 6 poison combat AND 3 holy combat. She starts with Courage, Hero, Life I, II (maybe III?), Divine I (maybe II?).

    Here's the picture for Izha Ru and for the Children of Dy: http://www.wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/File:SlyvariWinter.jpg

    The humanoid in this picture could be also another Child of Dy: http://www.guildwars2.com/global/includes/images/concept-art/guildwars2-28.jpg

    Hero: Unknown

    This one hasn't anything yet but his picture: http://forums.civfanatics.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=226188&d=1251551708

    World Spell

    Their world spell is available with a somewhat late tech.

    It turns all cities but the capital into powerful units for now known as Avatars.

    The Avatars consume all the buildings in their city and turn them into promotions. They also consume every population point, gaining strength thanks to them, so hugely populated cities will create more powerful Avatars.

    They will also consume the Hamadryad, gaining power with it too.

    They won't be able to get any promotion/xp.

    They will be able to re-found the city they were, using the promotions they have to recreate it as it was.

    The creature here is an Avatar: http://www.guildwars2.com/global/includes/images/concept-art/guildwars2-28.jpg

    Units spawning

    The Vë (the cities) are spreading spores on all the first ring of culture (the 3x3 square). The mechanic will be fired by the PyPerTurn function of the Hamadryad. The units spawned will depend on buildings and Hamadryad's promotions.

    Alternatively, the Dryad will be able to settle and spawn some units too.

    Unique Spells

    Forest Vengeance (Nature II): Poison damange to enemy units on forested tiles in a 1 range from the caster.

    Wood Dragon (Nature III?): Needs to be casted on a Dead Tree; removes the Dead Tree and summons a World Unit Wood Dragon, killing the caster.


    They would greatly reduce population of captured and kept cities. Every pop point removed will be used to generate new units, except if the civilization was a Fallow one. These units would be either Seeded Humans/Elves/Dwarves/Lizards, either "Plant Zombies". The first one seems to be a better fit since they don't have such an affinity with Death mana.

    Naval Units

    No regular ships. I don't know yet how they will handle naval units.

    Other units

    Here are some pictures I think could be used as a base to create units:
    http://mysticaldonkey1.deviantart.com/art/Dryad-118490970 (Melee units?)
    http://www.guildwars2.com/global/includes/images/concept-art/guildwars2-24.jpg (the biggest)
    http://ursulav.deviantart.com/art/Plague-Fairy-744749 (what? No?)

    Relations with other civilizations

    The Re Ki will have a malus with leaders (maybe not all) of the Scions, the Mercurians, the Mechanos and the Infernals.

    The Re Ki will have a bonus with leaders (maybe not all) of the Ljosalfar, the Svartalfar and the Ngomele.

    Base iBaseAttitude of most of the Re Ki leaders will be -6.

    They will be at peace with Animals.

    They dislike leaders who took a great part in rising the AC.

    They dislike Fire mana (-1/mana), Entropy mana (-2/mana) and Ice mana(-2/mana).

    What about the lore?

    The Plant civ is basically the answer of people against the intrusion of others into their lands. At first, there was only one Tree (not Yggdrasil!) and a lot of tree-people around and in it (Mushrooms, Pixies), living peacefully. Then came some houses-dwellers that tried to chase them away to acquire the Tree for whatever purpose. The tree-dwellers didn't think about it twice: they attacked right away, throwing everything they had against the enemy.

    Some think that they are the answer of the Creation itself against the troubles Erebus is dealing with, thinking they are like the judgement or something.
    Spoiler :
    In fact, they are the result of some experiments done by "Lena", a Patrian mage who wanted to live as long as trees. The experiments went wrong and, somehow, she fused herself in a tree, losing her mind and diving into a long slumber. During it, she "grew", destroying her mansion and transforming it into a gigantic tree. The tree soon began to talk to the birds, to live by itself. During the Age of Ice, many creatures came to find refuge in the tree... An adventurous pixie discovered the sleeping "Lena". They call her "Dy", meaning "You" in their language.

    Last Note

    Bear in mind that this is a work in progress in every way: lore, gameplay, graphics, everything ;)
  2. arcticnightwolf

    arcticnightwolf Emperor

    Jun 8, 2008
    Prague, Czech Republic
    Hmm ... this will be very interesting .... :D

    I guess their lore-wise religion will be FoL or RoK ... .. or agnostic ?
  3. Rosetint

    Rosetint Chieftain

    Aug 10, 2009
    Very cool concept. A few ideas spring to mind:

    1)For the Dead Trees, you could give a large one round production bonus to all cities of any civ that brings a worker to one and executes chop trees.

    2)Nymphs would make a good assassin unit (based on the Courtesan unit) but perhaps with Mind 1 (Inspire) and 2 (Charm Person) to make them useful at home and abroad.

    3)Dryad death could cause anarchy or city riots as a punishment. Harsh but it would prevent people from rushing with a powerful summon unit.

    4)Have a specialized temple which casts vitalize in the squares around the city. (It's vitalize that improves lands right?) This would be similar to the Scion and White Hand temples in that it improves the land but different because it would make Plant civ land MORE appealing for other civs not less.
  4. sputnik323

    sputnik323 Magelord

    Sep 27, 2008
    Another way to may their lands more appealing to attack is to have a chance to attract (living) resources, like deer, cows, pigs, sheep, rice, ect. Of course this should be timed so that by the time a bunch of resources have appeared on their lands, it would be much more difficult to take.
  5. lemonjelly

    lemonjelly Modding For Ethne

    Jan 5, 2008
    Glad to see you get the thread up Opera!
    Well, here are my ideas.

    Ban the plants from gaining cannabilism. (The pixies and meat-eating plants could have it, but not the 'real' plants.)
    Sun magic, when used against them heals them.

    And I think some method of implimenting Photosynthesis is going to be important.
  6. arcticnightwolf

    arcticnightwolf Emperor

    Jun 8, 2008
    Prague, Czech Republic
    ... well, sure, you can add O2 game element, in little corner of screen there will be composition of atmosphere

    and if level of O2 drops below 15% all living units will have max HP capped at 85% ...

    and if level of S will be greater than 10% all demonic unit will have 115% HP ... and for each new demonic unit level of S in air rises for about ... 0.001 unit, for 4 Horsemans it will be ... 0.5 unit, Avatar: +1 unit ...

    and for every forest level of O2 rises per turn for ... 0.01 unit and of course producing units with FoL will rise O2 also ...

    but CO2 will be factor affecting how much forest produces O2 ... for each RoK city CO2 rises for ... 0.2 unit/turn, every RoK unit will rise too ...

    did i forget to mention something ?? yeah,
    for every Empy city level of CH4 rises (( to simulate deserts - CH4 in air -} Greenhouse effect )) which will affect growing/shrinking of deserts, forests, and climate changes ... and so on ... :D

    Further ideas are in that IRC dump

    edit: Wait, that's actually cool idea ... :D:D:D
    edit2: changes in text formatting
    Spoiler IRC discussion :
    edit4: Sorry, but that IRC log for that discussion was longer than post size limit ... /:
  7. lemonjelly

    lemonjelly Modding For Ethne

    Jan 5, 2008
    1) I like your ideas! :D

    2) I just think it would make them more flavourful. :D

    3) Great idea, Opera, just in case I haven't told you enough lol :D

  8. lemonjelly

    lemonjelly Modding For Ethne

    Jan 5, 2008
  9. copx

    copx Chieftain

    Dec 20, 2008
    It makes no sense that a plant civ requires food to grow, so you should do something about that. I also think they should be incapable of using desert and snow tiles. Cottages and other technological improvements make no sense either. I would suggest that instead they get their health/happyness from untouched nature (i.e. trees etc. make them happy/healthy).

    Commerce and hammers could be generated by working UNIMPROVED tiles. Grassland should be the most productive, generating both hammers and commerce. Plains should be worse (generating less hammers too because it's simply less optimal ground for plants). Snow and desert should be worthless to them.

    Of course they should not be able to build most of the buildings either. Maybe you could make some special buildings for them, or none at all really.

    The interesting thing about this Civ could be the lack of micromanagement (you don't need to worry about resources, building improvements, buildings, wonders).

    I think it's possible to balance this. Just tweak the yield of natural tiles and their growth speed until they perform roughly similar to existing civs.

    Oh, and there is the problem of the tech tree. It doesn't make much sense for them. I would suggest a separate "tech line" i.e. without branches, you simply tech straight forward and new techs unlock new units etc. I suggest a simply line instead of a tree to keep things simple. And such a civ probably won't have much techs anyway.

    I would get rid of city maintenance costs completely. It makes no sense that a plant civ needs to acquire gold to maintain it's cities. Gold in general doesn't make sense for them.

    Their tech speed and their ability to produce units would depend on how much they can spread / the fertility of their land, which sounds about right.

    Just some ideas.
  10. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    I get it that it sounds like a plant civ wouldn't be at all a civ, at least not as we know civ in FFH. The issue here is a gameplay issue. Yes, it may be more realistic if a plant civ doesn't use gold, improvements, etc. However, I don't want to reduce them to a "plant" state. They are NOT all plants. Think of them more like sentient vegetals; except for some like Pixies and Guerliguets. Their premise is that they organize themselves around gigantic trees in and around which they dwell. The Tree grows mushrooms who are sentient and mostly used to grow things; they're a kind of fertilizer if you wish. Pixies are sentient creatures originally not linked to one Tree but who eventually came to live around one.

    Their economy is thus based on the Tree (one for each city), and on the people who tend it.

    Thus they will have improvements and buildings. They will be heavily modified though. Improvements will likely be less numerous.

    They'll still use food though. The citizens of a Tree need food to live and thus to grow. However, I thought it could be nice to have them use food as commerce. Meaning that they won't get commerce from tiles but only food and hammers; either science will come from food or, as you said, from the fertility/healthiness of their lands, which I think could be interesting.

    I hope that the fact that they're not ONLY plants doesn't make them less attractive :(
  11. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    Also, a bit of update from yesterday #erebus discussion:

    Their main religion will be FoL I think. Or maybe they won't have one? Not sure yet.

    I'll add in Guerliguets and Lechiy (check the Bestiary of Erebus thread in the Lore section!). Lechiy most likely as Druid replacement. Not sure about the Guerliguets though.

    The arcane line will have the possibility to "seed" non-tree-living into "human-plant".

    Someone mentioned a Planter siege unit but I don't remember the idea :D
  12. Broken Hawk

    Broken Hawk Emperor

    Jan 20, 2006
    On a hill
    The Flower Fairy by Howard David Johnson.jpg

    Anything with pixies sounds good. :mischief:
  13. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    Leaders' pictures time:

    (those two are basically the same goddess of Guild Wars lore; but the second is an Avatar of it while the first is a painting of the goddess herself)

    And the two attachements, pictures without known artist.

    Found the second one link: http://sandara.deviantart.com/art/Forest-Shaman-66212376

    Still not sure about the first one though :(

    Attached Files:

  14. Jabie

    Jabie Wanted in Monte Carlo...

    Dec 16, 2003
    Southampton, UK
    Re: If you're looking for images of Faeries, you might want to google Richard Dadd.
  15. Rosetint

    Rosetint Chieftain

    Aug 10, 2009
    I like the idea of using food for commerce. It was actually going to suggest it earlier but I wanted to think it through more clearly. Another way of thinking of it would be that food growth represents really plant growth and the overall tending and prosperity of the tree and its citizens.

    I was thinking earlier that this plant civ has very much the feel of "Planet" from Alpha Centauri. A large, linked intelligent plant structure harboring organisms that defend it. In your case you also have an intellgient race inhabiting it. You could borrow some of the idea from AC like the way Plant would punish other groups that pollute by popping up fungus full of mind worms next to their cities. This civ might pop up living forest next to cities that have high unhealthiness full of .... evil.. planty.. killing things. AC's fungus is very similar to your living trees, providing a great venue for attack if you are adapted to it. As a fun additional perk, you could have the effects of living forest change depending on a civs relation status with the Plant people. Allies get movement and healing bonuses, enemies get movements penalties and slow damage.

    Also, I think that a civ like this might borrow a flavour from the Sheim, where many of your powerful units aren't made, they are spawned from or near the tree in response to improvements and buildings
  16. Cylnar

    Cylnar Enemy of corporatocracy

    Sep 23, 2008
    This could be a cool idea if done right. Some thoughts:

    Just go full-on Faeriekind with the units - some could be distinctly plantlike but many should be fae; maybe animal units could be used to round things out. Stuff about mythological (and RPG) fae creatures should be all over the net. :mischief:

    The civ shouldn't necessarily be evil - neutral (with aggressive tendencies) is probably a better fit but there could be both kinds of leaders (maybe even a good leader) - and should definitely fight to keep the AC down as hell terrain isn't conducive to plants and nature. ;)

    They should get along well (best) with both kinds of elves, with FoL civs (whether or not they end up following FoL themselves, FoL is the religion most at harmony with nature) and with peace-with-animals civs. :cool:

    They should react poorly to civs that increase the AC, those with hell terrain inside their borders and those that despoil the land (especially with mines and quarries, and who cut forests) if there is any way to give diplo penalties to such things - and to weight those penalties depending on quantity. They should also dislike civs that use death, entropy or fire mana. :mad:

    They should not get along well with either AV or Order followers (AV because of their destructiveness, Order because their lawfulness is contrary to the chaos of nature) and perhaps also RoK (because their greed tends to lead them to rip up the earth looking for metals and gems). :mad:

    They should also have a specific penalty toward the Scions because they are undead and thus an abomination against nature. Not to mention that they love haunted lands (which are a direct perversion of nature). And of course they build almost nothing but mines and quarries. They should also get diplo penalties against both the Infernal and Mercurian civilizations because they are breaking the Compact and violating nature by their very presence (and of course the Infernals would also suffer from AV religion, AC raising and hell terrain). :mad:

    More stuff as I think of it. :rolleyes:
  17. UNIT 666

    UNIT 666 One of Many

    Mar 7, 2008
    Wicked idea for a civ. When this is implemented, I'm converting to Orbis.

    I'll just throw out all of my ideas. I hope at least some of them are useful, somehow.

    I'd personally hope to see their cities surrounded by forests, with an Elven sort of "build improvements in forests" ability. Maybe they could have improvements that make certain kinds of forests to grow, increasing :hammers: or :food:. Maybe they could also use Trails like the Mazatl/Cuali (whichever it is that's in Orbis :o) to simulate how their forests are tough to get through, as Commando and Woodsman wouldn't help (right?).

    As far as food goes, tiles with food improvements would be important to them, as it would show that the soil is very healthy, which would help them grow, too. In this vein, they could use farm improvements as well, as it would basically be akin to making the land more fertile. Ditto for pastures. (fertilizer :eek:)

    Dead Trees could be tough-to-chop forests (high :hammers: yield) that cannot be built upon by any civilization. Plants' workers could use a 'Preserve Forest' ability that increases happiness or something, or perhaps some sort of unique improvement.

    Questions to ponder:
    What would happen to this civilization when Hell Terrain enters their borders?

    Would they have a higher food requirement for growth (like the Jotnar) to represent the large amount of energy needed by the "city trees"? Maybe they could also have bonus :food: yields on grassland tiles and :food: resources. (base tiles, not the improvements built on them)

    Also, how would their yields be affected by desert/ice?

    Finally, would their cities need to be created near a source of water? (fresh water tile)


    Since time innumerable, the Civilized Races (i.e. Humans, Orcs, Elves, etc.) have existed and survived by exploiting and destroying everything around them. This civilization sees the insanity of the Civilizated Races ways, and is willing to do anything to stop them. I don't think they sound Good or Neutral at all. Remember, FoL does not care about Alignment at all. There is no Alignment shift when you begin following FoL.

    For them, maybe even FoL doesn't go far enough to protect the world.

    As far as I am aware, the only civs that, lore-wise, wouldn't react poorly to civs that increase the AC are the Sheaim, the Infernals, and the Mercurians.


    For the leaderhead, I'd go with the first attachment one, the bluish/blackish weirdo holding a staff, looking all sad and hopeless.
  18. Cylnar

    Cylnar Enemy of corporatocracy

    Sep 23, 2008
    What part of "neutral, aggressive" sounds like a poor fit to you? Remember, the game gives ever-increasing penalties for evil and good civilizations' relations with one another as the AC rises. So your evil Plant civ would get along better and better with the Sheaim and Infernals as the game went on, because those civs are evil. Meanwhile, if the Ljosalfar are led by Arendel, they would get along worse and worse because she is good. Being neutral just makes more sense as the -2 penalty vs. both good and evil never increases. ;)
  19. UNIT 666

    UNIT 666 One of Many

    Mar 7, 2008
    Hmm, good point. I completely forgot about that.
  20. Opera

    Opera Deity

    Sep 21, 2008
    Thanks for the tip :)

    Interesting idea. It goes well with the "happy thanks to fertile lands" thing. However, I'm not sure about the civ relation bonus thingies as it would encourage building a good relationship with them just to backstab them. Even though attacking usually nets you a huge penalty...

    Yeah, in fact, as Dryads can settle and pop units out of forests, Hamadryads have the same effect. Would certainly require a promotion to first be triggered. Then further promotions will determine which unit is popped.

    Yes, I'm not doing an all-plant civ. Some creatures I want to add are Guerliguets, Lechiy, Pixies, living Mushrooms, living Trees (not Treant... or maybe?). Animals per se, not sure, though.

    I like how you described them, UNIT_666 ;)

    I sincerely thing they should be evil. I get why they shouldn't, though. Not sure where to go here.

    No. They don't go along with anyone. Even though elves might be nature-lovers (and Ngomele too), the Plants don't like them. They think only themselves are worthy of living on Erebus. At least at first.

    The improvement thing will be hard to do. But the bonuses thing won't. They will hate entropy (a lot), fire (less), ice (a lot). Not sure about Death; it isn't so much unnatural. Even though I know it's more Undeath than Death...

    Well, that would deped on their own religion.

    Yeah, this makes sense.

    Nice :D

    I like this. Blocking Commando and Woodsman effects with the Living Trees feature :D And some trail-like road. Neat.

    Well, food is important for (nearly) everyone ;) But I'm not sure they will have "farms" and "pastures". Maybe some less "human" things.

    I like that :)

    They would suffer a lot from it. They will also have some interesting (I hope) means to get rid of it and fight it. Like... Treestone Forests, which would actually be the roots of a nearby giant tree. These forests won't be really useful yield-wise but impassable barriers for hell terrain?

    Perhaps. Would require more thought :)

    Badly I guess. They will have a unique mechanic, maybe similar to dwarven vault, requiring a certain amount of trees/water near cities to be productive. But trees don't grow in snow or in desert. So they will have to terraform or just not settle there.

    Why not? I would like that. Fresh water is usually easy to find, even if not always perfectly placed.

    Yeah, this one is definitely in. I think I'll add 3 or 4 of those 5 anyway.

    Thanks for the answers, guys :)

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