Theater of War

I. Larkin

Feb 21, 2003
I am in favor to continue from the situation as it is.

Unfortunately the topic of not knowing how to create war without striking a blow

What do you mean here?


Jun 25, 2007
Well, I really liked the map, I liked the team concept, I liked the challenge of "optimizing very limited resources and trying to press the most out of them". And also muzbang and myself put a lot of effort into the initial planning, civ choices, etc.

It promised to become a very interesting game, but for some reason it failed. I guess it was several factors, the generally slow speed, the fact that this game was designed from the start for early aggression, but didn't have enough clear rules about what is fair and not fair in these aggressions, the animosity that this created, and also the problems with not being able to find a proper substitute for China for months.

I have not much hope that these problems can be overcome, so I must agree: this game is dead. I feel very sorry for Eclipse, who had invested much thought and effort into the map and this concept. However, look at it this way: this game was the one that gave birth to the idea of organizing an intersite democracy game, most players of ToW are now playing in one of the two Civfanatics teams (and are hopefully having a blast playing...), so it served a good purpose! :goodjob:


Dec 19, 2006
Ohio (-5 GMT)
Hello everyone, Thank you for the kind works. At some point I played StarCraft/Broadwar every night online, its a RTS with a huge following 24/7
The online community played original and custom maps, the most popular was sickening popular. 8 players equal in a full square, ground or air either required a choice of research that committed you one way or the other. If ground you had to exit your gate zone and enter his. It was a gruesome show of either being aggressive of defensive. If you secured your gate air crossed unhampered, hopefully by then you have accounted for air defense or your area is consumed and they now have lifted their starting area cap and added the balance of resources that player had, but it is more area to defend and a reserved player might have just waited for this long enough to capitalize on this.

Below is an Idea
Spoiler :
I Love the core of this game, and the community, from time to time I like to expand an idea. Currently its heated, short and re playable, here is current project.
The idea is for 2 players meet up online at the same time for an hour, or play by pbem. You get a team of units, each unit compliments the other.

You start as whom ever you wish but it is just your image. you can start where ever you like but has to be set up for you or the host can do it. The AIs are building a few kinds of Conscript units they are assigned and using a new tech tree designed to produce a multitude of new wonders. These Wonders are described in the link above.

The point I'm trying to convey is, I need a community to help me develop the ideas that will form a scenario that inspires you to look at a single turn, not what you have, but what is happening all over the map you choose. On the first turn the AIs begin either building a unit or a wonder, if a wonder, you are told of this just like you normally do when a AI starts one, only these wonders have very bad names that sounds like you need to prevent them from being built. Any cities' shield production will speed or give you an idea of how fast it will be built and this is happening in every city on the map.
You and the other player have to decide how, when, and where, and in what order to save the planet. Your team of units will be able to move absurd distances, load/unload in various transports, carriers and air transports that will challenge you in movement management and multiple siege types. Your gold and Embassies will aid you to make well informed tactical decisions. You have a good bit of health, battlefield medicine(used wisely) and you have "blitz", this allows you to shoot and move as you please. 2 games would never be the same based on the many options each City/Civilization would have on the first turn or any of the following 6 turns.

If Some where in those 6 turns an AI completes a major wonder, it will have accumulated enough VP to win the scenario(in this case they have destroyed most of the worlds population or cause 100% corruption), or begins working on a puzzle style wonder set that together equals the VP cap, not to mention a few less desirable units for city defense. A select few cities will be allowed to train a few trade able workers that can build a mine in 1 turn after it arrives on the spot further deepening the concept of time in turns. Imagine that the transport, the Carrier, the jet, the Helo all play roles beyond their primary role of transporting but are less effective and if lost could jeopardize your mission.

I need a good measure of help considering costs of types of wonders, what civilizations will have unique to them and ideas of how to manipulate the AI based on gold, Luxuries, land type or coastal etc. ImagiNATIONS.
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