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Tides of Crimson (FANTASY MOD)


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Oct 13, 2010

Tides of Crimson Version 2.92 Patch has been released! (September 24, 2022)
When compared to Version 2.00, the 2.92 patch improves the AI significantly, adds another race, rebalances Krogs and Great Dragons, fixes a game crash issue, and includes other important updates (download link below)

Complete change log is in the post below.

Fantasy Mod

Current Version: 2.92
:trophy:Previous Winner - Mod of the Year


Tides of Crimson is a full-conversion fantasy Mod with many gameplay changes. Alterations have been made to create diversity among civilizations and improve AI mechanics.

Thanks to the Civ Fanatics community for all the contributions in graphics, utilities, and gameplay analysis. Without you this mod never comes into existence. =D


- Revamped Fantasy Interface
- 26 Unique races with separate unit lines (more races coming in future releases)
- Overhauled AI for offensive bombardment, more usage of sea units, etc.
- Fixed Submarine Bug and Stealth attack bug (thanks Flintlock!)
- All new buildings/wonders
- Magic Spells
- Elemental system
- New 4 era fantasy-based tech tree
- Governments Replaced by Spheres (i.e. Sphere of Water, Earth, Life, Fire)
- Space Race replaced by collection of items for the Ultima Spell, with new victory movie
- Completely integrated and linked Civilopedia
- 64+ different resources
- Color/icon-coded City build list and Tech Tree for ease of use
- Colored/modified unit action buttons for "most used" actions
- much much more!


Tides of Crimson is meant to create ultimate replayability within a fantasy setting. ToC features mechanics such as magic spells and an elemental system, along with asymmetric races that require entirely different strategies. This is more than just a mod for Civ 3, it's meant to be a whole new game that requires a fresh approach.

Population Cost

In Tides of Crimson, every unit is valuable. The goal was to create a true sense of loss every time you lose a unit. No longer will units spawn like cockroaches, being thrown wrecklessly at the enemy because you know in 2 turns you will get another unit just like it.

Furthermore, many higher-tier units in the game cost population points. So now you must sometimes weigh the benefits of a unit with the cost of not having citizens working tiles in your city.

Diversified Races

Tides of Crimson has asymmetric races.. meaning that every race plays entirely differently, while still being balanced. Races in standard Civ 3 all feel the same with very minor differences, but this is not the case with this Mod. Here, races don't just look different, they PLAY different. You have to utilize a race's unique strengths and mechanics to be an effective ruler.

Diversified Unit Classes

Another goal of this Mod was to make a game where every unit was useful, all the way until the end of the game. Do you build the early-game units which are cheaper and magnitudes quicker to build? Do you want archery units, with their lethal bombardment? Or do you want artillery, which do much more damage, but can't kill anyone? How about an invisible unit, to sneak up on unsuspecting forces? How about getting that Fire Elemental to help vanquish your Ice-based enemy? All these choices and more are yours, and a lot of time has been spent balancing the game and making sure that you would consider building every single unit within a race, even late in a game.

Increased Unit Movement

In ToC, units move more quickly than in standard Civ 3. Infantry generally move 2 tiles per turn, and cavalry type units move 3 tiles per turn. This has the effect of alleviating some frustration when trying to move your forces across the map. This also makes worker management easier, as most worker units can also move 2 tiles per turn.

and of course, many more changes, listed in the Civilopedia

Planned for next full version: Storyline and Mission Scenarios

You can also contact me at:

Discord Channel:

Download Links:

Download ToC Version 2.0 Full

Download ToC 2.92 Patch
(Patch requires installation of Version 2.0 Full or higher)
** Please Note ** Tides of Crimson BIQ (scenario) files will no longer have the version number in the file name. Please remove any older BIQ versions that have version numbers on them. The correct BIQ file moving forward will now always be:

Due to the substantial number of invisible units in this mod, it is HIGHLY recommended that you also install Flintlock's amazing EXE mod. It fixes the submarine bug, allows for stack bombarding, allows the AI to correctly use artillery offensively, and much more!
It can be found HERE, but is also included with the latest Patch download above.


Many graphics from this mod came from other modders in the CivFanatics community. Many others have also helped with the gameplay aspects of this mod. If your material is used in this mod and you do not see your name listed, please contact us at drhaluu82@gmail.com and we will add you to the credits list for the next version! Thank you all for your contributions in making Tides of Crimson come to life!

[Tides of Crimson] is a {FrOsT FiRe Production}

{DEVELOPER TOOLS}: Steph, Quintillus, Flintlock
{INTERFACE BASE ART}: Ha Luu, Triumph Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, Ensemble Studios, mrtn
{MUSIC}: Square Enix, Triumph Studios, Ensemble Studios, Linkin Park, Darren Korb, Yiruma, Blackmill, Pascal Letoublon
{GRAPHICS}: Kyriakos, Delta_Strife, Tom2050, Rhye, Grandraem, Plotinus, ruby, aaglo, Pounder, Bluemofia, Darque, Supa, mrtn, rhodie, Wyrmshadow, dribbble, Sn00py, Fortis1, Vuldacon, register, Orthanc, Micaelus, Ares de Borg
{GAMEPLAY ANALYSIS}: Han Luu, Tom2050, Lamabreeder, tjs282, Ashen, Und3r6r0und, Arexander, tomma
{BETA TESTING}: tjs282, Tigris of Gaul

YouTube Videos:

How to Install:

30 NEW FEATURES for Tides of Crimson:

How to Play ToC video series, For Civ 3 Beginners:

Let's Play Wood Elves video series:


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Version History:

Version 2.92 patch changes (September 24, 2022):

- Fixed issue with more mobile units not being able to escape from losing battles (Thanks Flintlock!)
- Includes the latest version of C3X from Flintlock (C3X_R13)
- Fixed Crash caused by viewing 2nd Era tech tree page while playing as Undead
- Fixed issue with some AI civs not building their most important civ-specific small wonders
- Increased likelihood of AI civs building sphere-specific buildings and spell spires
- Fixed issue with Moon Elven Sorceress not having Summon ability
- Increased game turn limit to 10,000 turns
- Reduced Hit Points of early Dragon Fledges by 1
- Slightly adjusted world sizes
- Reduced Brehtonian Auction House happiness bonus to +1
- Reduced Brehtonian Treasure chests to +4 commerce resource bonus
- Pig Farm & Phoenix Aviary culture boost corrected to +1
- Beast Temple civpedia entry now correct diplays +1 Happiness attribute
- Civpedia now correctly does not list the Moon Elves as immune to flood plain disease,since
- Fixed some additional civpedia inconsistencies

Version 2.91 patch changes (June 15, 2022):
- STEAM users no longer need to update labels.txt file as part of the installation process. Non-STEAM users, however, WILL need to update this file, as described in the "To Install" section.
- Latest C3X version (C3X_R10B) from Flintlock included

Version 2.90 C patch changes (December 19, 2021):
- Corrected issue with some food resources not giving enough bonus
- Slightly reduced Settler costs from version 2.90

Version 2.90 patch changes (December 18, 2021):
- Includes Flintlock's latest EXE patch (C3X_R9)
- Land Settlers on board ships can no longer build cities in water tiles (thanks Flintlock!)
- Overhauled (increased) Unit Movement - most infantry units now have 2 movement points, and most Cavalry now have 3 movement
- The goals of this change are to create the following effects:
* Moving infantry units is now more strategic. You'll want to travel along flat terrain when possible for quicker movement (instead of in previous iterations where terrain was disregarded since you could only move 1 tile per turn regardless of terrain).
* Foot units can now be used more often on offensive pushes along with mounted units, since the difference between their movement and mounted unit movement is less significant
* Units with movement bonuses along certain types of rougher terrain are now more valuable
* Certain races that have a connection with types of terrain can now have almost all of their units benefit from moving on that terrain (example: most Amazonian units now move more quickly through jungles)
* Using most workers is now less tedious as they are able to get from point A to point B more quickly
- Overhauled Terrain Outputs:
- Increased shield output of Forest & Jungle Tiles
- Increased bonuses from mining Hills & Mountains to +2 (but slightly increased turns required to mine)
- Forests can no longer be mined (due to the higher default shield bonus from Forests)
- Effects of above Terrain Output changes
* Looking for more 'balanced' terrain types when founding cities is more beneficial (less "grassland hunting")
* AI keeps vegetation around more often (Forests & Jungles)
- New Small Wonder: Metals Camp
- Villages can now grow to size 7 before needing a Warehouse
- Towns can now grow to size 13 before needing an Aqueduct
- Added additional unique techs to some races
- Most settler units are now slightly more expensive to make up for their quicker movement
- Movement along Roads is now uses 1/2 movement point
- Undead Tomb Crawler worker rate increased from 75% to 90%, but they move more slowly than most worker units from other races
- Slightly increased Map sizes
- Remodeled Spell Spire system to avoid accidental 'resets' of autoproduction cycle when switching to higher levels
- Remodeled upgrade system for building-produced upgradeable units, to avoid accidental 'resets' of autoproduction cycle when switching to higher levels
- Lightning Sphere rebalanced and now correctly eliminates all corruption
- Rebalanced strategic resource yield bonuses
- Experimentation tech now correctly requires Preservation tech
- Increased frequency of Domestic Products created from some Domestic small wonders
- Beast Lair now correctly gives Barracks for all cities on continent only
- Amazonian Level 3 Slaves now have higher Work Rate
- Goblin Fanatics, Wood Elven Path Finders, Osiri Javelineers, & Naga Crocs now have Blitz ability
- Reduced cost of regular and overseas Harbors
- Several Orc Units renamed
- Added Blitz ability to: Dark Elf Executioner
- Wood Elf Trustfall Rangers can now be upgraded
- Fixed issue with Jade Empire's Jade Sanctuaries being too cheap
- Fixed issue with Lizardmen Skink Worker being listed twice in city build list
- Frostling Polar Guidance tech is now cheaper and available earlier
- Astur trees now require Polar Guidance tech in order to be visible
- Fixed issue with Winter Cog not having correct 3 movement points
- Corrected an inconsistency between Steam and non-Steam labels.txt file for 'Ranged Attack' action
- Additional Civilopedia updates

Version 2.88 patch changes (October 23, 2021):
- NEW UNIT: Frostling Mammoth
- NEW UNIT: Wood Elven Trustfall Ranger
- Extra tip for solving lag issues on GoG.com version of Civ 3 (listed in ReadMe file)
- Chivalry, Ingenuity, The Higher Order, & Collective Power techs are now no longer required for era advancement
- Further increased unit diversity of AI military forces
- Aqueduct (for city size above 12) is now available earlier in the tech tree
- Halfling Alloys unique tech is now available earlier in the tech tree
- Gold Mines can now be equipped with Gold Extractor add-on for additional Gold/turn
- Previous Frostling Cthulhu is now a Naga unit
- Icicle Throne and Beast Lairs can no longer be captured by other races (these Unique Wonders now require Civ 3 GoG.com or Steam versions to function correctly)
- High Elven Holy Archer now has upgradeable range
- Ethropa Swarm Ultralesk boosted +1 Att & +1 Def
- Corrected issue with upgraded Harvester of Souls not having Fire attributes
- Corrected the graphics for craters on terrain
- Corrected some text inconsistencies when in Tutorial Mode
- Andori Protodrake is now categorized as 'motorized'
- Troll Berserkers and Enraged Berserkers are now "switchable" alternate forms
- "Alternate Forms" are better explained in the Civilopedia
- Other Civilopedia corrections

Version 2.87 patch changes (September 26, 2021):
- Significantly increased benefits of previously less beneficial Great Wonders
- Fixed crash that occurred when taking over an AI controlled Andori town with advanced Orb Cannons
- Fixed issue with some Happiness Wonders not giving correct Happiness in city in which they were built when there is also a global effect
- Non-upgraded Sacrificial Altars now provide happiness, upgraded now provides additional culture
- Andori can now build up to 3 Orb Cores & they are less expensive
- Short Teleportation range of higher-level Orb Cannons reduced
- Fixed issue with AI Andori only building Orb Cannons in one city
- Restructuring of Orb Cannon power/upgrades

Version 2.86 patch changes (September 15, 2021):
- Overhauled unit AI build choices for all races to create more diversity in AI military
- Fixed issue with the Steam version not displaying resource names on tile info box (Requires a re-install of the specific C3X_R8 file in the patch download).
- Fixed issue with Skaven AI building too many Assassins & Jade Empire building too many Mages
- Fixed issue with Blood Harpy not having lethal ranged attack
- Fixed major issue with Aqualung spell being available to build in Naga cities for 1 shield (should only be available via bldg autoproduction)
- Fixed issue with corn resource not populating often enough on certain maps
- Corrected palette issues for some leaderhead/building icons, especially on foreign advisor screen
- Corn is now not available until discovery of Inundation
- Reduced cost of Stables & Circuses
- Reduced cost of Glimmering Stone
- Vampires now require Agatte Crystals
- Blood Cult Countesses now have Chaos element
- Andori Avenger ship graphic now fades in and out once upgraded with Invisbility
- Devotion tech is now correctly able to be traded
- Reduced frequency of Magma Elementals from Lava Pits
- Additional re-balancing of some units
- Additional links for Terrain output descriptions in the civilopedia
- Anarchy is now properly documented. It sometimes allows for some production and growth in cities that are not in civil disorder.

Version 2.85 patch changes (September 6, 2021):
- Standard output for plains tiles changed to 2 food / 0 shield / 0 commerce
- Rebalanced output and appearance ratios of several plains-specific strategic resources
- Work mules now produce less culture when sacrificed, and are now slightly more expensive to upgrade to a race-specific worker
- Quevarian Railway is now the Quevarian Trail to fit more with fantasy setting
- Amazonian Runners have +1 Attack and can now move quickly through both Marshes and Jungles
- Updated terrain graphics from Ares de Borg
- Increased ranged attack of High Elven & Wood Elven archer units, but cost increased slightly
- Fixed issue that prompted for "UN vote" when going for diplomatic victory, instead of the correct mod-specific Blethius Chateau council leader
- Additional unit cost rebalancing
- Additional Civilopedia updates

Version 2.84 patch changes (September 2, 2021):
- Great Wonder Traits are now documented in Civilopedia to allow player to more easily target a Golden Age
- Rearranged Orb Cannon upgrades
- Orb Cannon one-time short teleport now has much greater range
- Corrected issue with Andori summoned units being able to be disbanded
- Fixed issue from version 2.82 that caused no AI civs to go for Earth Sphere
- Earth sphere unit support bumped back up to pre 2.82 levels
- Fixed some civpedia inconsistencies

Version 2.83 patch changes (August 30, 2021):
- Fixed issue with Andori not being able to upgrade Work Mules to Drifters
- Increased output of Corn & Wheat resources
- Gaja Stone now provides more Shields

Version 2.82 patch changes (August 29, 2021):
- Inclusion of Flintlock's latest EXE patch entitled "C3X_R8" that features:
* AI now properly using 'domestic' crops & animals to increase city population
* Fixed issue with certain units incorrectly being named after the 'ruler' of a race
* Display of coordinates and forest "chopped" status in each tile's info box
* Much more!
- NEW UNIT - Orc Warlord
- NEW UNIT - Hobbit Nut Trap
- NEW RESOURCE - Agatte Crystals
- Corrected AI usage of 'mobile' spells
- Improved AI usage of some immobile units with ranged attack ability
- Fixed issue with Tourist Attraction ability for Wonders not having any effect due to yearly increments of turns. Tourist Attractions now give a flat +3 gold bonus per turn, but this does not increase over time.
- An extra Overseas Harbor is now available to help connect 2 continents a player owns
- Gold mines now provide culture, but are thus now also destroyed when a city is captured
- Scholars of Chernova small wonder now requires Agatte Crystals
- Fixed issue with music not looping correctly after 40th song on playlist
- Fixed issue with alternate forms of some units not having correct icons when fortified
- Fixed issue with Serfs not working at correct 100% Work Rate
- Fixed issue with Fiery Infusion tech not costing any beakers
- Fixed issue with fully upgraded Bashers not being able to be drafted
- Fixed issue with Pearl Drake not having Teleport ability
- Raku now correctly has bombard ability
- Orc Grunts can now be upgraded twice
- Reduced cost of Tenethorne Stronghold and increased it's benefits
- Reduced cost of Harbors
- Slightly reduced extra unit support for Earth Sphere; per-city unit support remains unchanged
- Reduced unit support for villages in Air Sphere
- Crystals have been renamed to Oerza Crystals
- Academies now require Agatte Crystals
- Reduced cost of Level 2 & 3 Spell Spires
- Ethropa Swarm Mantis Attack decreased back down to 5, but cost also decreased
- Doomrunner can now enter portals
- Liberators & Dragon Ships are now available earlier, through Astronomy tech
- Increased Charm range of Inquirers
- Wood Elven Wildwoods now can be upgraded to +1 Hit Point
- Hobbit Zeldar ship now has better defense
- Hobbit Machine Bay now produces Bellators more often
- Lava Pit no longer requires Crystals
- "Last Defender" units are now noted in the civpedia
- Fixed a few civilopedia inconsistencies

Version 2.81-C patch changes (July 10, 2021):

- Fixed issue with some immobile units still having 'go to' and 'explore' action buttons. This may also prevent some unexplained game crashing.

Version 2.81 patch changes (July 10, 2021):

- Granary and Maize Farm construction now requires wheat and corn, respectively, within the city radius
- Wheat and Corn resources are now required to build several animal units and non-horse mounted units
- Fixed issue with Ghouls not correctly summoning Skeleton Warriors
- Gardens now have the agricultural trait
- Beaver Dams now require a river within city radius
- Fixed issue with Cottiers not automating correctly for worker jobs
- Increased Attack rating of Sludge spell created from Mohaj Basin
- Blethius Chateau is now more expensive to slightly increase difficulty of Diplomatic Victories
- Fixed issue with Harbors not being color-coded correctly as small wonders in city screen

Version 2.80-C patch changes (July 5, 2021):

- Fixed game-balance-breaking bug wherein Moon Song spell could be built in every Moon Elven city upon discovery of Elven Song tech

Version 2.80-B patch changes (July 4, 2021):

- Fixed issue with Amazonian Runner's Charm ability not being able to be utilized
- Decreased cost of Spell Spires
- Beastmen Captives now automate correctly as workers
- Goblin Zeppelin movement reduced to 2, to stop over-abuse of having 3 actions per turn
- Upgraded Goblin Zeppelins now also receive a small bonus to Air Drop range

Version 2.80 patch changes (July 3, 2021):

- NEW UNIT: Shaggoth - More powerful unit at the end of the "Captive" upgrade chain for the Beastmen
- Renamed several techs with new icons to fit more closely with Tides of Crimson lore
- Gob Rockets are no longer mobile, but AI now uses them properly against land targets
- Fixed issue with Golden Age not being the correct 15 turns
- Fixed misalignment of a few tech boxes in Magic Era when using Brehtons or Moon Elves
- Slightly decreased defensive value of higher level Midnight Dragons
- Corrected innaccuracy in Civilopedia that states Beast Temple gives +3 Happiness. Corrected this to display +1 Happiness.
- "Short Teleport" unit action button renamed to "Short Teleport or Air Drop" to clarify it's use when using Air Drop ability.

Version 2.7 F patch changes (July 3, 2021):

- AI is now more aggressive with Chaos Dwarven Turtle Bombs
- Slightly lowered AI aggression levels closer to pre-version 2.7 levels
- Fixed crash from Burna unit construction due to incorrect sound file references
- Fixed crash from Life Tower construction
- Some additional unit rebalancing

Version 2.7 patch changes (June 27, 2021):

- Included in this version is Flintlock's latest EXE Patch C3X_R7 that allows scrolling between civs on the diplomacy screen, among other great updates!
- New Great Wonder: Walls of Essengar that provides free Wooden Walls to all cities on continent
- Fixed Lightning Sphere's high corruption bug
- Lightning Sphere now has an additional building to reduce corruption (similar to Spire of the Sunset)
- Fire, Lightning, and Chaos Spheres are now available earlier in the tech tree
- Azura's Spire is no longer required to build Spell Spires
- All 3 Spell Spire Types can now be built at once, but require additional resources
- Harbors are now Small Wonders to reduce late-game lag from trade route calculations
- Harbors now require only 2 trading posts
- Palisade Walls now require Woodworks tech instead of Masonry
- Slightly increased aggression levels for most races to more 'standard' levels similar to main (un-modded) Civ 3
- Unique Upgradable Buildings such as Sacrificial Altars when now disappear automatically when the upgraded versions are built
- Fixed issue with Amazonian tech 'Mastery' costing more beakers than even 2nd era techs
- Slightly increased map population of luxury resources so they are more often found in multiples for tradeability
- New Osiri Arms Camp Small Wonder to allow earlier upgrades/Veterancy bonus
- Osiri Militia available earlier
- Frostling Scorpas are now invisible and more mature versions are more durable
- Golden Age duration extended to 12 turns
- Cosmo Sphere observatories are now cheaper
- Skaven Labyrinth now correctly increases happiness by +1
- Increased frequency of Crystal Dragon production from Shartoth Spire to every 55 turns
- Mantis Att/Def changed to 6/5
- Cost of Ultima Spell artifacts increased slightly
- Fixed several Civilopedia broken links

Version 2.6 patch changes (June 12, 2021):

- Added a 2 additional more "PG" optional Tides of Crimson title screens (Options #3 and #4). See ReadMe.txt that comes with the latest patch for title screen installation instructions.
- New Unit: Ethropa Swarm Ultralisk available as an upgradeable option from Mothra
- New Unit: Osiri Militia - a militiary alternate form of Plodders to help defend cities when under invasion
- Additional AI balancing to reduce issue with some races training too many of one unit (e.g. Mountain Dwarven Dragon Slayers)
- Waywatchers can now be upgraded to have Far Sight
- Fixed issue with the city that builds a wonder not getting happiness after building a global-happiness small or great wonder
- Reduced hurry production with citizen bonus to 25 shields instead of 30
- Reduced Forest Chop bonus shields to 20 instead of 25
- Chivalry is now required for era advancement
- Well of Ashengral now only affects happiness for cities on continent (not global)
- Fire Sphere tech is now optional just like all other spheres
- Upgraded Spawning Nest produces a Larvae every 20 turns again (instead of 18), but Nutrient Pool tech cost decreased to 4.
- Non-upgraded Spawning nest now produces Larvae every 27 turns instead of 25
- Reduced initial Gold bonus from Gold Mines to +12, but also reduced shield cost to build
- Corrected Swarmship movement to 4, Frost Rhino movement to 1
- Rebalanced High Elven Phoenix
- Blood Coffins (Unique tech for Blood Cult) is now not available until the second era
- Re-arranged Blood Cult unit tech tree and rebalanced units
- Sword Sauruses are now invisible but have less teleportation range
- Reduced cultural bonus of Silk Factory to +2
- Lumber Mill now costs 50 shields
- Color coded icons on tech tree for units that can be upgraded to but not able to be built regularly in cities
- Adjusted Fish resource bonus output food/shields/commerce to 2/0/0.
- Additional Unit balancing

Version 2.5 patch changes (May 30, 2021):

- AI player is now more inclined to build and use artillery in an offensive manner (Thanks Flintlock!)
- Better AI usage of Rat Tanks (Thanks Flintlock!)
- Secondary Moon Elven Lunar well replaced by small wonder that gives +1 Happiness to all cities
- Reduced Worker Ant work rate to 100%
- Rebalanced Ethropa Swarm Evolution units
- Ehtropa Swarm Mantis now correctly has Zone of Control
- Mantis defense increased to 6
- Fixed issue with Work Mules not being able to be sacrificed by most races
- Slightly reduced frequency of Dark Elven auto-produced units
- Fixed some Civilopedia inconsistencies
- Additional game balance updates

Version 2.4 patch changes (May 26, 2021):

- Cattle resource is now more rare
- Ice Dragons now require Kilmarie & Crystals instead of Astur Tree
- Upgraded Spawning Nest now creates Larvae every 18 turns instead of 20 turns
- Watermills now must be near rivers & can no longer be built near still-water lakes

Version 2.3 patch changes (May 23, 2021):

- Unit rebalancing - Less separation of power between each higher tier of units, to make mixed forces that include basic tier 1 units more viable. It is now at least possible (although still difficult) that a large stack of basic swordsmen-type units can take down a Dragon
- New Great Dragon hierarchy: Early Great Dragons are now less overpowered, but can be upgraded to be more powerful ones over time
- Further increased AI unit build diversity.
- Ranged attack effectiveness against higher tier units has been increased slightly
- Fixed issue with some Chaos units not being able to focus attack Balance units
- Fixed issue with Dungeon Keepers costing population points
- Domestic Products no longer count against the unit cap
- Slightly decreased resource output of corn & wheat resources
- Slightly decreased world size for 'Huge' Map setting
- Dwarven Refinery now costs maintenance again
- Adjusted food output of some bonus resources
- Fixed issue in last patch that caused advanced ships to not be built by AI
- Harbor again requires 3 Trading Posts to reduce late-game lag caused by trade route calculations
- Shipyards are now cheaper and give culture
- Amazonians now have a buildable worker unit

Version 2.21 patch changes (May 8, 2021):

- Corrected price of Windmills back to 60 shields
- Fixes game crash caused by Ai loading some towers onto ships

Version 2.1 patch changes (May 4, 2021):

- Krogs are now more of a challenge
- Increased AI usage of defensive towers for races that have them available
- Hunter Elder no longer has Far Sight ability
- Fixed issue with Work Mules not working at correct 60%
- Watermill now requires nearby river or lake (within 1 tile of city)
- Slightly decreased free unit support
- Fixed some civilopedia broken links
- Additional balance adjustments

Version 2.0 patch changes (May 1, 2021):

- "Submarine bug" wherein accidental wars are started by AI against invisible units has been fixed (thanks Flintlock!)
- Stack bombarding now available, Focus Attacks now require only 1 valid target, etc. (thanks Flintlock!)
- Additional songs added to Mod playlist
- Elemental units from Spheres are produced slightly more regularly
- Fixed issue with default turn limit being lower that what it should be. This has been set back to 1000 turns.
- Fish resource bonus changed to +2 Food, +1 Commerce
- Fixed static Squito default animation
- Fixed issue with Orc Peon worker rate being lower than civpedia entry dictated
- Fixed issue with some races under AI control (such as Beastmen & Hobbits) not researching important Unique Techs
- Fixed issue with upgraded Lizardmen Settlers/Workers not being available through Incantation unique tech
- Fixed issue with some races not being assigned the correct alignment
- Fixed issue with Ice Golem not having Focus Attacks vs. Fire units
- Fixed issue with some spells being named after Great Leaders
- Increased shield costs of tier 3,4, & 5 units
- AI-controlled Ramayanians now correctly bring Condor Eggs back to cities to hatch
- Captured units are now more useful Work Mules
- Fortify & terrain defensive bonuses on hills/mountains slightly increased
- Resources in plains are now more valuable
- Watermills now require less maintenance, but now require a river directly adjacent to the city
- Wheat resource frequency increased, Cattle resource frequency decreased
- Ice Sphere rebalanced
- Amazonian Plantations now create worker units more quickly
- New agricultural Small Wonders available to all races
- Slightly increased costs of mobile units (i.e. cavalry)
- Skaven units can now "burrow" short distances to move quickly from a city
- New unique resource for Wood Elves: Haldrun Tree
- Chaos Sphere can now produce 2 different units
- Undead Bone Ship is now an invisible Ghost Ship
- Harbors now require a Fishery in the city instead of 3 Trading Posts nationwide
- Increased output of some bonus resources
- Descreased Krog stats but also decreased combat bonus vs Krogs
- Increased diversity of Beastmen units AI builds
- Hobbits are now also scientific
- Hobbit Burglars can now correctly focus attack Balance units
- Hobbit Outlaw replaced by Corraler
- Increased cost of Beast Vitality Tech
- Skaven Finks now have better Attack and can summon more Finks, but movement reduced to 2
- Dark Elven Har Ganae Enclave now produces settlers less frequently
- Fixed small icon in city screen for Minotaur created from Captive upgrades, to differentiate from regular Minotaurs
- Wesps now automate correctly when set to worker jobs
- Additional unit balancing to even out the races
- Corrected some inconsistent Civilopedia entries
* Please also see below for MAJOR changes from the 1.7 private Beta release

Version 1.7 beta patch changes (March 15th, 2021) (Private Beta release):

- 3 new races (Frostlings, Hobbits, and Dark Elves)
- New governmental Spheres
- New Techs
- New Units
- New Race-specific technologies
- Magic Spells are now in the game
- There is now an Elemental system in the game
- New Small & Great Wonders
- Overhauled AI. AI civs now build more irrigation, use race-specific benefits better, and builds more higher-tier naval units.
- Rebalanced Races
- Some existing races have been changed significantly, please refer to Civilopedia
- Increased free unit support for all Spheres
- Dragons are now created directly from winning battles with Elite units (Leaders are no longer created from this)
- Increased diversity of units AI decides to build
- A.I. opponents now do a better job of prioritizing culture
- A.I. opponents now correctly utilize combat units with worker abilities (e.g. AI Praetorians now build roads)
- Decreased Unit Population costs
- Some new animations (e.g. Fish now pop out of water when Fishing Boats are working)
- Interface updates
- Due to programming for some unit upgrades, "Regicide" game modes are no longer functional. Sorry for the inconvenience.
- Base city defense reduced from 25% to 20%
- Existing Spheres (Governments) rebalanced
- Decreased Defense value of many cavalry-type units
- Rebalanced distribution of strategic resources
- Resources no longer disappear
- Jungle tiles now give 1 Food & 1 Commerce
- Roads can now be built slightly quicker
- Marketplaces & Town Halls now require the resource Camels
- Commerce increased in water tiles (now +2 in coastal sqares and +1 in sea/ocean squares)
- Disease from Flood Plains/Jungles can now be vanquished earlier, in the second era
- New Small Wonder: Emerald Sanctum now increases chances of Emerald Dragons appearing (no longer an attribute of Starfall Keep)
- Fixed bug where fish resource did not appear on coastal tiles
- Combat Bonus vs. Barbarians slightly reduced on easier difficulty levels, to make Barbarians a little more challenging
- Barbarian units changed
- Defensive bonuses on Hills and Mountains increased slightly
- Writing Tech now enables diplomacy
- Communication Trading is now not availabe until the discovery of Education in the second era
- Each Citizen is now worth 30 shields instead of 20 when hurrying improvements/units with population.
- Deeper sea warefare with stronger ships and Multiple Coastal Fortresses that actually make a difference
- Fixed original Civilization 3 bug where Coastal Fortresses did not fire at ships moving along the coastline.
- Made some resources easier to see on the world map
- Slightly increased conditions required for cultural victory
- Saltpeter is no longer required for mid-tier units and ships
- Stables and Circuses now require resources within city radius
- Fortify bonus decreased from 15% to 10%
- Golden Age duration increased from 7 to 10 turns
- Skaven Workers no longer cost population points to build
- Jade Empire Ninjas now have Stealth attack, but no longer have Hidden Nationality abililty
- Chaos Hero now can level up to level 3
- Ramayanians & Osiri now start with only 1 free tech to balance out their +2 tech bonus near the start of the game
- Coastal Fortress now have multiple levels and are better explained in the civilopedia
- Every race now has at least 1 amphibious unit, to have a chance at attacking 1x1 islands
- Shipyards now require only 2 previous barracks in your civ instead of 5
- Goblin Zeppelins & Balloons are now both True Air units with Air Drop ability
- Fixed Bug where Praetorian was working at 110% Work Rate as opposed to the listed 120%
- Slightly increased culture points required for culture victory
- All uncloaked Ships can now Pillage sea improvements (such as coastal irrigation built by the Archons)
- Reduced Maintenance Cost of the Town Hall
- Decreased Troll & Beastman Worker Rate to 90% & Chaos Dwarf Worker Rate down to 100%
- Contamination from buildings has been eliminated, Population contamination still remains but is not overly prevalent
- Foundries now increase production by 50% (instead of 25%)
- Reduced maintenance cost of most production buildings
- Fixed issue with Pillaging not being allowed with some units that should have the ability (still not allowed for most invisible units)
- Many race-specific improvements (race-specific small wonders are still free) now add +1 happiness, but also now cost 1 gold maintenance.
- The Jade Sanctuaries now cost 1 gold maintenance.
- Several new graphics for buildings
- Moon Elves now start the game with a Hunter Elder unit that can summon Hunter Apprentices
- Moon Elven Spirits are no longer invisible
- Mountain Dwarven Quarreler now summons Alpine Rangers
- Humans are the only race that can find new goody hut prize "Treasure Chest" resource
- Goblin Observatories are now Laboratories, with double science output in the city instead of +50%
- Lumberjacks are taken out of the game. Wood Elven Sprites now "harvest" resources quickly from forests, but can't clear jungles.
- Archon Oil Cauldron is now much more likely to cause damage to an attacking unit
- 30 shields (instead of 15) are produced when chopping down a tree
- More units in the game now require Ivory as a resource
- Workshop and Forge now require resources to construct
- Dwarven Refinery no longer requires Maintenance
- Mountain Dwarf early units now have 2 upgrade levels
- Cost of Ethropa Worker Ant increased, but strength of higher Evolution units increased
- Fisheries now cost 2 maintenance instead of 3
- Fire Elemental now gets rid of Forests and Jungles quickly
- Lizardmen worker rate increased to 110%
- Slightly increased spead at which Archonian Fishing Boats irrigate on coast tiles.
- Decreased population cost of Skaven land units
- Reduced/Eliminated population cost of most Tier 1 Siege Units
- Reduced base hit points of units (3 for regulars, 4 for veterans, 5 for elite)
- Reduced some races' early-game detector units to increase the viability of invisible units
- Bretonian unit Balloon now available earlier in the game with higher transport capacity but lower air drop range
- Watermill and Lumber Mill now cost less maintenance
- Slightly reduced hitpoints of top tier units
- The "Humans" are now known as the "Bretons", the "Dwarves" as the "Mountain Dwarves"
- Likelihood of killing citizens and damaging buildings during artillery attacks on cities increased slightly
- decreased defensive bonuses of some terrain and fortifications (listed in the civilopedia) to make it slightly less tedious to take down cities.
- Cows now have a defense value of "0" so they can no longer act as military to "quell" the populace and add a "content" face to a city they occupy. This also makes them capturable.
- Increased culture value from sacrificing Zombies from 24 Culture Points to 40 Culture Points (80 with a Sacrificial Altar).
- Culture bonus given from Sacrificial Altars increased by +1.
- The Ramayanians now start the game with a worker unit.
- Reduced defensive values of some settler units so that the A.I. will not depend on them as heavily for defense and use them more to found new cities
- Beastmen are no longer militaristic and can no longer build the Beast Wall
- New Beastmen "Captives" system to turn humans into Beasts
- Increased cost of Orc Grunt, decreased attack, and increased Hit Points to +2 with upgrade
- Slightly increased the chance that a quick-moving attacking unit will retreat if losing a battle they initiated
- Slightly increased free unit support for all Sphere types
- Archonian Preatorian units now require Iron to be built
- Higher Tier happiness buildings now cost less maintenence, but also produce less happiness. This slightly increases emphasis on building independent happiness buildings (stables), wonders, gaining luxury resources, etc. for happiness.
- Balance Node still gives +2 happiness in all cities
- Irrigation without fresh water is now available from an earlier tech called "Inundation"
- Gardens now require the discovery of Inundation
- Many more changes, too many to list them all, please see in-game Civilopedia...

Version 1.6 patch changes (April 9th, 2017):

- increased the transport capacity of all naval transports
- slightly increased free unit support for most Sphere (government) types
- decreased corruption for Fire and Death Spheres
- fixed crash caused by CPU players trying to load immobile 'tower' units onto ships
- on the city screen, apple (food) icons now correctly "light up" when a worker working that specific tile is highlighted
- the Balance Node now correctly gives +2 happiness to the city in which it's built
- Burning Legion worker rate increased from 75% to 90%, but shield cost of worker increased from 22 to 25
- Dwarven Steamtank now properly has Blitz ability
- Dwarven Basher and Beheader are now slightly cheaper
- Costs of Beastmen Gor, Beastigor, and Centigor slightly increased
- Orc Grunts and Kommandos now only have 1 extra Hit Point, but also now cost slightly less
- Golblin Wolf Archer now correctly detects invisible units
- Amazonian Karamaneh now has 10 Ranged Attack instead of 9 Ranged Attack rating
- Troll Berserkers now cost 38 shields instead of 28
- Troll Seekers now cost 24 shields instead of 22
- Slightly decreased shields costs of all Skaven units
- Blood Cult Zombies stats increased to 5 Att and 4 Def
- Blood Cult Settler/Worker units are now cheaper
- Reduced the shield cost of Undead Tomb Crawlers
- Burning Legion's Arch Devil now requires Arcane Magic technology to build
- Undead Grave Guards are now slightly better defenders
- Slightly increased teleportation ranges of Lizardmen units
- Race-specific small wonders that grant +2 free techs are now great wonders to avoid exploitation of rebuilding small wonders to get +2 techs constantly
- The "Charm" ability is now more fully explained in the civilopedia
- Fixed some other civilopedia inconsistencies
- added an extra steam-compatible "labels.txt" file in the "Text" folder (that will need to be renamed) for those STEAM users that are experiencing a game crash when trying to build their first city.

Version 1.5 patch changes (January 15th, 2016):

- Fixed bug with Majadura unit not being used properly as a worker by CPU players.
- Slightly increased shield costs of some 'fast' worker units, and slightly decreased the shield costs of some 'slow' worker units
- Death Knight now correctly summons Ghouls
- Fixed some civilopedia inconsistencies

Version 1.4 patch changes (November 9th, 2015):

- Fixed occasional crash when winning a cultural victory
- Larvae can no longer be disbanded
- Undead Ghouls can now summon Skeleton Warriors, which are slightly better units than Ghouls

Version 1.3 patch changes (September 8th, 2015):

- 2 new Ramayada Empire units: Purohita and Air Elemental
- rebalanced some Skaven units
- fixed issue with Spawning Nest not correctly producing Larvae
- fixed bug with A.I. not correctly using the Blood Cult units Succubus and Golshan
- fixed some sound issues with Phoenix unit
- differentiated unit icons that looked similar to eachother when fortified in the city build screen
- fixed some civiliopedia text inconsistencies

Version 1.2 patch changes (August 25th, 2015):

- slightly increased the number of starting units of CPU players to make games a bit more challenging
- world sizes made smaller to lower the number of cities (thus increasing the value of each city) and lower unit counts per civilization at the beginning of games
- eliminated the appearance of vesfeen, crytals, and mystile on 'plains' tiles.

Version 1.1 patch changes (June 8th, 2015):

- 2 new races: Wood Elves and Ramayada Empire
- increased turn amount to 1000 before end-game score screen
- disabled 'air' trade between demon portals to decrease lag during gameplay (due to CPU computing trade routes)
- Shipyard is now more difficult to build, to decrease lag during gameplay (due to CPU computing trade routes)
- increased attack power of siege units but decreased their range
- decreased amount of 'detector' units for most races so that invisibility is a better in-game weapon
- Rat Tanks, Fishing Boats, and Sprites can now be built every 3 cities instead of 4
- Cows are now correctly slaughtered if attacked by opposing civilizations
- Locations of Horse resources are now visible at the beginning of the game
- Locations of Ivory resources are not visible until the discovery of Iron Working
- Zorge: hydralisk now available later in game, androctonus available earlier
- Osiri Slaves now require population to build
- Moon Elves' Ranger is no longer invisible
- Lumber Mill maintenance cost increased to 2 gold/turn
- fixed some minor civilopedia inconsistencies
- theatre now correctly increases luxury output
- slightly reduced teleportation ranges of lizardmen units
- AI player now correctly prioritizes important structures like shrines, walls, and barracks
- Amazonians AI early game unit build is now more diverse
- Increased unit diversity of AI players when going to war
- archery-only specialist units now slightly cheaper
- all sphere 'nodes' that are built now grant at least 1 happiness to the city they are constructed in
- Moon Elven 'Treant' unit available slightly earlier
- Javelineer replaces Battler for Osiri
- Order of Hyrdralisk in unit build list in cities is now correct
- AI player now properly uses Goblin Sea Mines
- Adjusted effects of Xetellian Cliffs to pay for maintenance for Trading Posts and Bazaars only
- Slightly increased food output of Walrus and Game resources on tundra tiles
- increased availability of rare resources like mystile and vesfeen
- made many strategic resources visible earlier in the game
- Tech requirements for Jade Empire units made more logical
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It seems a nicely done mod. I'll try it.

A question for you.

I tried in my own mod to add a population cost to every unit.

For the player it was interesting, but for the AI it was hard as the AI kept building units and couldn't expand cities.

How did the AI perform in your tests? Did you do something to make this work better?
downloading , looks totally cool ..hmm Fantasy ,mystical creatures...oh right right can't wait to try it
Do u mean populations won't grow? Because I have seen civs with 1 or 2 population late in games, but then they will also have cities of 12+ or 20+ citizens, so it never concerned me too much. I just assumed the ai was using those cities as 'military' producers for it's civ. If u find something to the contrary please let me know. I really don't want to take away pop costs because it makes the game so much more interesting IMO. :). And I guess it's also good this is a beta. Getting feedback like this will really help!

And no, I didn't consciously try to fix the a.I. City population stuff. It just so happened that late in games there were some a.I. Cities with high pop, so I never saw it as a problem.
This is very interesting stuff u bring up steph! Perhaps I will go into an in depth study of the quirks with this and include it in the next version. Or have a nice guy like you help me out. Haha.

Now that u mention it, some a.I. Races tended to do better than others. But it mite just be coincidence too, cuz from a 'human use' standpoint I feel the races are very balanced. Again, you'll have to let me know if I'm wrong. It wasn't easy balancing out races that were so diff haha.
Will download later tonight I think when I get home.

Sounds very interesting. I was going to ask about the population for units thing too becuase I've heard that the AI just bleeds all it's cities down to nothing but it sounds like that wasn't your experience so that's good.

Also, I like very much that you went for the star craft like different races thing. I too feel that it is boring how similar civs are. I've started planning a sci-fi mod with 3 races that I'm trying to make, game-play wise, as different as possible. As you say, this is rather difficult with the limitations of what can be done in Civ 3. Anyway I think this sounds like my kind of mod. I also hate large empires and managing hundreds of units.


Hah. It will be your kind of mod until a crazy bug in the game causes your monitor to explode. Then u will hate me. Oh beta versions....*sigh*:eek:

And regarding the population, now I feel like I have to do more testplaying on it. Thank god I have you guys to tell me what's wrong with my game tho! Lmao! :lol:
I met Slann, and Slann has 2 Voodoo Dolls, looks like he's been doing some sneaky trading acquiring Voodoo Dolls from other civs! I can get both of them for Masonry, but would prefer a tech instead. Since Spirits have 2 moves, their battle odds (3.4.2) with retreat are much better than the 4.5 doll (unless in a city where they cannot retreat). :)

Speaking of which, you could have a voodoo doll auto-produced rarely (every 100 turns by something like a wonder, or palace) so it can be used to be traded between civs. Since AI Slann seems to like trading those units.

Hmmm... Slann only has 1 city, he never expanded anywhere. 109 turns into the game. He has Hopes Temple, and is building Clefestian Mounds (which are expensive). This is probably why.
I'm at turn 160 playing as Moon Elves. Here is my thoughts so far:

I finally acquired a lux resource, which should help happiness (playing Emporer). I have 30 turns to get Balance Sphere tech and govt.

Right now, I have ignored building any improvements except some happiness improvements for a few reasons.
- Cost and time to build them is too high for the limited production possible with No Sphere (no govt). Because you can only mine on hills and mountains, means that with no hills and mountains around in any number, you must get shields from forests and/or special tile grassland. Irrigation doesn't give extra food bonus in most cases yet, so I can only get a city to about 5 or 6 shields. Most have 1-3 shields. This is on brink of disorder, so I find myself building only units, workers, and settlers to try to keep population down.

I am searching for civ's, but still only see the Slann. They have still not created any other cities. Usually the map is fairly getting filled up by now, but open land is everywhere. I have about 13 or 14 cities. My only thought is that it is early wonders maybe causing the issue, and the limited production ability by allowing only mines on hills/mountains.

Met High Elves on turn 182, they have 2 voodoo dolls also, must be because of difficulty level, not from trades. High Elves have only 1 city also. My guess would be the rest of AI does also.

EDIT: Getting any other gov't helps alot, then you can use irrigation of land so you can really use forests, and/or hills-mountains to get more shields. I've sent out other units to try to find other civs to see what they are doing.

EDIT2: Met Dark Elves on Turn 243, only 1 city. All these AI cities are around size 7, so I'm not sure what the issue is; would have to play a debug game to find out what they are doing. I have around 35 cities, so I'm going to have to end it here. :) But as a last note, once a govt is researched, production comes much easier, and I have about 1500 gold and lots of units. The population cost isn't really a big issue overall since the build times are long enough to keep population at a nice level.
NOTE: Started debug game, and the AI's aren't building settlers, because it seems these are the unfinished AI's that started the game when they are set to 'random' on the setup screen. They are not supposed to be playable.

Not sure why the game is letting these civ's start, when they are not set as a playable civ in the scenario properties.

If anyone plays a game, make sure in setup you change the starting civ's from 'random' and actually select the civs. I think this is a c3c bug that Firaxis never fixed (imagine that!).

* Also, there needs to be some relatively inexpensive boats, because if you get stuck on an island, or play pangea; to research to seafaring took me 137 turns, and to build 1 boat will take 47 turns in my capitol, and about 100 turns in other cities. Perhaps a cheap weak boat solely for transporting a settler and defender?
What the heck? Let me patch the .biq. U guys seem to be running into races that are future races ( these aren't supposed to be in this version of the game) give me a sec .....
NOTE: Started debug game, and the AI's aren't building settlers, because it seems these are the unfinished AI's that started the game when they are set to 'random' on the setup screen. They are not supposed to be playable.

Not sure why the game is letting these civ's start, when they are not set as a playable civ in the scenario properties.

If anyone plays a game, make sure in setup you change the starting civ's from 'random' and actually select the civs. I think this is a c3c bug that Firaxis never fixed (imagine that!).

* Also, there needs to be some relatively inexpensive boats, because if you get stuck on an island, or play pangea; to research to seafaring took me 137 turns, and to build 1 boat will take 47 turns in my capitol, and about 100 turns in other cities. Perhaps a cheap weak boat solely for transporting a settler and defender?

Your "boat" problem is fixed with the very small patch attached to my initial post. (Also solves the first government irrigation limit, so it's not such a "tedious" game at the beginning)

and thanks for you other descriptions as well. it really helps to get input from others... because i have a one-track mind (not the dirty way) and the differing perspectives will really help with this game. question tho Tom. did you have fun? this is my main goal. haha.
patch coming soon to fix the population issue. i think i figured out how to utilize population without AI having "small population" cities! will test it out before releasing...

where's the "light bulb" icon when you need it? :lol:
future races? you mean for later when the beta is done ?

and on the screenshot you post about them, its all them right?
yeah. races planned for future releases. and yes, that screenshot is all the races . =) got a suggestion or sumpin? i got open ears! :crazyeye:
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