To build or not to build... (a 4th city on turn 47 of liberty DomV - pic included)


Jul 7, 2014
As you can see, there is a fair bit of land to my south unclaimed, and in it I can see one perhaps worthwhile location - on a hill next to the river and mountain, near to 3 deers and a unique luxury (furs). If I have a caravan route I usually stop at 3 cities on my way to a liberty domination attempt of the kind outlined here. But lately I've been wondering if it isn't better to always aim for 4-5 of my 'own' cities prior to starting the war. If the spot is absolutely delicious, with tons going for it, there isn't really much of a debate, I'll settle it. But in this case, it's kinda borderline seeing as there are some tundra tiles, and it will be a little ways away from my other 3 'core' cities. It has 2 more silver, which is my pantheon resource, could help with building a road to my ally, etc (and I plan to grab Pyramids anyway), but could delay NC by 10-15 turns.

What do you guys out there think?

[EDIT: I noticed another spot, on the Eastern side of the same mountains, south of the lake near the wines, but that could annoy Octavian somewhat...mmm.]


Aug 7, 2013
I don't see a reason to settle these if you are on the early domination plan ... You are gonna struggle for happiness pretty soon even without these two cities.

Hammer Rabbi

GOTM Staff
Jan 3, 2012
yeah, after NC i think. since yer planning on going to war anyway, id settle the gold/wine area on the other side for more lux options. and its closer for a road to Assur. you could always settle that furs/silver spot after if you need more silver trades, although i doubt it will be necessary. settling closer to Rome will antagonize them and hopefully get them to DoW and let you avoid the initial warmonger penalty.

edit: you should also consider timing with Rome because of his UUs both being close to each other. the window of opportunity for unit advantage will be closing over the next 50 turns.
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