[MAP] TK Earth Map (200x200) (Blank Version)

Tee Kay

Silly furry
Aug 21, 2005
G'day nerds

I made this Earth map for an upcoming mod, but I thought I'd also share it with you all here as a resource.

It's 200 x 200 based on the equirectangular projection, with a slightly enlarged Europe. The top of the map cuts off just above the Arctic Circle so you can't sail the Northwest Passage here. There are no starting locations or resources so this is not playable right off the bat, this is more for people who want an Earth map for their own scenarios that they're making.

A playable version may come later.

Spoiler Australia :

Spoiler Continental United States :

Spoiler South Atlantic :

Spoiler Eurasia :

Download Here

I've also made a standard sized (and playable) Earth map four nine years ago, you can get that here.
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