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The Spartans, part 1 (01 Nov 2007)

Look really good dude! By the way, where did you get the helmet for the Spartan Hoplite (and while I'm at it, could you send me it)?

I`ll post some of those props (including those helmets) in order to extend our frontiers in unit-making process. :)
That sounds sweet! That's even better than just the one prop - now we will get access to multiple props. Will this be soon (not trying to be a nag :blush:)?

EDIT: After seeing these units, I feel like an asstart even thinking about releasing my spartan Hoplite. It will suck compared to these works of beauty. :(

EDIT, EDIT: Rob, don't forget to add these to Anno Domini! ;)
Rob, don't forget to add these to Anno Domini! ;)
Of course I'll add them; they'll be great additions!! Thanks a lot; I could probably extend the Spartan advantage in Anno Domini to incorporate a couple of era one bronze age units as well; there's enough units by looks of things.

Thanks a lot!

The only thing I would say is that I bought the helmets from Jon Malis/Daz; is it right that you're offering them for download here?
*Insert clichéd 300 quote*

Nice Spartans. Keep up the good work!
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