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three am philosophical insights

Discussion in 'Humor & Jokes' started by Hamilton321, Oct 20, 2019.

  1. Hamilton321

    Hamilton321 Warlord

    Jul 15, 2016
    In orbit of Io
    Welcome to Hamilton321's three am philosophical insights, the weirdest humor around:

    What nineteenth century people think when they see hot spring: what if we do our laundry and cooking in it?
    boomers: what if we preserve it for future generations?
    Asians: what if we wear masks so that we do not inhale the fumes?
    Zers: what if we yeet our hats into it?

    There is no place on earth that is completely representative of the cultural and political divide between east and west: I show him map of Korean peninsula.

    Civilization IV AI; we outnumber the enemy, but what if we split our SOD into multiple small SODs? That way we can be defeated in detail.

    Victoria II when China westernizes:
    "You want me, you got me!"
    Britain: "what does the great powers tab say about his industrial power level?"
    Great powers tab: "Its over 9000!!!"
    "Nani?! there's no way that can be right. Cannnittt!"
    Westernized China: "I think its right, after all I was trained in the art of massive population combined with factory spam."

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