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The World after Time

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Demo Game IV: RPG' started by Vandal Warlord, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Vandal Warlord

    Vandal Warlord Nazgûl

    Mar 3, 2008
    Philadelphia, PA
    2090 AD-
    Arete, Arete,
    End of the Journal of Teunoc.
    It has been decades since the nation of Arete conquered the world. But, I feel compelled to tell its story. My Great-Great- Grandfather was named Teunoc "Vandal" the Rebel, the Burning, and even the Great to his loyal soldiers. He rebeled countless times, and even caused two civil wars. He was a king, rebublican, and rebel. But, twords the end of his life, he was aknowledged as a hero to many. He died Ten years after the Areteans were proclaimed the rulers of the world, dieing in his sleep to his distaste. He always said he would go down in battle, my grandfather said. It was my great- grandfather who inherited his throne. He was proclaimed the King of Spain, and Gallow, as governor in exile. His name was Cedric the Sly after becoming a spy in the military, a great one at that. But, He too did not live long enough to see my bith, as he died one year exacly before I was born. Then, came my grandmother, Hatshepsut II of Spain, the princess of Spain. She was very wise, but lived untill I was Thirteen when she passed.
    Finally came my father Teunoc II of Spain, Gallow, and Babylonia. He was considered royalty, but held no true power, untill he became the President of Arete. I am the next in line to the throne, Teunoc III of all of those royalties, save the presidency. I am considered the last of the House of Vandal, although my family lives on. This is due to the countless outer-marriges made. Many people tell me I am just like my fathers before me.

    I hope that is so.

    Teunoc III of Spain, Gallow, and Babylonia died ten years later after an assassination as he was at a rally for his presidency. The most current member of the Teunoc Family is Cedric II, Teunoc III's grandson.

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