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Theory of Evolution and Tech advance


Jul 18, 2005
So I was playing on Regent (standard map) the other day and trying to time the construction of TOE with the modern age. The computer got in the way and I had to finish up early. I had just gotten electronics and figured I'd let the wonder get mobile warfare and radio for me. However, I only got one advance. It would not grant me the advance I was researching and one advance could not lead to another advance. Even if there was no scientific advancement in my taxes could I change this.

Has this never happened to anyone? I didn't see any mention of this in any of the FAQs or in the wonders description. I have version 1.07f (yeah, I came here for the update and thought I'd see about this). Patches wouldn't address this I'm pretty sure. And hypothetically... if I had still been researching electronics or something it seems likely I would have gotten no advances from this wonder.

Let me know
Never been an issue for me, I've never played that far into a game and not had the AI build it. I usually rush ToE asap to slingshot Atomic Theory and Electronics so I can get a huge lead on the Hoover Dam.
Your post confuses me a little. Can you be more clear?

ToE give you whichever tech you are currently researching (i.e. the tech selected as your current research project) plus the next tech that you choose upon 'discovering' the first tech. In order to take full advantage of ToE, you need to complete research of a tech on the same turn that you complete ToE. In that case, you will get the tech you were researching before ToE is complete, then you will get the next two of your choice from available techs. If you are unable to time completion of a tech with completion of ToE, then running 0% science for a few turns will yield similar results.
Sounds like you had not gotten Electronics, but still needed some beakers. In that case the wonder completed the beakers and you got Elec and then got the one pick.

So you got two techs from the wonder, but one you would have gotten soon anyway. You always want to keep and eye out for the completion. If you are close, run a few scientist to close the gap.

As soon as I start the wonder or switch a prebuild to it, I see how long it will take. If I have already set up the city, then that is the final count. If not I mine any additional tiles and then see where I stand.

If I have 8 turns, I look to see where I am on my current project. If it will be done 8 or less turns, no issues. If not I see if I can change it to fit, if not I will either swithc projects or shut off research.
Correct me if I'm wrong,I haven't played the vanilla version for several
years,but I do remember something weird about the ToE in that unpatched
civ3 version.
First,you won't get the tech you are currently researching.
Second,you will only get first tier techs which are available
in the tech tree.Because there are mainly 2 research paths
in the Industrial Era is hard to get the 2 free techs.
Third,you only get free techs from the same era,in your case
the Industrial era.
Guess you only needed Radio and MotorTrans.You were currently
researching Radio and MotorTrans was the only free tech left,
so no Radio,but you only did get MotorTrans.
Example :
Currently reseaching Atomic Theory and the lack of Steel and
Refining,but the Corporation is already in.
Finishing the ToE will give you Steel and Refining.
The free techs must be direct available and not the one you are
currently reseaching.

Man who can remember the unpatched version of CivIII, that was three years ago. I do have a vague recollection of the ToE not being quite right. Maybe some of the vanilla players will have the answer.

Just for the record, always get the patch for any game.
Okay, looks to be that you are right Tatran. An unpatched version of Civ3 does not allow the ToE to grant you the technology that you are researching. And since both Radio and Motorized Transport are needed to research Advanced Flight, ToE couldn't grant me Adv Flight either.

In theory then, it would be possible to nullify ToE and its benefit. If I had researched all the technology except the Atomic Theory... like if I was in the middle of researching Atomic Theory at the time ToE was built, there would be no automatic free technological advances. Interesting glitch.

I do wish they had said something about it in the wonder guide here.
True, vmxa... I've just been spoiled by console games and the pop 'n' play usability that they have. Never occured to me until I got fed up with a couple quirks in the game... and this would be a case in point.
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