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Timing actions

Discussion in 'RoM Strategy & Tips' started by Jock Johnson, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Jock Johnson

    Jock Johnson Chieftain

    Jun 8, 2010

    I've been lurking here for years, but I decided to post now since I always have the same problems.
    Civ4 is my first Civ, and I played it for more than 500 hours. (weeks to understand the commerce/production/food system :rolleyes: ) I usually play on monarch, and now, I'm playing ROM.

    My main problems with ROM are my "timing actions". Should I expand ? Should I wait ? Should I let my city grow ? . . .
    Because of this, I often have less army, less cities and less improvements, and I usually lose because of a lack of military units.
    Cottage are less important in the early game, slavery is hard to manage, cities require more food to grow, and I see few use in chopping trees since I can build in them to gain +1:hammers:.
    My playstyle is : tech very fast to a military technology, build a lot of new units, steamroll :nuke:, repeat.

    So I'll divide this post in 2 section : 1)Questions, 2)My specific game (save included)

    1) Questions :

    Research :
    How do you tech early game ?
    I'm used to gold mines, or 3commerce title thanks to financial, but even then, I have hard times. Now, those options are harder to use, so what should I do ? A Specialist Economy ? (never ever did that, shame on me, but it's hard to always have rivers for farms, perhaps it's different in ROM)
    The strategy I use is to get the colossus, the lighthouse, the fisherman's hut and financial to have 3:food:/5:commerce: tiles. I love the great lighthouse as well, even if I get -50%:commerce: / +50%:hammers:
    But what to do if I don't have water, nor any gold or resources to help me tech ?

    In a game, I was at 250:science: at 1AC, but got crushed by the germans, in my actual game, I was at 24:science: at 1AC.

    Production :
    By far my weakest point, I can't get enough colons, workers, or any military units in time. And the few I have cost so much money, that I always think twice before getting monarchy. So it's not surprising to see another civ attacking me at 2000 BC. Expanding is also difficult, colons are expansive, long to build, must be protected, stop my city from growing, and cost money. Same for workers, and since barbarians LOVE to pillage everything in my borders, it isn't rare to find only a few improvements at 1AC.
    So early on, I see 3 sources of production : mines, trees, and population with slavery. Do I miss anything ? Can I rely only on mines, like in my game ?

    Food :
    Cities need more food, so I should be more careful with city placement, but even then, some cities stop growing at 5 pop, and I need artisan's well or bakery to change that. Plus, I don't get the new system, a 3pop city asked for 9:food:, another 3pop city asked for 8:food:. Rivers are more interesting, but you can't always settle on rivers.
    Should I only settle near food resources early game ? What if i find some delicious gold mines ? (yes, i love gold :gold:)

    Civics :
    I don't get the point of instability, since it means I will lose a lot of gold to prevent revolutions.

    Also, mills are not very attractive, am I wrong for not using them ?

    2) My game : (or "Will Elizabeth be a threat to Mansa Musa ?")

    Here, I decided that London would be a production city, lot of food, lot of resources, lot of mines possible. I went for the Colossus and the Great Lighthouse(This combo created 2:mad: in London, very frustrating). Mansa Musa was still ahead in tech, and the gap between him and me was deeper and deeper. I expanded very late, as I only had 3 cities at 400AC. The barbarians became the Egyptians, and when I felt confident with my military force, I decided to invade them. Funny thing : their last city was destroyed by barbarians, sweet irony :p.
    There is another weak civ that I decided to invade, and annihilate. More cities, more tech, more power. Now my plan was to get applied economy and get a lot of cottages, but I can tech to Astronomy. Pros : I can explore and settle the new continent, at the left. Con : bye bye 5:commerce: water tiles.

    I would like your opinions, on what I should have done, and what must I do from now.

    (screens soon)

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  2. Killtech

    Killtech Discutator

    Apr 16, 2009
    Bonn, Germany
    actually it's easy to get on the top of the scoreboard. but the strategy looks a bit different: it's max production asap.

    this means of course build all production buildings you can. but since city size decides about how many tiles you can work and thus how many basic hammers you get food is even more important (but only for small cities). the more mines on forest hills you can work the better.
    to fasten up your max production goal you should make use of caravans and later hurry with gold. in freshly build cities do not forget to get some culture buildings to let the borders expand to the first level to get all tiles worked (if they are worth it ofc). slavery civic is nice (especially the slave market) but not recommended to switch to it too early - because it will can slow down city growth if you have small cities and few or none farms. if you use slavery make sure to combine it with caste civic and go for farms + mines improvements.

    or spoken more general: plan your actions in your cities in the context of how they will benefit your production. what increases your production most in the long run is best and thus a priority.

    the only other economy think that is relevant: you should found a religion and somehow get a great prophet to build it's holy site. it gives a lot of gold income and makes it easy to keep up research at 100%.
  3. Bugio

    Bugio Warlord

    Sep 29, 2008
    Well, mind you i don't usually play with AND modmod, so if you use it you might find a bit of differences.

    First of all: cottages. I tend to build my capital as a super science city since it usually start on a river for max benefit, and it's usually balanced with couple of hills and at least a couple of food resources for fast growth and a bit of GP farming. To support the capital i use 3 or 4 more science cities, more aren't necessary. Cottages provides very good all round bonuses and there is simply nothing better than them: once you hit liberalism with levee, irrigation canals and financial leader a flood plain cottage provide 10 commerce, 5 food and 3 hammer, while stupid AI will still be stuck with farms and forts.

    So my strategy is to get pottery really early (3-4th tech max dependin on the visibile resources around) and start working the flood plains cottages first. Also, never ever chop a single forest. The bonus production is just too handy during the game.

    Once i expand further, cottages will take too long to expand to usefullness in time, so i'd go for improvements that offer immediate bonus (while still not sucking). I still cottage flood plains, riverside tiles watermills where possible, cottage otherwise. Watermills are very nice and they keep getting better while you tech, they start as good as farms going up to 6F 3C 3H. Pretty awesome for expand cities fast. Other tiles i go with workshops (basically a shaft mine but with NO happiness penalty), and cottages depending on food preduction.
    These cities will build every gold upgrade then wealth forgetting about pretty much everything else till you have the money to buy them.

    With som many cities building wealth you should be able to keep the slider up and your science cottage cities should kicks some serious ass in research.
  4. Jock Johnson

    Jock Johnson Chieftain

    Jun 8, 2010
    I just finished another game on HUGE with De Gaulle, and won easily.

    How ?


    Let me explain :
    I started on a map with a LOT of rivers. I was going to mass Caravan, but I was far from the nearest civilization. I made 3 others cities, all on rivers.
    Then, I just remembered : proletariat gives +2:commerce: on farms. Farms are now 3:food:/3:commerce: each, minimum.
    So I rushed democracy right after mining. Since you need alphabet for democracy, I also spammed more cities, and they were all building research. Then, I switch to proletariat & republic, spammed farms EVERYWHERE, and kept the advance even after free market / liberal. The transition farm => cottage was not as brutal as I thought, and I had enough money to conquer any other civilization, easily.

    I just won a monarch game with this strategy, and it's VERY easy. Plus, you get the Great Wall fast, and I LOVE IT. (I was playing on huge, with De Gaulle, on a 2 continents map, since I love doing commerce across oceans)

    I am now going to do a game, ruushing to hindouism, for fast gold. I don't think it is as efficient as the democracy one, but I still give it a try.

    P.S: I am now fan of the leonardo's workshop / liberal combo, to have mercantilism / free market for free.

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