thoughts 2wks in


Dec 24, 2005
* it's a more competitive game, because everyone tries to win. that's a good thing. the downside of that is that the diplomacy is pretty dull. the UN is pretty pointless now. diplomacy is worth working on for future upgrades.
* nukes are pretty weak, and the range is short.
* i only just realised you can have more than one policy at once - what a dunce.
* it's more well balanced in the way that you can't spam cities without unhappiness or units without prohibitive unit costs. this is a good thing. you have to progress at the games pace.
* the economic aspects are weak or well balanced depending on your approach to what the game should be. it stops you running away with things like you could on 4 when you were in the end game with a super merchant city. i'd like there to be more strategic ways of managing trade routes.
* happiness is massively important, this makes settling near luxuries more important than settling near food. the food tiles are a bit broken. but happiness stops you running away with the game early.
* city states are interesting, i've not played on a big enough map for there to be loads and loads, at the moment they seem to be something you ignore until you want their resources in which case you just invade and take the city. it would be good if you could get influence through trading or gifting spare resources.
* the tech tree is a bit dull in that you can't trade techs and the tree is quite linear.

* it's a much better game than at first viewing, largely because all the exploits have been closed. it tends to stay competitive until the end if you're playing at your level.
* it feels like a new platform rather than a complete game. you can either feel aggrieved at this because they've stiffed you of 50dollars and you know they'll take another x2 50s off us over the next two years, or you can look forward to the potential. i suppose it depends on what's possible from the new game engine. i hope it's not just new units etc.

in summary, mixed feelings at the moment but we have to trust Sid, he's never let us down yet.
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