Time to TriTriTri again ... a story around a HOF entry


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Oct 24, 2005
an Aussie in Boston
I have been finding myself with a bit more free time ... so time to round out my Civ4 HOF given that they snuck a new victory condition in (Cultural Espionage). While doing that, I noticed that I was playing against two Ottoman empires and two American empires. Time to try a game against the civilizations that have 3 leaders ...

LeaderCivilizationTrait 1Trait 2Tech 1Tech 2Unique UnitUnique Building
LincolnAmericaCharismaticPhilosophicalAgricultureFishingNavy SEAL (24/1/160) (replaces marines)Mall (Supermarket)
WashingtonAmericaExpansiveCharismaticAgricultureFishingNavy SEAL (24/1/160) (replaces marines)Mall (Supermarket)
WashingtonAmericaCharismaticExpansiveAgricultureFishingNavy SEAL (24/1/160) (replaces marines)Mall (Supermarket)
NapoleonFranceCharismaticOrganizedAgricultureThe WheelMusketeer (9/2/80) (Musketman)Salon (Observatory)
De GaulleFranceCharismaticIndustriousAgricultureThe WheelMusketeer (9/2/80) (Musketman)Salon (Observatory)
Louis XIVFranceCreativeIndustriousAgricultureThe WheelMusketeer (9/2/80) (Musketman)Salon (Observatory)
VictoriaEnglandFinancialImperialisticFishingMiningRedcoat (14/1/110) (Rifleman)Stock Exchange (Bank)
ChurchillEnglandCharismaticProtectiveFishingMiningRedcoat (14/1/110) (Rifleman)Stock Exchange (Bank)
ElizabethEnglandFinancialPhilosophicalFishingMiningRedcoat (14/1/110) (Rifleman)Stock Exchange (Bank)

Who am I playing? With a crazy game like this - who else could I play ... Monty!

How will I play it? I will try not to dictate terms. I will accept the AI's proposals give who is a future target and who is not. The close AIs are automatically targets (our close borders cause me to attack you). The distance AIs will be friends. I will try and be consistent with the 3 leaders from the 3 civs ... so that I don't have to worry about a leader saying 'I hate the Americans - please cut them off' without specifying the actual leader they want me to cut off.

Four civ4 map finder provided starts ... which would you pick?

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Ehh... B? Corn and 3 seafood for maximum whipping later on with Monty. No Hunting resources so not much to do for a worker out of the gate.
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