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Dec 27, 2001
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I actually like the way the AI trades now, it really makes for a great challenge! :)

However, i think the real issue is the difference in quality between early AI and late game AI. BAsically the early game AI is very good and the AI often storms into a 2-4 tech lead as it meets the other civs and trades the early starting techs.

However, about the late MIddle Ages onwards the human player always catches up... this is basically because the human player builds far more improvements both in and outside of their cities and more often than not can avoid advancement zapping wars to do this..

Other than that though i cannot see why the AI always starts slipping round this period. MY cities are always the most productive, even though i'm often maybe only the 2nd-4th in population/territory size.

So we need to find ways to improve late game AI, whether it be by tech trading or improving their cities?! I always seem to be able to monopolise the late game wonders too...maybe it's cause these are far more spread out tech wise, or that in general one can usually build them much quicker in a number of highly productive cities?!

Who knowS>!?

Since the patch, the turning point for me is the Theory of Evolution. In Civ 2, Darwin's Voyage was of dubious value, because usually by that point I was well ahead in tech, even on the two highest difficulty levels. Now building the ToE finally puts me ahead in tech and opens up the Hoover Dam, which gives me the production I need to crank out the late industrial trinity of bombers, tanks, and infantry. Yeah, battleships are nice too, but I only need a few.

I like how the game is set up now. The AI keeps up pretty well, in my current game the Iroquois snagged Universal Sufferage. A bit of a consolation prize compared to Hoover Dam. If the an AI power had managed the ToE, I reckon they'd squander the lead by selling the techs off for chump change.

Maybe that could be part of the model, eh. Under certain circumstances, say, having electronics or motorized transportation, the AI should hoard instead of sell.
I had one game where I could catch up - when I got monarchy early from the Romans who needed my money to survive a 3-nation attack. Other games the others have courthouse, marketplace, temple, library, aqueduct, cathedral, colosseum in every major town, size 12, before I can get to monarchy. by then i have temple+courthouse in outlying towns and maybe 3 built up central towns...... and am fighting a loosing war (spearmen against Knights, haha)........

the AI simply doesn`t trade me techs that lead to advanced govs, no matter what I do! I only have a chance when I get an expansive civ and can quickly find lots of goodies - but then the neighbors get into that "build 10 towns in 10 turns" routine - I never can find when they build the settlers....

The real issue seems to be that - on Regent - the AI simply knows where the player is militarily weak and can use that to attack, forcing me to keep lots of troops everywhere, while it can risk leaving half it`s towns lightly garrisoned
I've had to make research a higher priority since the patch. In the early game, I mean. I used to research at the minimum rate and buy tech. I still have to buy a lot, but I have to research more, too. I don't get to the republic with 2000 gold like I used to.
I`m teching all I can! maybe I`ll just have to change my strat even more, but now the only way I can see is playing islands and killing the others on the same island off real fast - and since I loose ~ 4 units for each defender..... :(
The great library is damn useful. If u can get it. On harder difficulty levels most other players use great leaders to complete.
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