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[C3C] The Rise of the Hobbit Empire (A Tides of Crimson story)


Aug 7, 2015
[Tides of Crimson]
The Rise of the Hobbit Empire

Mod: Tides of Crimson Version 2.81 (by haluu)
Modmod: C3X r7 (by Flintlock)

World size: Normal (12 Civs)
Krogs: Random (Barbarians)
Map: Pangaea 80% Water
Climate/Temperature/Age: Random

Choose your race: Hobbits
Your rivals: Random
AI Aggression: Normal
Difficulty: Sid

NO culturally linked starting location / respawn AI players


Hello everyone. After a long hiatus I came back to play the excellent fantasy mod Tides of Crimson by haluu. For an overview of what this mod includes and how it changes game, please see here.

I played the version 1.5 some years ago and last month he released the version 2.81 which has gone through some extensive updates. So even more civs, more units, more gameplay!

One of the new races added are the Hobbits, a peace loving race that is very suited for builders but very weak in their military. So I thought, why not rise up to the challenge of trying to survive on Sid.

Spoiler :

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Spoiler Starting screen - Read for the introduction^^ :

In the aftermath of the First Great War, the world of Azura returned to the stone age. The surviving races are scrambling to build a new life upon the ruins of the former empires. Amids those races there is a small group of peace loving hobbits led by prince Hyreil, the sole member of the former royal family of the Sam bloodline.

// The hobbits start with three powerful race strength (agricultural, commercial, scientific)
Agricultural = extra food in city center, deserts give 2 foods when irrigated
Commercial = extra gold in city center, less corruption
Scientific = free tech at start of each era, build science buildings faster​


The small hobbit clan is wandering along the river they discovered not long ago. While it provided them with the little food to survive it is still not sufficient to support all of them. Many are malnourished. Hyreil sighed deeply. How did it come to this point? Every night he wakes up when remembering the fall of the glorious hobbit empire, when the flames of war engulfed the former radiant capital and the beastly Shaggoth slaughtered their way though the elite knights like chicken. He remembered with tears in eyes the moment where his royal father and his guards blocked the palace gates to give them time to flee before being slashed into halves by that giant axe.

His thoughts are interrupted when the scout sent out not long ago, entered his tent clearly excited. "Your highness we have discovered a vast and lush wheat field and the elders are saying that the plots of land there are fertile." Hyreil feels relieved. Finally there is a place for them to start anew. "Go explore the vicinity", he implored the scout.

Turn 1 // We start on a rather northern part of the map on a flood plain. There is a strategic resource (Wheat) in proximity, which gives us extra food and also is important for building an important unit later in the game. The waywatcher as a starting warrior unit (a pretty goof defender and detector) goes southwest but does not see any more resources. In the north we see some water tiles. Is it the ocean with some delicious seafood? Looking at the location it could be. so we decide to waste a turn to explore it that direction with our settler.​
Spoiler :

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The scouting party found a little sea near that wheat field and after a long discussion the clan decided to build their shire here. Hyreil is still worried tough. There are no mines. Where are they going to get the ores to produce the weapons to defend themselves? But the people are hungry so he finally decided to let them settle down first. Reports from the scout in the southwest came back that there is a vast desert with no other tribes or krogs to see. That is a relief at least.

Turn 2 // Contrary to expectations there is no ocean in the north. Also no production resources in the near :(
But wait for it... After building the first city, there is a lumber (woohoo) in the extended city radius. Also a horse but we don't need it. Maybe for trading later?​

Spoiler :
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There is a feeling of danger looming. We are not alone in this place! Hyreil thought while sitting in his little hut, a sad excuse of royal residence but it will do for now. The news sent from his scouts doesn't bode him well as they tell him of big skaven settlements just across the desert. "Those traitorous rats" he thought angrily for himselves. Beasts will be beasts, they will sooner than later bite you. He quickly sent orders to further explore to the west. Another problem arised today from the workshop, a worker died while building a oxen cart. Crushed by the wheel falling down on him, can you believe that? The people are upset, so he had to promise to increase the safety. At least the cart got finished and will help in further expanding the shire. Also there are rumours from wanderers that some strange triangle buildings are built by a race called Osirians.

Turn 5 // Osirians built their race-specific wonder (it gives them 2 free techs).
Turn 5 // Met the Skaven in the west. We did not trade techs yet, in order to explore some more turns. Can be risky, if they meet with other civs that trade our techs with them.
Turn 7 // City population increased to two. We use the extra pop to hurry our oxen cart (3 movements) in order to explore earlier. Time is of essence here.
Turn 8 // The oxen cart went north to find the ocean with a fish (a potential settlement location) and also some borders of a civ. Then it goes to the east.
Turn 9-11 // The scout (Waywatcher) went deeper into the west, met with units of the Chaos dwarves and the Burning legion (no idea where their cities are though).The other scout (Oxen cart) went east and met with the Wood elves and High elves.
Spoiler :
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It is getting busy. The envoys sent out by the clan brought back some good news. Through highly skilled diplomatic negotiations they managed to acquire some useful skills and technologies that the Hobbit workmen are busy integrating into their daily life. The elder council is dreaming of turning the little settlement into a trading hub. But Hyreil is sceptical. Especially the western regions is of big concern for him. All those remnant tribes there look barbaric and should not be easily trusted. At least the eastern regions are habitated by former allies. Nonetheless this is a worry for later. For the time being he orders his men to bring a caravan to the north to expand the settlement. He especially chose one of his trusty knights to become the new mayor.

Turn 11 // A giant round of tech trades. Fortunately the western and eastern regions did not meet up yet, so that means we get a lot of favourable trades for us.
  • Skaven trade Mining, Ceremonial Burial, 42g --- We trade Farming
  • High Elves trade Masonry, 127g --- We trade Mining
  • Chaos Dwarves trade Iron Working, 71 gold --- We trade Farming, Masonry
  • High Elves trade Woodworks, 121g --- We trade Iron Working
  • Wood Elves trade 118 gold, 1 gpt --- We trade Mining
  • Burning Legion trade Warrior Code, 16g --- We trade Masonry, Farming
  • Skaven trade 104g --- We trade Masonry
Turn 11 // Our city radius expanded. Now we can work the lumber for some needed shields

Spoiler :

  • Western region: Skaven (neutral), Chaos Dwarves (evil), Burning Legion (evil) --- Dangerous region with contrasting alignments with our Hobbits (good)
  • Eastern region: Wood Elves, High Elves (good) --- This border should be safe for now.
Spoiler a nice location to the east? should we go there? :

A disappointing setback in the expansion. The scouts tell of a fertile land in the east with another big wheat field and some big fruit trees. But before Samgast could make his decision as the caravan leader, the land is claimed by a Wood elves tribe. "What a pity" he sighed but then quickly renewed his resolve "Onwards to the north you lazy bunch" he shouted "We are going to claim some delicious fishes! And we are going to call it Bywater!" The other hobbits secretly roll their eyes at the naming sense of their future mayor.

Turn 22-25 // Build a settler (mayor). Sent it north to claim the fish tile. Half the way on the way our scout (oxen cart) is returning from the eastern trip and find a good settling place but the wood elves are already there. So we continue to send the settler to the north and settle in a place where it gets a healthy distance to the wood elves but also has access to our lumber, if necessary.
Spoiler oh nevermind. onward to the north it is. :

Meanwhile an envoy of the so-called Blood cult arrived at the main settlement. "We present us, the proud Blood Cult before to our friends and neighbours. We brought you our secret teachings as a gift to celebrate long-lasting and of eternal friendship." the pale-skilled human introduced his tribe before letting his men bring in some old-looking scrolls. Hyreil is secretly alarmed. This is a fricking vampire, he thought for himself. But he does let his inherent fear show because vampires can apparently smell fear. So he only lightly nodded to the envoy. It looks like the clan must arm themselves sooner than later. The west is getting more and more dangerous.

Turn 23 // Blood cult (don't even know when we met them) trade Mysticism, 26g --- We trade Woodworks, Farming​
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Spoiler :

A sense of urgency is overcoming the clan right now. A new group of adventurous hobbits are pushing to the west against the advices of the elder council. Their goal is to lay claim to a mountain to mine the important iron in it. It will be dangerous though because the a pack of skaven rats are rumored to have build a underground cave there. This will surely lead to conflict later on. But Hyreil is determined. The clan must obstruct the way to those dirty rats or else they will pop up everywhere. Under the disapproving eyes of the elders he gives the caravan members a final motivational push. "Go youngsters, show them that the hobbits are not to be underestimated." And with that the young members set out to the west.

Turn 37 // Settled our third city in the very vicinity to the Skaven to get access to iron, some flood plains and a oasis (which with our racial means a 5 food tile^^). This city will grow fast.
"This is madness! What has come over you, your highness! You know how ferocious and protective those skaven are. To settle near them means putting the lives of our kind in perilous danger!" The third elder almost shouted at Hyreil when they retreated to the city chambers. Hyreil glanced at the elders with coldness in his eyes. While the other elders did not say anything he could see that they similarly disapproved his decisions. He remembered clearly how submissive they were when the hobbit empire still stood tall. Why did he even save them, while his royal father had to die such a gruesome death? He wanted to say something when suddenly the guard stormed into the chamber. "Your highness! A wonder, a wonder has emerged in Bywater!" Hyreil felt relieved, at least now he doesn't have to argue with those old morons. "What happened?" he asked while listening to the happy news that came from the northern settlement.

Turn 37 // The second city finished building the small wonder Raku tree. It gives 1 happiness, 1 culture (expand the city radius to get fish and wheat) and most importantly auto-produces the unit Raku (stronger than anything I can build right now and it can "enslave" a magic spell (=missile) when successful in battle. This will prove very important in future battles because our military sucks.
Spoiler The rakus are here :
The hobbit clan is flourishing right now. The trade caravans are coming and going out of the shire and with them they bring a lot of gold and new skills. There are merchants from all the races, be it the dwarven, elves, humans and even the skaven. Hyreil and the third elder are strolling along the busy streets with the vendors along praising their goods and services. "Look your highness. Did I not tell you that we can all go along just fine. No need to be so careful. Even those skaven you despise are bringing their ores in to trade for our delicious chicken." The third elder was visible pleased with himself because the opening of the market was pushed by him and his faction in the last council meeting. "We should not let down our guard. Did you not hear the recent rumors? One of the merchant came across a village pillaged and burnt down to the ground when he was trading with the different elven tribes. There is always hidden agendas we cannot see under the pleasantries we exchange with the others." Hyreil interjected harshly. "That are just exaggerations.You know how these merchants are, always quick to tell tales to sell more of their goods. They even claim that the dwarvens have rebuilt the peak of Leondro Margonis. Can you believe that? A dwarven kind worshipping the genius of the Brethons? So you really should ignore those stories, your highness!"

Turn 35 // Chaos Dwarves build the wonder Margonis' Peak.
Turn 39-41 // Another round of most favourable trade for us, mainly because we are in the middle and can thus shop around our acquired techs.
  • Moon elves trade 46g --- We trade Farming
  • Skaven trade Mathematics --- We trade 281g
  • Chaos dwarves trade Ballistics --- We trade Mathematics, 228g
  • High elves trade Steel, 189g --- We trade Ballistics
  • Wood elves trade 70g --- We trade Mathematics
  • Blood cult trade 38g --- We trade Mathematics
Turn 43 // Our scout comes across the ruin of a city. Seems like a small conflict broke at the borders between the Wood elves, High elves and the Amazonians. We don't know who battled against who and we also don't care as long as they don't bring the fight to us.
Spoiler :
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I was actually just about to ask you how your Hobbit game was going. Didn't realize you started a new thread! Thanks for sharing! I'm about to go to bed but ill read this all when i get some time this week and probably ask you some stupid questions!

Love your storytelling & screenshots!
Read it. Great story! Interested to see what happens with the dirty Skaven neighbors and their hidden agendas. And where the Hobbits can take themselves from here with all these trade partners!

Looks like the oxen carts are doing their part in exploring quickly!
Hi haluu, thanks for your interest in the story. I am pretty late into the game with a lot happening. It really played out like you image things in those dark fantasy worlds to happen. conspiracy, betrayal and destruction :lol:

I'm currently pretty busy with work but some new chapters are coming
Haha love it. Especially the betrayal part. .

Looking forward to your subsequent chapters, when you get the chance! Thanks for documenting these!
Time is passing, nothing of interests happened. The shire ist becoming a joyful place to live in. The hobbit envoys travel around to build upon the trade relations in order to ensure their kin can continue living this peaceful days. Today a very special guest arrived in Bywater. Samgast is nervously waiting in the mayor office when awaiting the arrival of none other than the Wood elven queen Galadriel. He tries to calm himself down while speaking to himself in his mind "Calm down Sam. You are not a farm boy anymore. You are the mayor representing all the hobbits in this town. So what if she is a queen, don't get too intimidated. Everything will be alright. Hahaha." But then he hears a squeak and jumps up like a spring mouse seeing a jaguar. Only to see that it was really a spring mouse crawling through a small hole of the wall. "Hush hush you stupid lil creature." he goes on his knees to catch it but fails when he suddle hears another noise. "Oh for all Raiku sake, can you lot not please barge in here alltogether..." He shouts and turns to the direction of the second noise imagining another mouse crawling out somewhere, only to stare into a pair of gorgeous eyes instead. "Haha Mr. Samgast, am I maybe disturbing you with something?" the queen of the Wood elves who just came through the doiors looks at the hobbit with a slight anger. Samgast look at her in awe for some minutes before coming to his self again. Today's negotiations probably won't finish so smoothly...

Turn 47-49 // Another round of most tech trade. Also the AIs start demanding tributs, ouch
  • Wood elves trade currency, 1g --- We trade Steel
  • Chaos dwarves trade premonitions --- We trade curency, 341g
  • Wood elves demand premonitions --- We agree
  • Burning Legion demand 42g --- We agree.
Turn 48-52 // The AIs start building the first batches of Wonders in successions.
  • Naga build the Hope's temple.
  • Ethropa build the Walls of Esengar.
  • Amazonian build The Clafestian Mounds.
  • Blood Cult build the Tidesfall Castle.
Turn 54 // So what if they are gulping up all those stupid wonders. We hobbits have also something, please you all see to the revelation of the magnificent............ ............. ................. .................... ............. ...........

Spoiler wonder for which every other nation will envy us ;) :
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A storm is coming. Hyreil is sitting in the elder council to discuss the recent reports inside the shires. Rivendelle managed to raise a new breed of chicken which is becoming more and more beneficial to the shire's growth. It's meat is just more juicy and its eggs are just more delicious. The Grand shire itself does not lose in terms of productivity and has cultivated a field of wheat that is now being harvested. The royal husbandry has also managed to breed some chocos. And finally, the strangest report was of a hobbit called Tobieen who wrote a famous story book "The lord of the chicken" which is now sold throughout all the trade routes and raking in a lot of profit. Until now Hyreil still cannot believe the gigantic heaps of gold coins the tax collector brought in last time from the first round of tax collection. What is wrong with this world? How can a mere book bring more profits in a month than all their produce combined in all these years?
But all these good news pale when confronted with the recent reports the scouts sent from the eastern borders. There are some very concerning bloody conflicts between the wood elves and their neighbours that may very well flow over into the hobbits sphere of influence. And like always the factions in the elder council are still divided on whether upping the military expenses or not. Hyreil clenched fists are turning white everytime he listens to the third elder's iditioc arguments to try stopping any attempts of increasing the weapon production. "Maybe the elder should be "asked" to retire?" The prince thought to himself while a small but creepy smile shows up on his face.

Turn 55 // Another round of very profitable tech trade. As we discovered writing, we shopped it around and reap in a lot of gold. Muhahaha.
  • Skaven trade 761g --- We trade Writing
  • Burning Legion trade 340g --- We trade Writing
  • Chaos dwarves trade 322g --- We trade Writing
  • Blood cult trade Horseback riding --- We trade Writing, 504g
Turn 57 // We build a road to the wheat resource.

Turn 72 // Another round of very profitable tech trade. That writing tech still brings in a lot of consequent benefits. Muhahaha.
  • Amazonians trade Map making, 4g --- We trade Horseback riding
  • Wood elves trade Animal husbandry --- We trade 767g
  • Burning Legion trade Seafaring, 4g --- We trade Animal husbandry
  • Blood cult trade Arcane Lore, 4g --- We trade Animal husbandry, Seafaring
Turn 78 // Please dear audience, look at the second magnificent wonder that the hobbits engineers have built, the tall and mighty ............ ............. ................. .................... ............. ...........

Spoiler another wonder for which every other nation will envy us ;) :
So glad you have found some time to continue this, tomma! I laughed out loud when i saw the mention of the Hobbits having a Chicken Farm to compare with other races' Wonders of the world, i do digress.

It looks like the Wood Elf meeting with the queen went south, if she was demanding techs shortly after. Hopefully that will keep her out of Hobbit territory!

You are doing a great job with managing income and trading techs! This is the one things i usually struggle with. No matter how hard i try, i usually end up well behind in techs for most of the game, even on lower difficulties like Regent. I'm sure i'm doing something absolutely incorrectly. haha.
Well the queen was very amidable. She just wanted a share of the profits we got from "her" tech.:lol:
But I am speeding up all those peaceful days now. I mean who wants to watching people talking about trades all the time.

Yes it is a lot of micro-managing but you have to do it when playing on the higher difficulties. So the "trick" is to go for techs that the other civs don't focus on (e.g. writing, literature) and then use those to trade up.
Haha I understand the speeding up part.

Ok got it, that makes sense. I was going after the wrong techs. Thanks for your help!
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