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Dec 12, 2006
Athens, Greece
This thread is for people who are interested in being turn players to post their interest here so we can come up with the list of the 5 turn players.

To do that you must be an experienced player with good understanding of the game and to have been involved in multiplayer before (either online, pitboss or PBEM).

We will be playing against the best in this game so we need to use the best players we have here.

I have already PM'ed some people I know are good players and can handle this challenge, but I don't know everyone in civfanatics, so if you think you can handle it please post here.

Also in the course of the game we will possibly need subs, so maybe more than 5 players need to get involved.
I could sub, but haven't played a MP game in over a year so am rather rusty when it comes to details.
Only if needed,because
I have some experience with the game (Emp-Imm) and with MP (just pitboss and PBEM)
but little with team game (I guess can handle it) and absolutely no experience with quick speed.
I'll have to look at the details of the game here, but I am sure I can hold my own as a reserve. I'd be glad to try represent CFC as a turnplayer if we have a problem getting to five players.
We are having an issue with turn players and generally with the team at the momment. Oyzar and Unconquered Sun who were supposed to be turn players quit the game for their own reasons.

So that leaves me....

Raskolnikov and ZPV need to confirm if they are doing it and Donovan thanks for stepping up!

SO whoever thinks he can handle it, we are in search of turn players.

Let me be clear on one thing though, with all the respect to everyone, unless you have played competitive teamers before, you have no idea what you are up for. That does not mean you cannot play as a turn player if you are a good player in general. What it means is that you have to listen and not do your own thing. When I say we tech HBR it means we tech HBR and when I say do not settle that spot it means that you don't settle that spot.

It sounds bad I know, but it is the only way we will have ANY chance in this, and since we will not be comprised of seasoned teamer players, it is the only way we will play as a team.
I am OK to play Indiansmoke! :) (wasn't Rusten in the game as well?)
He prolly didn't see the sub-forum (I didn't before ;))... I am sending him a message...
I must withdraw my offer of being a turn player, because I am not a good player.
(A good civ player is one who can win deity with any leader and map, unless some bad luck twist
happens, right?).
But I will stay here to learn with you.
I must withdraw my offer of being a turn player, because I am not a good player.
(A good civ player is one who can win deity with any leader and map, unless some bad luck twist
happens, right?).
But I will stay here to learn with you.

Winning on deity has nothing to do with it. I don't think any of the multiplayer players can win even on emperor let alone deity. It is a tottaly different game.
I agree, I never play high levels at all on single player, yet had up to a 60% win percentage when I used to be involved in CivPlayers a couple of years ago playing exclusively teamers. This fell to 50% with BTS and subsequent patches because IMHO the changes to the game weakened the advantage for the best players.

That was one of the main reasons I left MP. Spies meant you could no longer simply hide your stacks out of range of their sentries/cultural borders. So overwhelming force was needed to take anything after alphabet. Very often the game became a build fest if no one dies early and no major tech advantage is gained. Collateral from HA on siege made it worse (I know they toned this down in 3.19), Attacks too often resulted in your seige being killed from enemy HA before you could even bombard the city down. Quality of play also declined generally also. I think I will post a list of some the cardinal sins in MP for the turn players.
Players so far


Waiting for confirmation: ZPV, Rusten

Offered to play Donovan

CiverDan says he has experience in teamers...wonder if he is up for play?

Anyone else?
sure I can play if no one else is available. Since it is turn based the fact I haven't played an MP game in over a year should not be that much of an issue (since I can think a lot before I move).
I'd also be interested in being a turn player. I don't rank myself up there with Rusten, oyzar and Usun, but I can usually give the top tier players a run for their money. :) I play Deity / Immortal in single player, and have a reasonable amount of pitboss experience, including some wins. (Also currently in 4 other games, one of which is just wrapping up).

I consider myself a warmonger and an active team player, and I like to compete. This game would be right up my street. :)
great stuuf Munro...

So so far we are


1 spot left..rusten, ZPV & Donovan...please reply if you are interested.

Classical, you canfollow the game and sub if needed? :)
This game is about to start and we are still missing 1 turn player.

Rusten, ZPV, Renata & Donovan have not replied here...please do so if you are up for it.
I'm way out of my depth in this sort of game. I AM good at following instructions, as you mentioned in another thread, but as main turnplayer you'd just be asking for trouble. I also have schedule difficulties. All in all, not the best idea.

Have you PMed Rusten or asked Ras to talk to him? I see him on MSN all the time. ZPV, on the other hand, has been MIA from everywhere for a week or more; I hope he's OK. I don't know Donovan.
I hope ZPV is OK too... I sent a message to Rusten already... but sometimes he takes his time :lol:
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