The problem with displaying the names of cities and current production tasks


Jun 1, 2016
The problem with displaying the names of cities and current production tasks when launching the modification is not in English. The names of cities and current production tasks are displayed in the wrong encoding. Which file in the modification is responsible for this and what needs to be changed in it?
I've only ever tested the mod with the MULTI5 edition (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish) of the game. I'm guessing that you're using a language other than those five – but I'm not sure why this would be a problem. The mod doesn't change any city names, so the mangled strings you're seeing on the main map are probably loaded from your own BtS files. I guess they are, for some reason, displayed using the wrong Windows code page.

Do you experience the same issue with other mods?
Sorry for the late response. The cause of the problem is in the file: ...\Civilization IV Complete\Civ4\Beyond the Sword\Mods\AdvCiv\Assets\Res\Fonts\GameFont.tga that is part of BUG mod. Replacing this file with the original one ...\Civilization IV Complete\Civ4\Beyond the Sword\Assets\res\Fonts\GameFont.tga or from here solves this problem.

Thanks for the best mod.
Thanks for the info. This raises some questions on my part: So, we've got the BtS version of GameFont.tga, the BULL/AdvCiv version adding three icons after the (electrical) POWER_CHAR and your fixed version without the AIRPORT_CHAR and a very different layout of the first three (empty) rows. I'm attaching a screenshot comparing all those versions. I suppose your version is based on some fourth version with the same cell layout but without the BULL additions? I wonder what is the source of that. A mod that you've merged AdvCiv with, a localized version of the original game?

Your version mostly works for me too – except that it doesn't get special characters in city names right (e.g. Guimarães), and the airport icon can't be added, at least not in the same position as in BULL. So I guess the best I can do is bookmark your post in case that someone else encounters this problem. And no problems with AdvCiv's GameFont_75.tga?


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Source localized version of the original game. Yes no problems with AdvCiv's GameFont_75.tga


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Aha, thanks a lot. In that case, if I can bug you a little more, I'm curious if your Civ4BeyondSword.exe differs from my own. Mine says "Product version (128100)" under Windows file properties, "Details" tab. I suppose the 128100 is the build number. The file size is 12.473.656 bytes. Same for you? I wonder about this because of recent changes I've made in the mod that alter program code of the EXE at runtime; I worry that those changes might have no effect or crash when used with a localized edition of BtS. So it would be helpful to know if the current AdvCiv 1.06 beta version (or this minimod - if that's easier to test) work as intended – i.e. display smaller resource icons (Ctrl + R) – for you; especially if your EXE differs from mine. (If they have the exact same file size and build number, then I guess there's no real cause for concern.)
Mine also says "Product version (128100)" but the file size is 12 468 224 bytes. Small resource icons from AdvCiv 1.06 beta are displayed.
Thank you for working on improving the modification :thumbsup:.
That's interesting; a few KB smaller, but still works ... I notice that my EXE has some padding near the end and, at the very end, 5432 B after the padding. That's exactly the difference in our file sizes, and most – maybe all – of those 5432 B are a digital signature (VeriSign). Indeed, if I delete those 5432 B, the game seems to work as before, just loses the "signatures" tab under file properties. Seems like a good enough guess that your EXE hasn't been digitally signed but is otherwise the same as mine. Thanks again – also and especially for figuring out that GameFont issue; might help another player someday.
It looks like it is, because my EXE does not have a "signatures" tab under file properties.
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