To Random, or not to Random


Aug 19, 2007
I usually try to pick a good leader/civ combo for the type of map I am going to play but a few times i forget to select and end up going random. I have found these to be some of the more fun/memorable games that I've had and I was thinking about doing more randomness. What sorts of options do you set or refuse to set to random?
I sometimes play as random leaders, but that's when I start to become bored. I have yet to play with random traits though.
I like to set the landmass types and islands to random on maps like Big & Small. I like the thrill of having the world be truly unknown.
I like random leaders, although I find that I tend to get the same leaders over and over (and restart until I get someone I haven't played in awhile).

I used to random the land mass stuff, but tend to prefer to play multi-continent land masses, so I usually play a 3 continent setup or snaky islands in archipelago.
i set everything random and Epic games. The only time i dont set random is when i lose heaps. I then pick a map ansize and civ where i focus on winning.

when i go up a level i do the same.

once i get used to playing a new level, i go all random. I have to be motivated to play so if i end up not wanting to play the map, i switch to another game and give civ a rest till the next weekend.

sometimes when i play random, i leave the room so i don't know how big my world is until the first rank chart appears saying who is the wealthist, biggest.
I don't random personalities, but I do random map, map size, and civ. When "forced" to play a less than ideal civ for the map type, I become a better player.
I don't like random personalities, but I often set up custom games with random AI leaders, fractal maps, and raging barbarians. That makes for a pretty good variety.
It varies for me. Sometimes I have something very specific that I want to try that lends itself to a specific leader or leader type. Other times I want to play without a plan and see what unfolds, and will go with a random leader.

I don't care for random personalities because while it seems like an interesting idea, I kinda think that the personalities are often tied to the leader's traits, UU, or whatever too much and AIs can end up being weaker when the personality is seperated from the supporting traits/UUs/tech/whatever.
RANDOM rulez !

i even check the 'no leader restriction' (??) box to have any possible civ/leader combo :)
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