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The Quest for Power...

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Demo Game III: RPG' started by Civanator, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. Civanator

    Civanator Deity

    Dec 18, 2001
    It is a sunny morning. The streets are in a riot as the Empire is starting to crumble. Anthony and Alia prepare for a great quest that will take them to unspeakable places. Mara Jade and CivGeneral are preparing with them.

    But their quest didn't begin now. It began 1500 years ago, in the time of Mages and Elves, when Magic surrounded everything. During this time, a great and powerful man, named Vehk, was the master of all powers. He then started to teahc a pupil, as Vehk's time was running out. He needed to pass on his teachings. He chose as his student, Akavir.

    Flash back to 1500 years ago

    Ald-Vehk(Ald means Elder, First): Akavir, you are a great student of my teachings, but I fear they will be taught to the wrong people. I am going to hide my book, and I want you to help me. We are going to the mountains that line the coast west of the Egyptian lowlands.

    Akavir: Ald-Vehk, I will be honored to help you.

    So the two traveled from the Egyptian Lowlands to the Mountains. Akavir kept a journal on every place they went, down to the last detail. When they finally hid it, Ald-Vehk cast a spell, called Soul Trap, and any soul with cam near would be trapped forever, and it will be forced to protect the tomb.

    Ald-Vehk's teachings were written in the forgotten Daedric Runes. The Book of Daedra was hidden a 200 years before Ald-Vehk's time, and hidden in the Aldmeri Cardruhn
    (Cardruhn means Ancestral Tomb). Guarding the Aldmeri Cardruhn is the Aldmeri Ancestor Guardian, which cannot be defeated.

    But 175 years before Ald-Vehk's time, a group of people called the Psijics
    (Silent P) gathered in a place called Arkhandator. There, all but 1 Psijic sacrificed themselves to create a sword to destory the Aldmeri Guardian. The last Psijic Warrior took the sword, and headed to the Aldmeri Cardruhn. On his way, he was attacked by Lord Monomyth of the Dunmer(Dun means Dark or Evil, mer means people, folk), and he used his minions, called Golden Saints(they are far from saints) to kill the Psijic. Lord Monomyth then took the sword, and hid in the hills that are around Aureus. There he stayed for 20 seeds (years in the ancient times) undisturbed.

    Then, the Aldmeri Savior, and Godess, Ahnissi attacked Monomyth. He was no match for Ahnissi, and she killed him. Ahnissi then took Monomyth's Book of Saints, and placed it in a place called Lorkhan Ruins. Ahnissi then put the sword back in the Psijic ruins of Arkhandator.

    100 years later, a Aldmeri called Ffoulke, wrote the Firmament, a book which could lead anyone to the Psijic Sword. When Ahnissi heard of this, she banished Ffoulke to the Legions of the Dead, and threw the book to the mountains far in the west
    (the mountains west of Skunkworks).

    20 years before Vehk was born, 2 men named Tarhiel and Itermeral found the Firmament on a quest, but left it there for fear of Ahnissi's wrath. But they charted the course. in the Journal of Tarhiel, Tarhiel wrote half of the directions, and in Itermeral's Notes, Itermeral wrote the other half. Then they hid the books at sperate places, but Tarhiel then added to his Journal where Itermeral's notes could be found. They wrote their books in the ancient language of Ta'Agra, and the Book of Ta'Agra is in Anthony's library...

    That leads us to the continuation of this quest for power, when Anthony, Alia, Mara, and Noval (CivGeneral) start the Quest for Power again.....

    Back to the present

    Anthony: Everyone ready?

    Mara: Yup.

    CG: I'm ready.

    Alia: Ready when you are.

    Anthony: Let's start then.

    the four start their journey to Gorina to search for the Journal of Tarhiel. Who knows what will happen on their quest?

    OOC: This is my attempt to start a pass along storyline. I think it is very interesting, and has a rich source of knowledge in it.
  2. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Night Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    Mara Jade, CivGeneral, Alia, and Anthony heads over to the library of Gorina. The group enters the Library of Gorina

    Mara Jade: Excuse me.

    Head Librarian: How may I help you

    Mara Jade: Yes, I am looking for the Journal of Tarhiel.

    Head Librarian: We do, but they are not currently open to the public.

    Mara Jade: But we..

    Head Librarian: No Buts Missy.

    Mara Jade returns to CivGeneral, Alia, and Anthony

    Mara Jade: They have it, but it is closed off, not accable to the Public.

    Alia: I can tell, since there are guards by that door. Mara, Take CivGeneral with you.

    Mara Jade: Alright.

    Mara Jade and CivGeneral sneek there way through the Bookshelfs. Creeping closer to the Guarded door. Mara moves a book asside

    Mara Jade: If we can get past thoes guards.

    CivGeneral look up and noticed a wooden beam leading right to an open window to the guarded room

    CivGeneral: Unless we can crawl up to thar Beam and head to the window by the guarded room

    Mara Jade: Sounds like a plan

    CivGeneral and Mara Jade climbs the Bookcase up to the top. Luckly the Top is cluttered with boxes. Mara Jade and CivGeneral then jumps to the Beam

    CivGeneral: They wont notice us up here in this dark place

    Mara and CivGeneral stealthyheads to the window

    Mara Jade: Well, were in the room, now where is that book.

    CivGeneral: Hmm, there are guards surounding that book.

    Mara Jade: Luckly they have there backs twards that book.

    CivGeneral finds a Rope and a Pully. CivGeneral ties the rope around Mara Jade and then lowers her down to the Book. Mara Jade Quickly nabs the book and tugs the rope. CivGeneral then pulls the rope to lift her up. Then he Unties her. They Quickly run out from the room via where they enter. Then they carefully climb down the Book shelf

    Mara Jade: Put this in my Backpack

    CivGeneral then places the Book in Mara's backpack. Then they walk normaly to Alia and Anthony

    Alia: Did you get it

    Mara Jade: Nope, Ceaser's Quest was already checked out

    Mara then wispers to Alia

    Mara Jade: I have the Book in my Backpack, we should exit now as normaly as possible
  3. Stuck_as_a_Mac

    Stuck_as_a_Mac Aptenodytes forsteri

    Apr 4, 2002
    SaaM, having just come in from a game of "Hit A Ball And Watch It, Then Move On", heads to the library.
    SaaM: Now... I need a book... Ive already read "Having Moved Away With A Breeze" and "The Aging Person and the Large Body of Water"... now what...
    Liza: How about "The Extreemly Long Title and the Penguin Who Bothered to Read It?"
    SaaM: Sounds interesting. Where can I find it?
    Liza shakes her head
    As SaaM heads to the Library, he sees there is something... odd... going on. He can feel it. But what?
  4. Civanator

    Civanator Deity

    Dec 18, 2001
    At the library, the guards burst out of the guarded room.


    Librarian: But ho....

    The Librarian turns toward the group exiting the building


    Anthony, Alia, Mara and CivGeneral sprint out of the building and run into SaaM and Liza

    Anthony: SaaM, what are you doing here?

    SaaM: I was going to get a book when I heard.....

    Anthony: No time to talk, gotta run

    SaaM(As they run off): Let's follow them, shall we Liza?

    Liza already took off.

    SaaM: Liza!

    SaaM runs after them too. The six of them get to the walls of Gorina and are now stuck inside the walls.

    Alia: We have to get out. If we go to the gate we will get killed by the guards.

    Mara: We can try hopping over, but then only one of use will get out....

    SaaM: What about the tower doors? They open on both sides to let guards in just in case they get caught outside during an invasion.

    CivGeneral: Good idea SaaM.

    Liza: What are we waiting for?

    They run to the nearest guard tower and slip through the doors. The guards in the tower see them, but don't know of the felony. When the Library Guards get there, the group had gone into the hills and forest.

    After the day, they make camp in a clearing.

    Anthony: Mara, can I see the Journal?

    Mara: Sure, right...... here.....

    The journal isn't in her pack when she checks.

    Mara: Oh no, it must've fallen out!

    Anthony: Don't worry, I'll take a torch and go back to look for it. It probably fell out at the last place we rested at. CivGeneral, why don't you come with me?

    CG: OK.

    They both grab a torch and head off into the forest. it is the beginning of dusk, and it will probably be pitch black when they get back...
  5. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Night Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    CivGeneral backsteps Mara's Foot Prints

    Anthony: How can you tell thoes are Mara's

    CivGeneral: A man has to know what his Wife's shoes looks like.

    After a few hours of searching

    Anthony: There it is, right behind that bush

    Library Guard: Ill be taking that from you.

    The Guard looms over Anthony and CivGeneral

    Anthony: This Book does not belong to you

    Library Guard: Well, it is the property of the Librady of Gorina. Hand it over quietly so I wont press charges

    Anthony: Never. CivGeneral quick, Remember what you have learned. It would take team work to bring this big guy down.

    Anthony and CivGeneral gets into there fighting possitions. The Guard pulls out his sword

    CivGeneral: Dang it, I left my K-bar Knife With Mara

    Anthony: Try disrming him

    CivGeneral Kicks the Guard's hand making him drop the weapon. Anthony then Kicks the Sword into the forest brush

    Anthony: Now "Mr. Librarian Guard" We fight fair, hand to hand only

    Library Guard: Gauhhh!!!

    Both Anthony and CivGeneral dodges the Guards Power punch to the ground. CivGeneral then Kicks the Guard's Side, Anthony then Punches the Guard's face. Soon the Guard gets up

    CivGeneral: That was only the appitiser

    Library Guard: You Fools!!!

    CivGeneral then Kicks the Guard in the leg, while Anthony uses his Art of Concealment to sneek his way to the back of the Guard. Anthony then Kicks the Guard in the back. CivGeneral then punches the Guard right in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. The Guard falls down and passes out

    CivGeneral: Anthony, quick grab the book. These guards are known for there infamous 15 minute nap

    Anthony: Right, ill hold on to the book.

    CivGeneral: Hopefully there are no nasty supprises

    CivGeneral and Anthony continues there way back to camp

    Anthony: Though the supprise I had was how well you handled yourself in the face of an armed enemie

    At the camp site

    Alia: Excelent Mara, you have learned well. I hear Anthony and CivGeneral comming. Quickly hide.

    Mara Jade quickly hides in a tree as Anthony and CivGeneral returns to the camp ground

    Anthony: Were back. and I have the book.

    CivGeneral: Have you seen Mara Jade, Alia?

    Alia: I have seen her gather some berries not to long ago

    Suddenly, Mara jumps out of the tree she was hiding from and lands right in CivGeneral's arms

    Mara Jade: Supprise, Missed me CG?

    CivGeneral: I did missed you

    CivGeneral and Mara Jade kissed eachother

    Anthony: Ok, everyone gather around me, I have something to so you.

    Anthony opens to a page in the Journal of Tarhiel and beguins to read a passage from it...
  6. Civanator

    Civanator Deity

    Dec 18, 2001
    Anthony starts reading the page, but not in Fanatican as everyone is used to, but in Khajiiti(Ta'Agra).

    Anthony: Aaliter j Ku ahziss da aqqa dween j Dro-Itermeral zi khajiit Jo-Vehk literajo'iiliten j qa'khajakh rabiba ni vakasash matins.

    CivGeneral: Well, what does it mean?

    Anthony: It says that the Firmament is in the Vakasash Mountains, I just don't know what vakasash means...

    Mara: Maybe it is religious?

    Alia: In the Book of Ta'Agra it has no translation...

    Anthony: Well, another batch: Vakasash matins rea zwinthodurr Dro-ItermeralS mluo zwinthodurrarr khajiit.

    Liza: Well?

    Anthony: Itermeral's Notes are not in the Vakasash Mountains, but across the desert walk to the ocean...

    SaaM: Ingoledmoor, or whatever it is called!

    Anthony: Could be...

    Mara: Well, it is our only chance.

    Anthony: Let's start moving then

    Everyone else: WHAT!? We didn't even sleep!

    Anthony: Drink this. It is a potion called tobr'a. It is Yokudan, and it will give an adrenaline rush when you drink it.

    They all drink it and feel nothing. After about two minutes they regain their energy and start to pack up.

    CivGeneral: Anthony, how do you know all these Alchemy Potions? I thought the Yokudan's alchemy teachings were lost...

    Anthony: CivGeneral, When I went on my first journey for melange, I stumbled across Yokudan Ruins, and some Yokus ancestors were living there. They asked me to help them find their books of alchemy, so I did. When I found them, there wer 5 books, but only 1 was alchemy. I brought them back, but they said they already knew the knowledge in the alchemy book, so for my torubles they let me keep it.

    CivGeneral: Wow... Think we can find Yokus like that?

    Anthony: I don't know, I wonder if they are alive...

    The group leaves the clearing for Inglo-whatyamacallit, and to make the Khajiiti or the "Desert Walk". What lies before them, no one knows...
  7. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Night Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    The Hot sun blazes on our heroes. Mara Jade and CivGeneral, both have there hoods up to block out the desert sun once they get there

    Mara Jade: How much father till we get to our destination

    Anthony: Hopefully soon, we only have a couple of miles to go

    Liza: I dont know why, but I am dreaming of a Cement Pond

    Mara Jade just shakes her head

    CivGeneral: According to this map, the Desert should not be to far from here. Before we continue. I strongly recomend that we stock up on water.

    Alia: Agreed, Luckly I have brought us some water tight pouches.

    Mara Jade: and there is a spring over... Mara Jade then points to the water on the right of the group ...there.

    The Group goes to the Fresh water spring and gathers water for there journey into the desert

    Alia: Mara, How much water should we stock up on?

    Mara Jade: Well, being in the Jade Commandos, we have been always taught to carry about 2 Gallons of water for extended desert travel. Plus I also have some equiptment to extract water from the desert air.

    Alia: Interesting. Ok, we have enough water.

    Alia beguins to pass the water-filled pouches to everyone in the group

    Anthony: Ok, were ready. Lets head on out.
  8. Civanator

    Civanator Deity

    Dec 18, 2001
    The group is walking across the blazing sand. Everyone is wearing full clothes despite the soaring temperatures. They are running low on water, and there is little moisture in the air.

    Liza: Is that a Cement Pond?

    Everyone shakes their head.

    SaaM: How much longer?

    Anthony: I think it is 3 miles. We should travel in the night too, it is alot cooler, and the sand isn't as hot.

    CG: Sounds like a plan!

    They walk for another half-mile when they see camels on the horizon

    Mara: Are those camels?

    Mara points to the traders on camels.

    Alia: I think it is! Let's go check it out.

    The group runs towards the camels, but no humans are there, only camels. 1 camel lay dead, and the 6 others are resting.

    Anthony: Well, it is better than nothing.

    They saddle up and start moving. after a while, the camels refuse to move.

    CG: What's going on? They won't budge.

    SaaM: Listen, do you hear that?

    Of in the distance is a huge sandstorm, and it is coming for the group. What will happen to them?
  9. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Night Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    Mara Jade: Oh great, a sand storm

    CivGeneral; I guess that is why the camels are not moving

    The sand storm rips though the desert. Luckly, Mara had some spare hoods with her

    Mara Jade: Here, take this and put them on

    Alia: Thanks

    CivGeneral: Everyone, lean on the camels, they will provide the cover.

    SaaM: Ow, Ive got sand in my eye

    Liza: SaaM there is no time to complain about your eye.

    Suddenly from out of no where, a cactus falls from the wind

    Anthony: Where did that cactus came from?

    Alia: It must have been uprooted during the Sand storm.

    CivGeneral: at least it logged itself in the sand.

    2 Hours has passed and the Sandstorm dies down. Mara Jade pulls out her K-Bar Knife and cuts in to the cactus

    Mara Jade: Everyone, get out your water pouches.

    Mara Jade pours the water from the cactus into everyones Water pouches

    Mara Jade: That should tie us for a bit

    Anthony: but how are we going to get the camels to cooperate?

    CivGeneral hops onto the camel

    CivGeneral: I think they are cooperative, they were just spooked from the storm.

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