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This is a stupid stupid game


Feb 3, 2002
Freaking ai gets wonders constantly 2 turns from when you are about to get them, coal runs out after laying out a few tracks of railroad, Egyptians make me mad, I just try to kill them on first site, stupid Germany needs to get a life.........

Game I got going (Trying Monarch level, again) layed out about 20 sqares of railroad. Dang one source of coal I had rang out. So, I payed through the nose to get coal from the stupid French, they ripped me off for it of course. But, hey .. cool, I'm laying down railroad again. Freaking iron runs out (for the second time, ran out before when I was making studly swordsman and such). So, my two iron sources are gone. So, once again, pay through the nose for iron .. I'm making railroad again. Then .. then.. the coal source I had is gone because.. because .. France goes to war with me!

The frustration!

Should of just killed them all to begin with.

I hate this game! I love this game. I hate this game!

Never playing it again.....

Ya right

Sorry, frustrated.

I'm just going to kill civs for now on, might as well ...
Incredibelly stupid game, I agree completely.

And now excuse me while I get back to it. I need to supply the Indians with money and technology so they can fight my proxy war with the Chinese. I really wish I could sell them some hardware, they're gonna get creamed out there. :mad:
If you can give your ally replacable parts and a supply of rubber, they'll hold out for a while.
That is exactly what I did! I sold them rubber at a 1/3rd of what they were offering, and gave them replaceable parts. The Chinese sacked their iron supply so I'm giving them that for free now. I also gave them a 1000 gold which they spent very wisely: allies. They bought the Greeks, who had a MPP with the Egyptians, who bought the Romans the Babylonians.

Of course, China is more powerful than all those nations combined, but it does mean the end of world trade for them and open up hefty new markets for me. China just dipped into Anarchy! I love this game :D
My coal doesn't run out because I fixed that problem in the Editor. I suggest you do the same.

I'll bet Civ III doesn't have one tenth the "legs" of Civ II.

As for Wonders. . . you may have noticed that all too often as soon as YOU reach a new tech advance ANOTHER civ starts building the Wonder associated with that advance! Just another stinking AI cheat.
as for the wonders: yesterday I saw the Indians pick a fight intentionally with the Egyptians to get a leader to get Hoover Dam. Luckily the suckers had a ROP with me and I blocked it from reaching Dehli (next town). He would have finished the damn Dam (or is it dam Damn:crazyeyes: ;) ) one turn before I finished it. Strangely, both parties are on a good footing since their peacetreaty the naxt turn...... Did egypt "want" india to get the DAMN DAMN DAM(N)???????
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