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Things I'd like to see


Jul 23, 2011
I skimmed through the list of modpaks. Yes, I looked, but, not finding what I was looking for, decided to ask here.

1. Is there a sword/sorcery Civ 5 mod like Kael's for Civ 4? This would be number one on my list. I even went so far as to entertain buying "Warlock".

2. Is there a scifi mod? Something like Alpha Centauri would be fine, but I'd even settle for something like the spaceship mod "Final Frontier" in Civ 4.

3. Why aren't there more mods like these? They all seem to be peoples' "corrections" on how Civ 5 "should be", or the occasional "scenario". They all seem to lack much "flavor of ingenuity".

4. Will the expac have random events? Has someone made a mod for random events? Why are there no random events?

Should I just buy Warlock and shut up, and forget the Civ 5 expac?

Added suggestions: How about a "Dune" mod? Star Wars? Fly off the handle and make "Shadowrun"? Do these things already exist somewhere?
1) this, but it's still under construction.
Or maybe this (not sure if compatible to the latest patch; link is in the second post)

2) Take a look at maybe this here. Should have an extended future era.

3) modding is currently a bit limited, and not much art is available, due to the lack of artists, that's why :/.

4) AFAIK such a mod is somewhere, but not sure where. One of the bigger mods also has something like that incorporated, but not sure if it was VEM or not.
Is there an awesome AI improvement mod that isn't bundled with VEM/CivUP?
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