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To improve gameplay

Discussion in 'CivBE - Requests and Ideas' started by ray111, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. ray111

    ray111 Chieftain

    Mar 4, 2014
    I. Trade Routes
    - make Trade Depot only give 1 trade route, but buff it's yields by 50% if it's a domestic trade route and 100% if it's going out.
    That should GREATLY reduce the number of trade vehicles currently cluttering whole map and slowing down turn times MASSIVELY.

    II. Redo the city UI to look like that one from civ5... seriously, you literally can't even see which tiles you work, because icons for buying new tiles are bigger than the tiles beneath them.

    III. Redo the city "focus" that now instead of redistributing population makes people ONLY work plots with the yield you've picked, and the rest is "unemployed", making it a nightmare to manage the city as you want.

    IV. Give us back curved borders! Seriously, those plain hexes look painfully bad.

    V. Need new Pick'n'mix mods for city working distance, city expansion, city forest production bonus (maybe enriched by one-time global science bonus from miasma and culture bonus from settling a city in ocean)

    VI. Redo AI so it's not so frikking stupid - pretty much on any size of map, everyone covets ALL the land, and no matter where you settle, you anger all civs. AI asks for impossible while giving you 1 "favor", but refuse to do anything if you want to spend those favors (even all at once). AI refuse to sign Alliance, EVER. Even if you had cooperative agreement from the start of the game. AI is denouncing you for no reason whatsoever, even if you have cooperative agreement (that locks only YOU from denouncing THEM, apparently), share ideology and have multiple trade routes with them. AI settles 4 tiles from your city, but if you settle an empty space on the far side of map away from everyone, they still all ask you not to settle "next" to them. AI goes to war for you rush-buying the plots with strategic resources when they settled a city right next to yours..
    All things considered, AI in BE is REALLY .

    The rest (aka balance changes to yields from tiles and wonders) are easy enough for anyone to do in XMLs...

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