The Seven-day Week


I'll put my request in now to ask Simon Darkshade to institute the 3-day week. Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. I could handle a one day workweek.
Very interesting! Thanks Knight-Dragon! :D

It is funny but for some reason, here at Cambridge, the academic week starts on Thursday :confused: , then three days of work, a free day in the 'middle' of the week (Sunday) and then three more days of work! Very strange!
I read this article a while back in the special Christmas issue. Sure makes those arguments against American cultural "imperialism" look like rubbish. I'm so absolutely sure that in 2000 years people will still watch soap operas, listen to worthless pop music, drink Coca-Cola, and eat at McDonald's. Now, a better 7-week system would be if each day were named after one of the seven deadly sins. Sunday can be slothday.
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