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This Is Ridiculous, The Map Needs to Auto-Update (Also, DLC is Great So Far!)


Jan 3, 2021

Stuff like this has always been an issue but this example, from my current game, is really ridiculous. I understand not having the parts of the map in the fog of war reflect new cities and so on but I really shouldn't have to move an unit over to this city to "fix" the map and get rid of something that obviously and plainly isn't true anymore.

And, as the title said, so far I'm loving the new DLC! The new events are great but haven't really gotten that far in the game I've started. Only obviously "bad" thing I've seen so far is using a vizier since losing the ability to control production in all of your cities seems way too far of a downside for what you get from having one but I haven't really looked that hard into them either. Wouldn't be surprised if I'm missing something obvious. Either way, its great to see this wonderful game to get another great DLC.
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