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The Union Forever (Magical Burst, Kaiserriech)

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Patchy, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Patchy

    Patchy Emperor

    Jul 5, 2012

    The year is 1936, the Great Depression which followed on the heels of the German Empire's victory during the First Weltkreig has wracked the United States for almost two decades now. Led by incompetent presidents, society in America has become divided like never before as divisions are formed between the established political order and new, radical, political alternatives that have risen in the forms of Syndicalism and Huey Long's authoritarian America First Party.

    In September of 1936, with a bitterly fought election coming up while right-wing militias patrolled the Deep South and Syndicalists controlled the streets of Chicago and Detroit, America had come to a turning point. Still, despite talks of postponing or suspending the elections, they were allowed to go ahead. And for a single bright moment, things seemed as if they would turn out just fine when the moderate Charles Curtis was elected to the Presidency.

    It was not to be, however, as tragedy struck not a month into his presidency. President Curtis suffered a heart attack in January, paralyzing him below the neck and leaving him alive but unable of properly leading the nation. Vice President Frank Knox, fearing the continued rise of the Syndicalists within the Midwest, established General MacArthur as the first Chief of Staff of the United States leaving him effectively in control of the Presidency.

    MacArthur's first actions would be to attempt to retake control of regions of the United States that had fallen under
    de facto rule of the Combined Syndicates of America and the America First Party. The clashes between federal forces and the southern and syndicalist militias would become known as the beginning of the Second American Civil War.


    You are playing a magical girl who was either a part of, or has volunteered to join, the 1st Infantry Division, better known as The Big Red One.

    Magical Girls are a well known phenomena within this universe, young girls who are given supernatural powers who fight physical manifestations of humanity's evils. Due to their incredible power, Magical Girls are also commonly seen within the military of various nations, bringing a level of firepower to the battlefield which has only recently begun to be matched and even surpassed by the mechanization of warfare.

    Whatever your reason for joining with the Federalists, your current mission is the evacuation of The Big Red One and the Virginia National Guard west of the Mississippi as you are being quickly enclosed upon the CSA to the north and the AUS to the south.


    Alright, I'm aware that some of you have never played Magical Burst before, so I'll be happy to answer questions on steam or on LHAC Chat.

    We run on a weekend (probably Saturday), regular time for a PatchyAC (3pm PST). Game will likely not start the following weekend due to still being in Colombia, we'll play it by ear.

    Character Sheet
    Spoiler :


    Oblivion Seeds:

    Magic ( ):
    Heart ( ):
    Fury ( ):




    Signature Attack:

    Passive Class Abilities:


    Important Links
    Cheat Sheet (not up to date with player abilities I know, but still useful for general mechanics)
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  2. Patchy

    Patchy Emperor

    Jul 5, 2012
    Reserved for now, free to post.
  3. Dem Taqat

    Dem Taqat Bladespawn

    Nov 1, 2010
    Name: Victoria Valentine
    Specialisation: Tactician
    Age: 16
    Description: A tall young lady with cold blue eyes, a sharp nose, and a seemingly non-existent smile. Her dark raven hair has been cut short, but she still finds occasion to don fine dresses, with a notable fondness for blues. When transformed, she is clad in a white chiton of classical greek style, and her head is adorned with a laurel wreath. With each step she takes water splashes seem to simply appear around her bare feet, and the hair around her laurel is slick with unabsorbed moisture.
    Spoiler For Bio :
    Victoria's story begins in the UK, where she was born to a comfortable middle class family in London. However, when faced with the revolutionary movement that would establish the UoB, the family chose to leave the country for safer pastures in America, setting themselves up in New York, where Victoria's father began working as a banker. Victoria was admitted to a series of local schools as she grew up, enjoying a classical education, and mingling with children off the social elite. Even the great depression was not enough to truly dampen the family's newfound fortune, but these idyllic times would not last forever.

    Victoria protested when her parents took the decision to leave New York, but they were more concerned about the rapid growth of socialist unrest, so similar to what they had seen in the old world over a decade before. However, they were not the only ones concerned, and upon arriving at the Canadian border they found it already in the process of being closed to immigration from the south. Her parents attempts to reassure the local border guards of their British origins only furthered their suspicion, and ultimately Victoria's family was forced to turn back south.

    By this time, open fighting had developed across the region, and the various component groups of the CSA had began establishing their control. In some areas, this process was marked with bloodletting and purges, and the Valentine family was well-off enough to be marked by enthusiastic revolutionaries as 'Enemies of the People.' Caught up in such unpleasantness, Victoria witnessed both her parents shot, and would have met a similar end if not for the intervention of a Tsukiama. Eagerly taking up the creature's offer of the necessary power to survive, Victoria used her newfound abilities to turn the waters of a nearby river against her pursuers.

    With the significantly enhanced mobility her element proceeded, Victoria made rapid progress through the CSA-occupied areas of the country, and arrived behind the hastily arranged federal front-line. She was picked up by Felicity Fate, a member of MacArthur's staff with a soft spot for children. Having just finished overseeing the removal of a number of important technical documents from an evacuated military facility on the east coast, Felicity was ensuring that several of the AI more gung ho commanders were following MacArthur's withdrawal plans. Despite several of them protesting that the 'disorganised and unprepared' rebellion could be crushed 'with one swift stroke', Felicity continued her successful rounds, ultimately arriving at the Big Red One.

    Here Victoria encountered a number of other Magical Girls, and was given the opportunity to join the fight against the CSA directly. Still internally seething a the loss of her parents, she was quick to accept, and in between meetings Felicity helped her get settled in. She found a particularly helpful companion in a younger magical girl named Chloe Chase, who had been in the military since before the outbreak of war. Chloe found the effect Victoria had on the young male soldiers particularly amusing, and has taken to giggling quietly beside her whenever she has to run errands.

    Element: Water
    Weapon: Trident

    Tier: 1
    XP: 0
    Luck: 2
    Resolve: 18

    Physical: 4
    Finesse: 6
    Social: 6
    Magic (Support): 7
    Heart (Attack): 7
    Fury (Defend): 4

    Power: Perfect Reading - Victoria is able to read any writing she can see almost instantly, regardless of language or scale.

    Healing Light - Victoria makes use of the restorative properties of her element to assist recovering allies.
    Arcane Analysis - Victoria's enhanced information intake allows quick but accurate judgements of the battlefield.

    Major: Proper Upbringing
    Major: Attracting Admiration
    Minor: Performative Art
    Minor: Number Crunching

    Signature Attack: Hailstorm - Victoria unleashes an icy storm of frozen water droplets at her opponents. (Grand Barrage)
    Signature Attack: Waters of Life (Will of the Protector)

    The Valentines: Broken Link 2 - Victoria's dead parents hold huge importance to her.
    Felicity Fate: Mentor 2 - A member of MacArthur's staff who looked after Victoria immediately after her escape from the CSA.
    Chloe Close: Friend 1 - A young magical girl who loves to laugh at Victoria's admirers.
    Admiring Soldiery: Friend 1 - An array of impressionable young soldiers in equal parts awestruck, adoring and intimidated by Victoria's impeccable poise and stern expression. When capable of intelligible speech they are extremely helpful, and their attention is a welcome boost to Victoria's self esteem.

    Spoiler For NPCs :
    Felicity Fate: A determined, intelligent blonde woman in her mid-twenties, Felicity is a member of MacArthur's staff. In wartime, manpower shortages have left her gender overlooked, and few who take issue with it last long against her steely gaze. Entrusted with several important tasks in the early stages of the war, Felicity is something of a role model for Victoria, and betrays something of a soft spot for children wherever she goes.
    Chloe Close: A merry girl with red hair and an abundance of freckles, Chloe is several years younger than Victoria. Born to a family with a history of military service, she has been a magical girl since before the civil war broke out, and is used to both military protocol and fighting the occasional youma.

    Spoiler For Effects Rules and Class Abilities :
    Healing Light: (Normal Action, 2/Battle, 1 Overcharge)
    Restore 1d6+2 Resolve to an ally of your choice. A Magical Girl may only benefit from one use of Healing Light per round.

    Arcane Analysis:
    Primary: (Free Action, 1/Battle)
    Activate this ability to analyze all enemies on the battlefield. Treat this as the Read an Enemy action: roll once, choose what effects you wish and then apply them to every enemy in the current battle.
    Secondary: (Passive)
    Whenever you perform the Read an Enemy action (including via the above primary ability), you may choose an additional option. This applies even if you fail the challenge.

    Special Attacks:

    Grand Barrage: Your attack acts as a special, unclashable Multiple Target Attack, with none of the penalties normally applied. Alternately, you may focus your fire on one target, resulting in an attack that is very difficult to defend against with anything but raw power. Make a single unclashable attack with a +4 bonus to damage. Your target may not use Reactions on the Defense challenge against this attack, though they may use Reactions after the attack has succeeded and dealt damage (or failed.)

    Will of the Protector: Activating this Signature Attack puts Overcharge on Support instead of Attack. Will of the Protector allows you to Revive another Magical Girl. The Physical challenge is automatically passed, you roll the Support challenge and take the Overcharge for them, and they revive with 3 additional Resolve. Alternately, you may cast your protective energy over all of your allies and yourself, which restores 4 Resolve to each ally, as well as grants them a +2 bonus on their next Defense challenge.

    Passive Class Abilities:
    Arcane Mastery - You gain a +1 bonus to all Support challenges.
    Flexibility - You gain a second Signature Attack. However, you may only use one out of your two Signature Attacks per battle. If you buy a third Signature Attack with XP, you will then be able to use two out of your three Signature Attacks per battle.
    Integrity Scan - Once per battle you may learn whether your enemy is Uninjured (full Resolve), mildly injured (over 2/3rds Resolve remaining), injured (between 2/3rds and 1/3rd Resolve remaining), or badly injured (less than 1/3rd Resolve remaining.) In addition, if the enemy is a Youma, you also learn whether they are above or below one half of their maximum Power Points. You may use this ability more than once per battle by spending 1 Overcharge. This is a Free Action.

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  4. Kinich-Ahau

    Kinich-Ahau #JustGoomyThings

    Jul 3, 2010
    The Church
    CodeName: Ultra-Leo Beautiful Chastity
    BirthName: Chastity Zedigheid
    Specialization: Guardian
    Age: 12
    Description: Short for her age, she has chin-length red-brown hair, dull grey eyes, & pale skin. When she transforms, her hair styles itself into 4 elbow-length tornado tails & 3 knee-length queued ponytails; her hair color changes to shining silver with streaks of emerald, her eyes turn neon blue & her skin takes on a Mediterranean color & complexion. Magical Girl outfit is a form-fitting bright purple skirt with dozens of ribbons that curl around her limbs. Card suit makeup spontaneously forms on her cheeks during the transformation; which suit it is is random each time.

    Magical Girl transformation involves cannons shooting multicolored paint from nowhere & loud fireworks. Cards swarm around Chastity, then explode to reveal her outfit.
    Spoiler Bio :
    Chastity’s father was a gambler & a drunkard who abandoned her mother when he found out she was pregnant, & her mother died in childbirth; left to rot in an orphanage, she might have ended up staying there, but for the mobster Rüdiger Rapp. Rapp was a low-ranking member of the Kosher Nostra who ran a circus as a front for criminal activities, and he was looking for young, impressionable individuals to replace a number of clowns & acrobats lost in a recent shootout. Chastity was but one of a score of children that the mobster & two of his cronies ‘adopted’ from the orphanage.

    The kids were raised mostly by the performers, with the mobsters showing up here and there when they needed someone to perform a job only a child could do. One of the clowns, Penny Hoedemaekers, bore more than a passing resemblance to Chastity, so the young girl latched onto her as a surrogate mother. Penny took pity on the child and played along.

    Little did anyone know, however, that Penny Hoedemaekers was actually a magical girl- Amazing Brains Penny. Able to sense the fears of those around her & empowered by the element of illusion, Amazing Brains Penny was only with the Kosher Nostra because she was investigating rumors that they were consorting with Youma, and a circus clown was a convenient cover. The Youma found out about Penny’s investigation, though, and decided to try and take her down during a show.

    Halfway through Penny’s act, Macabrachnid, the void light Youma who was consorting with the Kosher Nostra, tore through the tent and attacked her. Penny was forced to transform to protect everyone in the tent. The battle was epic & flashy (indeed, most of the crowd though it was all pre-planned and part of the act), but Macabrachnid eventually triumphed, and celebrated by feeding on the crowd & other performers (most of the people in the ‘it’s part of the act’ club got kicked in the balls by reality at this point and fled for their lives). Penny’s tsukaima, Tlahtlacoacoatl, which resembled a rainbow-feathered peacock with the head & neck of an iridescent-scaled Caspian Cobra & diamond dragonfly wings, rushed over to Chastity. Macabrachnid needed killing now, & Tlahtlacoacoatl did think he had time to find a truly worthy bearer of his power. Chastity was the only human there he was even passably familiar with, so Chastity would have to be the one to bear his power.

    Macabrachnid, weakened from the fight and not expecting a new magical girl to ascend behind him as he was eating, proved no match for Chastity, who nearly killed him with a surprise attack. The Youma was only able to get a single hit in before being slain. Because the bond between Chastity & Tlahtlacoacoatl was so hastily make, it was very weak & unstable, and Tlahtlacoacoatl had to use the power of Macabrachnid’s Oblivion Seed to strengthen & stabilize it, lest the bond shatter & kill Chastity.

    The destruction of the circus drew a lot of attention from local investigators; the links between the circus & the Kosher Nostra were soon discovered, and the Feds took over the investigation. Before long, Rüdiger Rapp, his underlings, & his immediate superiors were located, arrested, & their assets seized. The performers were held until they could be cleared of any deeper connections to the Kosher Nostra, Chastity included.

    Her status as a magical girl was soon discovered, and from there she was sent straight to the military & placed in the care of Lt. Commander Philetus McClelland. He tasked his son with bonding her to the Big Red One, and starting teaching her the Art of War. She’s been with the US military ever since, and is ready to take the fight to the fascists & the reds.

    Element: Electricity; the color of any bolts, effects, or other electrical things she produces & leave behind always matches the color of the paint on her brush
    Weapons: Giant Paintbrush

    Tier: 1
    Oblivion Seeds: 0
    XP: 0
    Luck: 2
    Resolve: 20

    Physical: 3
    Finesse: 7
    Social: 6
    Magic 8: 2 overcharge
    Heart 7: 3 overcharge
    Fury 3:

    Power: Portrait Projection: Can enter paintings, photos, or drawings, and interact with the contents of the painting, photo, or drawing. Paintings, photos, or drawings she enters change to incorporate her appearance as long as she is in them, and if her actions within the portrait, photo, or drawing would significantly change the contents of such then those changes are reflected when she leaves (Ex, kissing the Mona Lisa on the cheek would not change anything about the painting when she left, but stripping her naked & messing up her hair would). If changes to the painting, photo, or drawing while she is in them would have an effect on her, then those changes persist for 1d4 days, or 2d6 for extreme changes; she cannot die due to changes to paintings, photos, or drawings while she in is them (ex, an artist erasing & redrawing her face to be cuter might last 3 days; the artist erasing but not redrawing her face could last 10, and she would not suffocate or starve to death in that time even though she had no nose or mouth)
    • Regeneration
      • Primary: (Passive) At the start of each turn you regain one point of Resolve.
      • Secondary: (Free Action, 1/Battle) Activate this ability when an enemy rolls damage against you. The enemy must roll an extra 1d6 and drop the highest die. This may be performed after seeing the damage roll.
    • Rapid Counter (Reaction, 1/Battle)
      • Activate this ability to perform a special Clash that does not count as your one Clash for the battle. You may perform this Clash even after Defense has been rolled your Attack roll replaces the Defense roll, then resolve the challenge as if you had Clashed normally. If successful, you only deal half final damage (round down).

    • Major
      • Sublime Artistic Virtuoso
      • Absolute Gymnastic Contortionist
    • Minor
      • Marvelous Empathetic Kisser
      • Obsessed Tactical Guardian

    Signature Attack: Gorgeous Muse Sculpture- The paint on the end of Chastity's Paintbrush cycles through all primary colors until the attack completes; bolts of lighting shoot out from the tip of the Paintbrush & the tips of Chastity's ponytails, painting the target into a beautiful work of art for all to gaze upon (Arcane Prison)

    Passive Class Abilities:
    • Tenacity: You gain a +2 bonus to your Base Resolve.
    • Resistance: You gain a +1 bonus to all Resist challenges.
    • Indomitable: Your passive defense is Defense+6 instead of Defense+4
    Spoiler Relationships :

    • George Abraham McClelland (Ally 2)
      • The son of Lt. Commander Philetus McClelland, George is a craven who disappointed his father by never enjoying the grueling physical training his father put him through since toddlerhood, and dissapointed him even more when he became obsessed with Japanese culture & began demanding people call him Jōji Rinkān. He spent the rest of his spare time following artistic pursuits, especially manga; ironically enough, this made him the best man his father had when he needed someone to begin bonding Iethya to the Big Red One. George is a somewhat competent fighter & the Bandmaster of the Big Red One. Occasionally fantasizes about convincing Chastity to enter an erotic drawing.
    • Lt. Commander Philetus McClelland (Mentor 3)
      • Chastity's commanding officer, Lt. Commander McClelland was her magical training overseer & in charge of bonding her to the Big Red One. He taught her everything she knows about combat, warfare, & logistics. Is slightly disappointed that she, unlike him, wants her life to be about more than battle & bloodshed. His signature weapon is a custom-modded grenade launcher, which he refers to as 'Mistress McClelland.' He sleeps with his grenade launcher, and has not spoken to his wife in nearly 5 years.
    • 1 relationship point remaining
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  5. Red_Spy

    Red_Spy Surprised

    Jan 13, 2011
    Name: Lucille "Lucy" Adams
    Specialization: Guardian
    Age: 15
    Description: Average height and stocky. Her black, braided hair is hidden underneath a cap she likes to wear. Dark skin and deep brown eyes. When in magical girl mode her hair goes white and she wears a white and brown robe that increasingly becomes bloodstained as she uses her magic.
    Bio: To be done

    Element: Blood
    Weapons: Her Fists
    Power: Prophetic Messages - Lucy can enter an ecstatic state and have visions of possible futures.

    Tier: 1
    XP: 0
    Luck: 2
    Resolve: 20

    • Physical: 6
    • Finesse: 5
    • Social: 5
    • Magic (Support): 4 []
    • Heart (Defense): 8 []
    • Fury (Attack): 6 [3]

    • Strength From Adversity
    • I Shall Never Fall

    • Major: Familial Love
    • Major: Hiding in Plain Sight
    • Minor: Mechanic's Assistant
    • Minor: Strong-Willed

    Signature Attack: Prophesied Punch! (Masterful Strike): Lucy has a vision, a vision of her overcoming her enemy. Filled with resolve, she strikes.

    • Adams Family (Mentors 3): The members of Lucy's family. Includes her father Jonathan, a mechanic, her mother Abigail, a hairdresser, her older brother, Scott, and the two boisterous ten-year old twins, Quincy and Charles.
    • Lieutenant Commander Philetus McClelland (Ally 1): Lucy's commander, detailed in Kinich's post.
    • Chloe Close (Ally 1)

    Spoiler Effects and Game Rules: :

    Passive Class Abilities:
    • Tenacity: You gain a +2 bonus to your Base Resolve.
    • Resistance: You gain a +1 bonus to all Resist challenges.
    • Indomitable: Your passive defense is Defense+6 instead of Defense+4.
    Master Strike:
    Your attack is very accurate, allowing it to hit enemies that might normally be able to evade your attacks. This attack gains a +3 bonus to hit, and inflicts an additional 1d6 damage.

    Strength From Adversity:
    Primary: (Reaction, 1/Battle) Activate this ability as a reaction to any ability or attack that reduces you to 0 Resolve. Make a Normal Attack on any target of your choice.
    Secondary: (Passive) You gain a +1 bonus to hit and damage while at or under one third of your maximum resolve (round up).

    I Shall Never Fall:
    Primary: (Free Action, 1/Battle) Activate this ability upon being reduced to 0 Resolve. You do not revert to normal form until the end of your next turn. Anything that would recover Resolve does not function while you are in this state, including Revive.
    Secondary: (Free Action, 1/Battle) Activate this ability when you make a Defense or Support challenge. Ignore all penalties to that challenge and gain a +2 bonus to it.
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  6. Patchy

    Patchy Emperor

    Jul 5, 2012
    Wifi is down for home renovations, and I'm nearing the datacap on my phone, so I won't be able to run a mission tomorrow. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  7. Celticfury

    Celticfury King

    Jan 8, 2009
    Syracuse, New York
    Name: Abigail Delacroix
    Specialization: Striker
    Age: 16
    Description: Abigail is a tall, lean girl with sharp, green eyes. Her auburn hair is kept in a tight ponytail. When transformed, she wears a hooded, brown and green cloak adorned with pouches and scattered pieces of armor, with a bandana covering her face.
    Bio: Short version; raised in extremely conservative Southern household. Enjoyed hunting as an escape from her strict upbringing. Becomes a magical girl after another girl (Charity) saves her. Develops a close friendship, and later romantic relationship, with Charity. Family finds out, and disowns her. Abigail and Charity leave for St Louis. After the Second American Civil War erupts, they both enlist at Chastity’s urging.

    Element: Light
    Weapons: Bow and Arrows

    Tier: 1
    Oblivion Seeds: 0
    XP: 0
    Luck: 2
    Resolve: 18

    Physical: 6
    Finesse: 7
    Social: 3
    Heart (Defense): 6
    Magic (Support): 4
    Fury (Attack): 8

    Power: Resourceful Purse - You have a purse (or other container), and by reaching into it you can retrieve just about any object imaginable. Objects you create will fade away after a while, though.

    -Impact: (Free Action, 1 Overcharge [Attack]) Activate this ability while rolling damage on a Magical Attack. Increase the attack’s damage by 1, and roll an extra 1d6 and drop the lowest die. This may be performed after seeing the damage roll.
    -Lightning Strike: (Free Action, 1/Battle) Make a Normal Attack or a Multiple Target Attack with a +1 bonus to hit and damage. You may not use this effect if you have already attacked or Clashed this round, and if you use this effect you may not attack or Clash for the rest of the round.

    Major: Backwoods Hunter
    Major: Nimble Footwork
    Minor: Steady Hands
    Minor: Religious Upbringing

    Signature Attack: Guiding Bolt - Abigail unleashes a beam of light that soars through the air at her target, searing them with its intensity.
    -Final Impact: Your attack is especially potent, and inflicts an additional 1d6+3 damage

    Passive Class Abilities:
    -Enhanced Offense: +1 damage with Magical Attacks.
    -Overwhelm: When rolling overcharge dice on any attack roll, may reroll any 1s once, but must take the second roll.

    -Charity Williams (Romantic 3): The dark skinned, curly haired magical girl who first recruited Abigail. She is an optimistic and eager young woman, and sees it as her duty to protect people. She operated independently before recently joining the military.
    -Anthony Williams (Friend 1): Charity’s older brother. He is an enlisted soldier in the United States Army. A skeptical, cautious man, who is very protective of his sister.
    -The Delacroix family (Broken Link 2): Abigail’s mother, Patience; father, Remy; younger sister, Patricia. They have disowned Abigail, who still feels somewhat conflicted about what has transpired.
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