Tips from players who already won on high difficulties?

I finally got my first victory on HK setting on a normal Pangea with 5 other civs on turn 204(Cut to T199 using Australia for last civ, see below). For some reason the Steam badge Lord of the Flies mentions only 3 AI. The only thing I adjusted rivers set to many. I did get lucky and got Harappans on T10 but Egypt is also a solid top tier choice which is always available that I've seen. Either way my preferred choice for classical era is Greece so that you can go CM in a few cities and hit War Summons around T60-65 allowing you to slaughter the AI with pikemen and xbows. Also the Hoplites come fairly early. The AI loves cavalry so Hoplites or Persian Immortals will make quick work of them.

I was very aggressive early on with claiming outposts. Eventually it did trigger a war with Egypt to the north and it was a bit nerve racking in the beginning seeing many waves of 4 pack armies(2 warrs 2 chariots) then eventually swordsmen. I had the bronze to make spearmen and also pumped out lots of archers. I just stayed defensive and eventually forced Egypt to surrender and give me outposts. After two wars like that I took a huge chunk of their territory. The 3rd war I went on the offensive and had pikeman and xbows and took two of their cities. One I kept the other I ransacked and replaced with an outpost and reattached for a nice city up north with several territories.

I really enjoy the war support mechanics of this game and how ransacking a city doesn't remove the infrastructure. It also makes it hard to completely eliminate an AI. Very different from Civ 6.

My order was Harappans->Greece->Khymer->Mughal->France->Turks. Going two builders in a row with Khymer and Mughal give you cities with insane production and allow to fly through the tech tree using CM with France. Then Turks put the icing on the cake with public schools surrounded by research quarters. My capital Harappa was a 73 pop city pumping out 12.2k science and I had over 30k science with my 6 cities. I went to war a lot to expand my empire and because I enjoy the war mechanics of the game. I had to go to war with my neighbor to the east to get her oil since that was the only oil I saw on the map!

The Mughal UU unit is a blast and I used lots of them to take Persia to the east for that oil.

Maxing the fame before moving on to the next era is essential else you miss out on too much of it. Except the first era on HK else you will miss the Harappans.

Next try is Huge map with max civs. Should be interesting to see what civs are leftover for me.

EDIT: I just cut this down to T199 by going Australia instead of Turks. I didn't realize you can get all the techs with the French in the industrial era. So now go Australia for the land raiser and you get the space station, lunar lander and mars colony up really quick. Seems kind of broke that you can get all the techs before the contemporary era


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OMG, I just started up a new HK game on a Huge map and my only choice for a first civ is the Phoenicians with no water in sight. Yikes this is gonna be quite the challenge lol.
OMG, I just started up a new HK game on a Huge map and my only choice for a first civ is the Phoenicians with no water in sight. Yikes this is gonna be quite the challenge lol.

Don't worry, you wouldn't want to build many Havens anyway even if you were coastal. Maybe if you can find a nice big lake?
Btw, don't be a dummy like me and go Turks. You can get all the techs you need with the French and then go Australia for the final era to build all the space programs needed really fast with land raiser. I cut the time down to T199 doing that.
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Forgot to mention earlier that a good early war defensive strategy is to save Wheel tech for last if your enemy is far away from your capital. Else those roads allow them to get to you quickly. If you turtle up with no roads you can get their war support to 0 fairly easily.
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Poland is great with the winged hussars. Can build up a ton of influence with commons centers so building them is not a bad thing,...Lost another game last night to Kim Kardashian :/ Fame determining the victor is just plain awful.

Its too bad there is not more open territory by the time you get winged hussars. At this era I almost never get involved in an offensive battle that doesn’t include part of an AI city that it’s gunners can hide in.
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