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Apr 4, 2018
I've just got a free trial of photoshop, and I've had a go at messing around with Sukritact's Civ Icon Template. Here are some of my attempts for anyone to use:

Early Rome, Huastecs (Mesoamerican Culture), Alodia (Upper Nile Christian Kingdom)

Champassak (Lao Kingdom), Dali (South Chinese Kingdom), Sutiya (Assamese Kingdom)
Balhae (Korean Kingdom), Qara Khitai (Central Asian Khanate), Gwich'in (Alaskan First Nation), Itelmens (Siberian People)
Qarmartians (Arabian Religious State), Gowa (Indonesian Sultanate), Enets (Siberian Tribe)

More icons and alphas are of course always available upon request.
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