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Tips for emperor

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by dinner9001, May 1, 2010.

  1. Loki Strikes

    Loki Strikes Prince

    Dec 15, 2008
    Agreed, back on topic:

    Regarding Espionage, Ai's don't really spend on you if you don't spend on them(generally), it is often a good idea to focus your espionage early in the game so you have points to revolt a city in a later war or to steal a tech or two, to see someone's graphs focus espy on them for a turn or two

    On Emperor+ it is really difficult and typically suboptimal to avoid DOW's by power and the units necessary to maintain parity will utterly crush your economy as the AI has production boosts and reduced upkeep so playing the diplo game is a much better way to ensure peace and keep your economy stable. Know the disposition at which AI's won't declare war, keep in mind things like land target status (if you share more than a certain number of tiles (somewhere between 7 and 10 I think... don't remember) you are a land target and more likely to be a target of a dow, on the flipside if a civ is cautious with you, but far away and has a worse enemy that neighbors him, you are probably safe. So if you play the diplo game well you can get away with fewer troops (sometimes just happy police) which will let you keep your science up. If you are playing diplo well and your standing army is smallish you don't really need a shrine. Other ways to pay the bills are building wealth, selling techs for cash, trading resources for gpt. I would also reccomend considering renaissance war (cannons + anything, rifles+ trebs, rifles + cannons, rifles + revolts, cuirassers, cavalry) as it is typically a good time window to get a decisive advantage. Factories and power are good ideas if it comes to a late game throwdown and you are building things with hammers
  2. ahcos

    ahcos King

    Mar 19, 2010
    you don't need a shrine. apart from the fact that it's difficult to get (found religion AND generate a priest in time), you simply don't need it.

    what i found important on emperor:

    a) only build military if you really need it or plan to use it. otherwise it's wasted money. working diplomacy is alot cheaper in the long run, e.g.: sharing religion, sharing fav. civic, gifting cities, gifting techs, accepting demands, baiting other civs into war and what else is possible here, for example avoid sharing borders (although you might have to give up some good land for that, but rather have 6-7 good cities with only 7 warriors overall than 10 cities and shared borders with shaka)

    b) carefully chose which infrastructure to build. unless you REALLY need it building wealth/research is superior. build useless wonders for failure gold if you have the appropriate resource (stone, marble), it's far superior to building wealth because of the multipliers.

    c) for warfare: rush or with a tech lead. otherwise, try to avoid it. cannons/cavalery are the best units for warfare, it can really tear the AI apart in no time and with little effort.

    d) only trade for what you REALLY need. the AI tends to research alot of garbage stuff (read: garbage for you right now, e.g. theology is worthless unless you plan to go to war, machinery is useless unless you really want to go to war with trebs/maces or you want to take steel from liberalism or want the circumnavigation bonus sooo bad...)
    aim for the really important techs, most of them in the upper half of the tree imo. keep a monopoly tech if there's nothing worth to trade it for.

    e) play the map and your traits. everyone says it, but really: take your time to think what you want to achieve in which time, and then think how you can possibly use your traits/ub/uu and the map towards this. long time planing > all
  3. Ramesses-Rules

    Ramesses-Rules King

    Nov 27, 2008
    Sequim, WA
    Good post! It is important to think creatively at Emperor and higher. Recently, I had what would normally become a diplomatically difficult start. Monty on one border and Izzy on another, and each had a different religion. I decided to eliminate the border with Monty. I did an early War Chariot rush on his border city with me, but instead of keeping the city, I gifted it to Izzy (it was a pretty crappy location anyway). That accomplished several things at once. It ended the war, because Monty could no longer attack on land without coming through Izzy's city, and she would not give him open borders. It made Izzy instantly "pleased" with me for giving her the city. It set up an eventual war between them over the damn thing. And, finally, it enabled me to go about my business (Cultural Victory) undisturbed with no military for the rest of the game.:)
  4. §L¥ Gµ¥

    §L¥ Gµ¥ Prince

    Oct 16, 2005
    what emperor taught me:
    1. You cannot neglect early economy to nab that one "sweet" city spot that will develop after iron working, or be a duplicate of one of the cities you already have [production capital, production secondary cities, etc]
    2. Raze AI cities and resettle, the settle pattern of the AIs is downright obnoxious. I've seen AIs settle on the opposite hemisphere just because they could, destroying what I thought was a sealed off jungle triple gems site. It really boggles the mind at emperor, watching their settle patterns and thinking to yourself, "if I could get away with that..."
    3. Aggressively chase any goal you've set out for. If you want a wonder, make sure you've got the tech lead, the resource, the forests to do it. The more on that list you've got the better. If you want a big empire, CoL and whipping out those courthouses are paramount. It's better to whip down to size 1 again than wait the extra 10 turns to build it out. If you're preparing for war, build as many, as fast, as experienced as possible. In that order.
    4. Never be standing still. Either be expanding peacefully or preparing for war. The AI will always out tech you if you give them time where you are not growing. The only exceptions to this rule are if you are in a late-game situation chasing a UN, Space, or Culture victory.
    5. Just like going up any level, and the higher you go the more important, PLAY THE MAP!
  5. drlake

    drlake Emperor

    Nov 30, 2007
    Plattsburgh, NY
    LMAO! That's beautiful!

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