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Tides of War

Discussion in 'CivBE - Mod Development' started by Drona_Gold, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Drona_Gold

    Drona_Gold Chieftain

    Jan 17, 2018
    Hello guys, I am working on a Mod which radically changes the game play. It removes the Original Sponsors and adds two new Sponsors :-
    • Laurasia Military Corporation - LMC
    • Gondwanaland Confederation - GLC
    Also the units have been heavily modified - their stats, their abilities as well as resource costs. I would like to thank all the CIV BE modders including Ryika and Adrian for giving me ideas of making the units more versatile and more effective.

    For example - A Tier 4 Naval Melee turns into a Hover and can move over anything just like Tier 4 Cavalry and Tier 4 Siege. The Units of Supremacy are weaker as compared to Purity Units but they can become a lethal force if proper strategies are used. Also there are hundreds of improvements which can not just yield production, science or culture but also strategic resources like Titanium, Petroleum, Xenomass, Firaxite and Float Stone.

    New Wonders have been introduced which can really shift the balance of the game.

    Military is not the only option to win. There are ways to win. New Spy operations, new spies, new orbitals, and lastly Super Units ( using 10 resources) and Mega Units ( using 15 resources). Now production of units gets more dynamic. You have to calculate each and every thing before completing your turn.

    And yes, there are many abilities which have been used once or twice but generally have no impact on the previous games.But now if you think so, think twice....

    There are infinite possibilities of making the game more realistic and enjoyable. Like making entirely new units which bonuses from various sources and after balancing its stats, deploy on the battle field. I am damn sure the game will not be the same.

    Who thinks the Carriers are for planes - Units like AEGIS, CARVR, CNDR and LEV Tank can travel to the enemy lines safely inside the carrier and if you think Carriers are suited of water then change it ;)

    Tons of possibilities, infinite ways to win a game...

    I am just worried about one aspect - Hit Points. There is a code for City Hit Points but there is none for Units. I think units after upgrades and promotions should be awarded Hit Points. They should start at 100 but then 125 after first upgrade then 150 after second upgrade and 200 after 3rd upgrade and +10 per promotion. I need help regarding this. Just let me know how to change Hit Points without touching the Global Defines xml file.

    Well the rest is up to me. I will post the mod after completion and Yes - I should not be credited for this mod. Its the combination of modding ideas of some awesome modders. I just got bored of original game and decided to modify it :rockon:


    :worship:To all Civ BE Modders:worship:
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2018

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