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Tomatekh's Historical Religions v.18

Adds additional historical (pre-modern and indigenous) religions to the base game.

  1. Tomatekh

    Tomatekh Sahib-i-Qirani

    Aug 6, 2012
    Download Tomatekh's Historical Relgions

    This mod adds additional historical (pre-modern and indigenous) religions to the base game. Leaders previously lacking a religious preference (Aztec, Greece, etc.) are updated to prefer an appropriate historical religion. Several additional generic icons are also included and the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox symbols have been updated.

    The mod is fully updated to work with Gathering Storm, Rise and Fall, New Frontier and/or any other combination of DLC.

    - If using the mod in multiplayer, all players need to have identical settings in the configuration file.
    - It is recommended to disable this mod before using any scenarios which might implement their own religions.

    - Extract the “Tomatekh’s Historical Religions” mod folder into your Civ VI mod directory:

    ~Documents/My Games/Sid Meier’s Civilization VI/Mods

    Or subscribe to the mod on the Steam workshop.

    If you have a version of HR in your Mods folder, it will override the version downloaded off Steam. This can be useful if you need to use a previous version to continue a save; however, normally you should delete the version in your Mods folder before subscribing/using the version on Steam.

    Configuration File:
    The mod includes configuration options in the "HR_Religions_Config.sql" file which may be used to switch between the Lite and Complete versions of the mod, enable / disable individual religions, randomize leader preferences, change the custom icons, and more.

    If installing the mod in your "Mods" folder it will be found in:
    ~\Documents/My Games/Sid Meier’s Civilization VI/Mods

    On a PC the default Steam mod folder is:
    ~\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\289070\870850597\

    However, these folders my vary based on your individual install settings.

    Inside that folder is the config file “HR_Religions_Config.sql” which you can open with notebook or similar program. The file has instructions when you open, but you largely just change 0s to 1s or vice versa down the left of the file to enable/disable different loading options and then save the file.

    - Lite Mode and Complete Mode:

    Historical Religions may be loaded in either a Lite or Complete Mode which can be switched between by using the configuration file

    By default, the mod loads in Complete Mode which prompts the mod to load the full list of new religions which can be further customized with the configuration file.

    Alternatively, you can use the configuration file to enable Lite Mode which prompts the mod to load with only a minimum of new religions to represent the leaders included within the base game and its DLC.

    The configuration file also includes options for

    - Unused Religions
    - Change Default Names
    - Unpreferred Religions as Custom Icons
    - Random Preferences
    - Alternate Religious Preferences

    Adding Support to Modded Civs (for Mod Creators):

    - First, set your mod to have a load order of 0 or greater. (Mods by default have a load order of 0, so you can largely ignore this step. However, it's useful to know. Historical Religions has a load order of -1).

    - Next find the file name for the HR religion you wish to use from the list below. Note that because each religion must have a unique icon string, not all religion file names match the spelling of the religion as included in game.

    - Ajivika                           RELIGION_Q1 ('Q1')
    - Aktatt-u                   RELIGION_ANKATTU ('An')
    - Amatongo               RELIGION_AMATONGO ('Am')
    --- Amatongo                        RELIGION_AMATONGO ('Am')
    --- Mwari Cult             RELIGION_MWARI ('Mw')
    - Angakkunngurniq              RELIGION_AGAKKUNNGURNIQ ('Ag')
    - Ardavda                   RELIGION_SAIRIMAISM ('Sa')
    - Ayni                      RELIGION_A0_PCHAISM ('A0')
    --- Ayni                           RELIGION_A0_PCHAISM ('A0')
    --- Intiism                   RELIGION_A1_INTIISM ('A1')
    --- Chiminigagua                   RELIGION_A2_CHIMINIGAGUA ('A2')
    - Baha'i                                  RELIGION_BAHAI ('Ba')
    - Bird Figure Cult             RELIGION_BIRD_FIGURE ('Bi')
    - Buddhism                           RELIGION_BUDDHISM ('Bu')
    --- Theravada                         RELIGION_BUDDHISM ('Bu')
    --- Mahayana                           RELIGION_B1_MAHAYANA ('B1')
    --- Vajrayana                         RELIGION_B2_VAJRAYANA ('B2')
    - Bumuntu                          RELIGION_BMUNTU ('Bm')
    - Canaanism                RELIGION_CNAANISM ('Cn')
    - Chaldaeanism          RELIGION_CHALDAENISM ('Ch')
    --- Chaldaeanism                        RELIGION_CHALDAENISM ('Ch')
    --- Ashurism                  RELIGION_M1_ASHURISM ('M1')
    --- Napir-tuniis             RELIGION_M2_NAPIR ('M2')
    - Catholicism                              RELIGION_CATHOLICISM ('Ca')
    --- Arianism                                  RELIGION_C5_ARIANISM ('C5')
    --- Bogomilism                        RELIGION_C8_BOGOMILISM ('C8')
    --- Hussitism                              RELIGION_C7_HUSSITISM ('C7')
    --- Catharism                                RELIGION_C6_CATHARISM ('C6')
    - Nestorianism                            RELIGION_C2_NESTORIANISM (C2)
    - Oriental Orthodoxy                    RELIGION_C1_ORIENTAL ('C1')
    - Eastern Orthodoxy                    RELIGION_ORTHODOXY ('Or')
    - Protestantism                          RELIGION_PROTESTANTISM ('Pr')
    --- Lutheranism                       RELIGION_PROTESTANTISM ('Pr')
    --- Calvinism                       RELIGION_P1_CALVINISM ('P1')
    --- Anabaptism                        RELIGION_P6_ANABAPTISM ('P6')
    --- Anglicanism                              RELIGION_C3_ANGLICANISM ('C3')
    --- Baptists                               RELIGION_P2_BAPTIST ('P2')
    --- Methodism                       RELIGION_P3_METHODISM ('P3')
    - Restorationism                          RELIGION_C4_RESTORATIONISM ('C4')
    --- Society of Friends                               RELIGION_P7_QUAKER ('P7')
    --- Adventism                                RELIGION_P5_ADVENTISM ('P5')
    --- Latter-day Saints                         RELIGION_C4_RESTORATIONISM ('C4')
    --- Unitarianism [Inactive]                  RELIGION_P9_UNITARIANISM ('P9')
    --- Jehovah's Witnesses                       RELIGION_K0 ('K0')
    --- Pentecostalism                   RELIGION_P4_PENTECOSTALISM ('P4')
    - Confucianism                           RELIGION_CONFUCIANISM ('Co')
    - Datura Cult                  RELIGION_DATURA ('Da')
    - Din-i Ilahi                          RELIGION_Q9_DINI_ILAHI ('Q9')
    - Dreamtime                   RELIGION_TJUKURPA ('Tj')
    - Druidism                      RELIGION_DRUIDISM ('Dr')
    - Forn Sidr                      RELIGION_FORN_SIDR ('Fo')
    - Hellenism               RELIGION_HELLENISM ('He')
    --- Atanodjuwaja Cult          RELIGION_R1_ATANODJUWAJA_CULT ('R1')
    --- Mysteries                           RELIGION_R2_MYSTERIES ('R2')
    --- Dodekatheon                           RELIGION_HELLENISM ('He')
    --- Neoplatonism                       RELIGION_R3_NEOPLATONISM ('R3')
    --- Numenism                           RELIGION_R4_NUMENISM ('R4')
    --- Imperial Cult                       RELIGION_R5_IMPERIAL_CULT ('R5')
    --- Mithraism                           RELIGION_R6_MITHRAISM ('R6')
    --- Heros Cult               RELIGION_R7_HEROS_CULT ('R7')
    - Hinduism:                               RELIGION_HINDUISM ('Hi')
    --- Vedism                               RELIGION_H1_VEDISM ('H1')
    --- Shaivism                           RELIGION_H3_SHAIVISM ('H3')
    --- Shaktism                           RELIGION_H4_SHAKTISM ('H4')
    --- Vaishnavism                           RELIGION_H2_VAISHNAVISM ('H2')
    --- Smartism                           RELIGION_HINDUISM ('Hi')
    - Islam:                               RELIGION_ISLAM ('Is')
    --- Sunni                               RELIGION_ISLAM ('Is')
    ------ Mu'tazila                   RELIGION_Q5 ('Q5')
    --- Shia                               RELIGION_I1_SHIA ('I1')
    ------ Imamiyah                        RELIGION_I5_TWELVER ('I5')
    ------ Zaidiyah                          RELIGION_I6_FIVER ('I6)
    ------ Ismailiyah                        RELIGION_I7_ISMAILI ('I7')
    ------ Alawiyah                          RELIGION_I1_SHIA ('I1')
    ------ Druze                               RELIGION_I3_DRUZE ('I3')
    --- Ibadiyah                           RELIGION_I2_IBADI ('I2')
    --- Ahmadiyah                       RELIGION_I4_AHMADI ('I4')
    - Itang                   RELIGION_ITANG ('It')
    - Jainism                               RELIGION_JAINISM ('Ja')
    - Judaism                               RELIGION_JUDAISM ('Ju')
    - Kachina                      RELIGION_KACHINA ('Ka')
    - Kepercayaan               RELIGION_KEPERCAYAAN ('Ke')
    --- Kejawen             RELIGION_KEPERCAYAAN ('Ke')
    --- Anito                   RELIGION_AITO ('Ai')
    - Laiboni                      RELIGION_LAIBONI ('La')
    - Legalism                             RELIGION_Q7_LEGALISM ('Q7')
    - Li'im Dingermes              RELIGION_LIIM_DINGIRMES ('Li')
    - Malagan               RELIGION_MLAGAN ('Ml')
    - Manaism               RELIGION_PUATA_TUPUNA ('Pu')
    --- Tala-e-Fonua              RELIGION_O2_TALA_FONUA ('O2')
    --- Puta Tumu                   RELIGION_PUATA_TUPUNA ('Pu')
    --- Tangata Manu Cult               RELIGION_O1_TANGATA_MANU ('O1')
    - Mandaeanism                           RELIGION_MNDAENISM ('Mn')
    - Manichaeism                           RELIGION_MANICHAEISM ('Ma')
    - Mi-chos                        RELIGION_MCHOS ('Mc')
    - Mohism                             RELIGION_MOHISM ('Mo')
    - Mushrikūn                 RELIGION_MSHRIKUN ('Ms')
    - Noaidevuohta                 RELIGION_NOAIDEVUOHTA ('No')
    --- Noaidevuohta                 RELIGION_NOAIDEVUOHTA ('No')
    --- Suomenusko             RELIGION_U1_SUOMENUSKO ('U1')
    - Nommo                          RELIGION_NMMO ('Nm')
    - N'um                          RELIGION_NUM ('Nu')
    - Nzambiism                  RELIGION_NZAMBIISM ('Nz')
    --- Nzambiism                  RELIGION_NZAMBIISM ('Nz')
    --- Palo                                RELIGION_K1_PALO ('K1')
    - Onyamesom                  RELIGION_ONYAMESOM ('On')
    - Orenda                   RELIGION_OENDA ('Oe')
    --- Orenda                 RELIGION_OENDA ('Oe')
    --- Midewiwin                  RELIGION_MIDEWIWIN ('Mi')
    - Orisha                         RELIGION_IFA ('If')
    --- Ifa                         RELIGION_IFA ('If')
    --- Odinani                  RELIGION_OFINANI ('Od')
    --- Santería                    RELIGION_SNTERIA ('Sn')
    --- Voodoo                         RELIGION_VOODOO ('Vo')
    - Pajelanca                  RELIGION_PJELANCA ('Pj')
    - Pesedjet                   RELIGION_PESEDJET ('Pe')
    --- Amanaiism                 RELIGION_E1_AMANAIISM ('E1')
    --- Pesedjet                      RELIGION_PESEDJET ('Pe')
    --- Atenism                      RELIGION_E2_ATENISM ('At')
    - Pohakantenna              RELIGION_POHAKANTENNA ('Po')
    - Razana                     RELIGION_RAZANA ('Ra')
    - Rodnovery                  RELIGION_RODNOVERY ('Ro')
    --- Rodnovery               RELIGION_RODNOVERY ('Ro')
    --- Romuva                      RELIGION_S1_ROMUVA ('S1')
    - Samanism                 RELIGION_SMANISM ('Sm')
    - Sasna Phi                      RELIGION_PHI ('Ph')
    - Scaanaang                     RELIGION_SGAANAANG ('Sg')
    - Shenism                              RELIGION_T1_SHENISM ('T1')
    --- Mukyo                       RELIGION_MUISM ('Mu')
    --- Shenism                         RELIGION_T1_SHENISM ('T1')
    --- Tho Than                        RELIGION_TIANISM ('TI')
    - Shinto                               RELIGION_SHINTO ('Sh')
    - Sikhism                               RELIGION_SIKHISM ('Si')
    - Southern Cult                  RELIGION_SOUTHERN_CULT ('So')
    --- Fox and Owl Cult                RELIGION_Q4 ('Q4')
    --- Southern Cult                  RELIGION_SOUTHERN_CULT ('So')
    --- Mahoma                       RELIGION_MHOMA ('Mh)'
    - Spiritism                                 RELIGION_Q8_SPIRITISM ('Q8')
    - State Atheism [Inactive]             RELIGION_G8 ('G8')
    - Taoism                               RELIGION_TAOISM ('Ta')
    - Tat Roog                  RELIGION_FAT_ROOG ('Fa')
    - Temaukelism                 RELIGION_TMAUKELISM ('Tm')
    - Tengriism                  RELIGION_TENGRIISM ('Te')
    - Tlateomatiliztli            RELIGION_TLATEOMATILIZTLI ('Tl')
    --- Tzol'kin                    RELIGION_TZOLKIN ('Tz')
    --- Tlateomatiliztli          RELIGION_TLATEOMATILIZTLI ('Tl')
    - Wakan Tanka                 RELIGION_WAKAN_TANKA ('Wa')
    - Witran Mapu                  RELIGION_WITRAN_MAPU ('Wi')
    - Yazidism                                RELIGION_YAZDANISM ('Ya')
    - Zemiism                                   RELIGION_ZEMIISM ('Ze')
    - Zoroastrianism                              RELIGION_ZOROASTRIANISM ('Zo')
    --- Mazdayasna                               RELIGION_ZOROASTRIANISM ('Zo')
    --- Zurvanism                                   RELIGION_Z1_ZURVANISM ('Z1')
    - Now, instead of creating a FavoredReligions entry in the XML, create an SQL file or entry which loads after the file or entry which adds your leader. We will use this to set the leader religious preference, like so:

    DELETE FROM FavoredReligions WHERE LeaderType = 'LEADER_GILGAMESH';
    INSERT OR REPLACE INTO FavoredReligions
               (LeaderType,                                       ReligionType)
    SELECT   ('LEADER_GILGAMESH'),                             ('RELIGION_CHALDAENISM')
    Note how this entry checks if the religion exists before adding the preference. This prevents a crash in case people are not using the mod.

    - If you would like to also include a preference for a default religion in case people are not using HR, the SQL is similar albeit slightly more complicated:

    DELETE FROM FavoredReligions WHERE LeaderType = 'LEADER_GILGAMESH';
    INSERT OR REPLACE INTO FavoredReligions
               (LeaderType,                                       ReligionType)
    SELECT   ('LEADER_GILGAMESH'),                             ('RELIGION_ISLAM')
    INSERT OR REPLACE INTO FavoredReligions
               (LeaderType,                                       ReligionType)
    SELECT   ('LEADER_GILGAMESH'),                             ('RELIGION_CHALDAENISM')
    In this case, this first entry checks if the HR religion does not exist. If not it sets the default religion (in this case Islam). The second entry checks if the HR religion does exist, and if so, sets it.

    - Please feel free to contact me if you need any help adding mod support!

    Historical Religions

    - Ajivika
    - Akatt-u (Pre-Aryan Indus)
    - Amatongo (Southern African)
    --- Amatongo (Southern Bantu)
    --- Mwari Cult (Shona)
    - Angakkunngurniq (American Arctic)
    - Ardavda (Scythian)
    - Ayni (Andean)
    --- Ayni (Traditional Andean)
    --- Intiism (State Incan)
    --- Chiminigagua (Muisca)
    - Baha'i Faith
    - Bird Figure Cult (Neolithic Europe)
    - Buddhism
    --- Theravada
    --- Mahayana
    --- Vajrayana
    - Bumuntu (Central African)
    - Canaanism (Levantine, Punic)
    - Chaldaeanism (Mesopotamian)
    --- Chaldaeanism (Sumer-Babylonian)
    --- Ashurism (State Assyrian)
    --- Napir-tuniis (Elamite)
    - Christianity
    --- Catholicism
    ----- Arianism
    ----- Bogomilism
    ----- Catharism
    ----- Hussitism
    --- Nestorianism
    --- Oriental Orthodoxy
    --- Eastern Orthodoxy
    --- Protestantism
    ----- Lutheranism
    ----- Calvinism
    ----- Anabaptism
    ----- Anglicanism
    ----- Baptist Christianity
    ----- Methodism
    --- Restorationism (Charismatic, Great Awakening, Primitivism)
    ----- Society of Friends (Quaker)
    ----- Adventism
    ----- Latter-day Saints (Mormon)
    ----- Jehovah's Witnesses
    ----- Pentecostalism
    - Confucianism
    - Datura Cult (Californian)
    - Din-i Ilahi
    - Dreamtime (Aboriginal Australian)
    - Druidism (Celtic)
    - Forn Sidr (Germanic-Norse)
    - Hellenism (Greco-Roman)
    --- Atanodjuwaja Cult (Minoan)
    --- Mysteries (Greek Mystery)
    --- Dodekatheon (Traditional Greek)
    --- Neoplatonism (Philosophical Greek)
    --- Numenism (Traditional Italic)
    --- Imperial Cult (State Roman)
    --- Mithraism (Roman Mystery)
    --- Heros Cult (Thracian, Heros Karabazmos)
    - Hinduism
    --- Vedism (Historical Vedic)
    --- Shaivism
    --- Shaktism
    --- Vaishnavism
    --- Smartism
    - Islam
    --- Sunni
    ----- Mu'tazila
    --- Shia
    ----- Imamiyah (Twelver)
    ----- Zaidiyah (Fiver)
    ----- Ismailiyah
    ----- Alawiyah
    ----- Druze
    --- Ibadiyah
    --- Ahmadiyah
    - Itang (Micronesian)
    - Jainism
    - Judaism
    - Kachina (American Southwest)
    - Kepercayaan (Maritime Southeast Asian)
    --- Kejawen (Javanese)
    --- Anito (Philippine Folk)
    - Laiboni (East African)
    - Legalism (Chinese Fajia)
    - Li'im Dingirmes (Hittite)
    - Malagan (Melanesian)
    - Manaism (Polynesian)
    --- Tala-e-Fonua (West Polynesian)
    --- Puta Tumu (East Polynesian)
    --- Tangata Manu Cult (Rapa Nui)
    - Mandaeanism
    - Manichaeaism
    - Mi-chos (Tibetan, Bon)
    - Mohism
    - Mushrikun (Pre-Islamic Arabic)
    - Noaidevuohta (Uralic)
    --- Noaidevuohta (Sami)
    --- Suomenusko (Finnish)
    - Nommo (Sahel)
    - N'um (Khoe-San)
    - Nzambiism (Bakongo)
    --- Nzambiism
    --- Palo (Diasporic Bakongo)
    - Onyamesom (Akan)
    - Orenda (Eastern Woodlands)
    --- Orenda (Iroquoian)
    --- Midewiwin (Lodge, Medicine Society)
    - Orisha (Gulf of Guinea)
    --- Ifa (Yoruba, Edo)
    --- Odinani (Igbo)
    --- Voodoo (Fon, Diasporic Fon)
    --- Santeria (Diasporic Yoruba)
    - Pajelanca (Amazonian)
    - Pesedjet (Egyptian)
    --- Amanaiism (Libyan, Berber)
    --- Pesedjet
    --- Atenism
    - Pohakantenna (Great Basin)
    - Razana (Malagasy)
    - Rodnovery (Balto-Slavic)
    --- Rodnovery (Slavic)
    --- Romuva (Blatic)
    - Samanism (Siberian)
    - Sasna Phi (Tai Folk)
    - Scaanaang (Pacific Northwest)
    - Shenism (East Asian Animism)
    --- Mukyo (Korean Folk)
    --- Shenism (Chinese Folk)
    --- Tho Than (Vietnamese Folk)
    - Shinto
    - Sikhism
    - Southern Cult (Mound Builder)
    --- Fox and Owl Cult (Archaic))
    --- Southern Cult (Mississippian)
    --- Mahoma (Floridian)
    - Spiritism
    - Taoism
    - Tat Roog (West Coastal African)
    - Temaukelism (Patagonian)
    - Tengriism (Steppe)
    - Tlateomatiliztli (Mesoamerican)
    --- Tzolk'in (Classic, Preclassic)
    --- Tlateomatiliztli (Postclassic)
    - Wakan Tanka (Great Plains)
    - Witran Mapu (Mapuche)
    - Yazidism (Kurdish)
    - Zemiism (Antillean)
    - Zoroastrianism
    --- Mazdayasna (Zoroastrianism)
    --- Zurvanism

    This list reflects the complete selection of religions when Complete Mode is active. If Lite Mode is active, the religion selection is limited to the religions preferred by the leaders included within the base game and its DLC. The configuration file includes the ability to individually disable the majority of religions and denominations as well as options to change the default names of several of the religions.

    Custom Icons:
    - Aries Icon
    - Gemini Icon
    - Libra Icon
    - Sagittarius Icon
    - Capricorn Icon
    - Octopus Icon
    - Dragon Icon
    - Tiger Icon
    - Scarab Icon
    - Torch Icon
    - Pentagram Icon
    - Sword Icon
    - Cup Icon
    - Eye of Providence Icon
    - Ouroboros Icon
    - Mask Icon
    - Caduceus Icon
    - Tree Icon
    - Rose Icon
    - Spiral Icon
    - Venus Icon
    - Atom Icon

    Updates to Religion Icons:
    - Catholicism
    - Eastern Orthodoxy

    Misc. Unused Icons:
    - Unitarianism Religion
    - Insular Cross Icon
    - Bes Icon
    - Kolovrat Icon
    - Chakana Icon
    - Manichaen Temple Icon

    These religions and icons are present in the files but not activated by default. See the included configuration file for more details and to activate.

    Leader Preferences:
    - Alexander: Hellenism (Dodekatheon)
    - Amanitore: Pesedjet
    - Ambiorix: Druidism
    - Basil II: Eastern Orthodoxy
    - Ba Trieu: Tho Than
    - Catherine de Medici x2: Catholicism
    - Chandragupta: Jainism
    - Cleopatra: Pesedjet
    - Cyrus: Zoroastrianism (Mazdayasna)
    - Dido: Canaanism
    - Eleanor of Aquitaine x2: Catholicism
    - Frederick Barbarossa: Catholicism
    - Gandhi: Hinduism (Vaishnavism)
    - Genghis Khan: Tengriism
    - Gilgamesh: Chaldaeanism
    - Gitarja: Hinduism (Shaivism)
    - Gorgo: Hellenism (Dodekatheon)
    - Hammurabi: Chaldaeanism
    - Harald Hardrada: Eastern Orthodoxy
    - Hojo Tokimune: Buddhism (Mahayana)
    - Jadwiga: Catholicism
    - Jayavarman VII: Buddhism (Mahayana)
    - John Curtin: Protestantism (Calvinism)
    - Joao: Catholicism
    - Kristina: Catholicism
    - Kublai Khan x2: Buddhism (Vajrayana)
    - Kupe: Manaism (Puata Tupuna)
    - Lady Six Sky: Tlateomatiliztli (Tzol'kin)
    - Lautaro: Witran Mapu
    - Mansa Musa: Islam (Sunni)
    - Matthias Corvinus: Catholicism
    - Menelik II: Oriental Orthodoxy
    - Montezuma: Tlateomatiliztli
    - Mvemba a Nzinga: Catholicism
    - Pachacuti: Pachaism (Intiism)
    - Pedro II: Catholicism
    - Pericles: Hellenism (Dodekatheon)
    - Peter: Eastern Orthodoxy
    - Phillip II: Catholicism
    - Poundmaker: Wakan Tanka
    - Qin Shi Huang: Legalism
    - Robert the Bruce: Catholicism
    - Saladin: Islam (Sunni)
    - Seondeok: Buddhism (Mahayana)
    - Shaka: Amatongo
    - Simon Bolivar: Catholicism
    - Suleiman: Islam (Sunni)
    - Tamar: Eastern Orthodoxy
    - Teddy Roosevelt x2: Protestantism (Calvinism)
    - Tomyris: Ardavda
    - Trajan: Hellenism (Imperial Cult)
    - Victoria: Protestantism (Anglicanism)
    - Wilfrid Laurier: Catholicism
    - Wilhelmina: Protestantism (Calvinism)

    These preferences reflect the default preferences when Complete Mode is active. Some preferences are adjusted for Lite Mode to accomodate the limited number of religions. Additionally, the configuration file includes alternate preference options for several of the leaders and civilizations.

    I would like to give special thanks to Sukritact for helping me figure out how to add icons, Leugi for figuring out how to do the overlay graphic, Janboruta for art and icon advice, Zebenji for providing a French translation, Flactine and 柚子酱 for providing a Chinese translation, wizel for a Korean translation, stevie-the-curious for providing a German translation, hirami_lemontea for the Japanese translation, and Tomahawk.nsk for providing a Russian translation. The mod also has a Portuguese translation. I forgot who sent it to me. Please let me know so I can properly credit you.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2021 at 1:37 PM
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  2. The Specialize

    The Specialize Warlord

    May 5, 2015
    Ontario, Canada
    Glad to see this released, Was greatly looking forward to it.
  3. UncivilizedGuy

    UncivilizedGuy The Village Idiot

    May 24, 2012
    Land of the Lost
    Did you create new art for this or are these recycled icons?
  4. God of Kings

    God of Kings Ruler of all heads of state

    Aug 20, 2012
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Where's the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Russell's Teapot, and the Invisible Pink Unicorn? Atom isn't enough to represent secularism/humanism/atheism/agnosticism.

    Oh, and please add in the rest of the animals of the Eastern Zodiac as well.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2016
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  5. Agent327

    Agent327 Observer

    Oct 28, 2006
    In orbit
    You may have noted the title Historical Religions. ;)

    Speaking of which, why Hellenism? Clearly it was a cultural phenomenon, and not a religion adhered to by 'Greco-Romans'. (In fact, Hellenism - the spread of Greek culture - wasn't Roman at all.)
  6. God of Kings

    God of Kings Ruler of all heads of state

    Aug 20, 2012
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Yet, the Atom is included (or is it part of the base game already?).
  7. Agent327

    Agent327 Observer

    Oct 28, 2006
    In orbit
    No, it's not. You're talking about the icons.
  8. Tomatekh

    Tomatekh Sahib-i-Qirani

    Aug 6, 2012
    @The Specialize



    The mod uses original icons I created.

    @God of Kings

    This was brought up and discussed enough times with the Civ V version of the mod, that I'm not going to repeat the whole discussion here (you can to look through the Civ V thread if you want to read it). Basically, the focus of this mod is on pre-modern and indigenous religions. As such, I have no real interest in adding atheism or getting caught up doing requests to add every single modern sect or derivative of X religion. Besides atheism not being a religion by definition and not making sense in the choose pantheon/belief structure used by Civ V-VI, it is also historically incorrect to have atheism as a state level institution (what the Civ V-VI religions essentially represent) before the modern era. Similarly, Pastafarianism, et al. are also not religions and not pre-modern.

    As for more generic icons, they probably won't happen from me. I have little interest in doing generic icons at the moment (especially since there are still so many historical religions in the V version of the mod that I need to port to the VI one). I only finished the zodiac because my OCD wouldn’t let me leave them incomplete. The rest of the generic icons I added were done in an attempt to form groupings. I added the tiger icon to turn the snake-peacock-turtle icons into a pseudo four symbols grouping. I really didn’t know what to do with the elephant and butterfly and actually would have preferred removing them but, in the end, just left them in. The final two generic icons I added were simply meant to represent generic prehistoric religion and generic future religion; the Venus figure being one of the most prevalent Neolithic religious motifs and an atom being a readily identifiable symbol used for science and scientific progress. You can also view the atom as the one bone I’m throwing to the atheism requests (a variation of the atom symbol is used by the American Atheists society). However, as with all generic icons, they are not meant to represent any one specific religion but instead serve as generic symbols that could work for multiple situations, which I feel the atom does.


    It depends on how you’re discussing it. Of course, the term Hellenism is used a lot (to mean Hellenization, the spread of Greek culture; Hellenism, the 18th century neo-classic movement; modern Hellenic studies, etc.); however, it is also used in discussing the Hellenistic period and, as such, the general cultural structures of the expanded Alexandrine Empire and the Roman Empire from roughly 300 BC to AD 300. Technically, in an academic sense, then, Religious Hellenism only refers to the belief structures of these cultures in this 600 year time period; the mod sort of fudges the term and uses it in a more generalized sense. However, this was an intentional choice by me because of the significance this period had on both Greek and Roman religious thought especially in terms of the level of orientalism and syncretism that began to characterize belief and that would form a key part of later Greco-Roman religious thought. (On a related note, Hellenism is also used by modern neo-Pagan Greek reconstructionist movements, but this reference was more incidental than intentional).

    That’s not to say I’m not familiar with and/or dismissing the various intricacies of Greek religious expression (traditional religion, mystery cults, state cults, hero cults, mystical philosophies, etc.) or the differences between Greek and Roman religious expression. For the Civ V version of the mod, I eventually released a Greco-Roman Denominations pack which split “Hellenism” into 8 religions:


    This was still 8 broad-ish categories, and I could have split it up even further. I may do something similar for the VI version of the mod. However, for the moment and especially for a first release of the mod, I didn’t see it as a priority and saw using a single religion for both Greek and Roman belief to be in line with the Civ series’ trend to use generalized categories for these sort of things. In which case, I saw “Hellenism”, for the reasons mentioned above, as an appropriate term to encompass this broad religious category.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2016
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  9. Agent327

    Agent327 Observer

    Oct 28, 2006
    In orbit
    That's most eloquent, however, Hellenism is not 'a religion', let alone 'a historical religion'. As said, it's a cultural phenomenon which includes religious components. That's a difference. Seeing as this is a mod, it's ultimately your choice; I just wanted to point this out.
  10. sukritact

    sukritact Artist and Modder

    Sep 21, 2010
    Out of pure interest, what would you call the Graeco-Roman religions then?
  11. Tomatekh

    Tomatekh Sahib-i-Qirani

    Aug 6, 2012
    But that's just a matter of being overly pedantic in terms of defining Hellenism. Hellenism as a term is simply an ethnonym to reference various culture movements during the Hellenistic period (or, subsequently, Hellenistic culture in general). However, it does not need to be used in an overarching sense and can (and has) been used as a shorthand when only describing one aspect of that culture. So, if you are using it specifically when discussing religion in that period, there is nothing incorrect with using "Hellenism" as term for that grouping of religious systems. The term does not just mean the spreading of Greek culture. Very very few historical religious systems had official names like we have for religions today due to a different worldview in terms of how religion was understood and integrated by ancient peoples. In fact, personal ancient religious belief was often not what we would think of as religion today but closer to what we would describe as a cultural phenomenon; it wasn't just ritual and practice but spread into all aspects of life and meshed with surrounding and foreign cultures and ideas. Lacking an official name, there is nothing incorrect with ascribing a term that has previously been used specifically in a context to encompass ancient Greco-Roman religious systems and expanded culture.

    If you have what you believe to be a more appropriate term, I am and always have been open to suggestions (and have previously incorporated numerous suggestions over the history of the Civ V version of this mod).
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2016
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  12. UncivilizedGuy

    UncivilizedGuy The Village Idiot

    May 24, 2012
    Land of the Lost
    I was under the impression that we could only add BLP art files. I have also been curious if what you did is possible. I'm impressed! This is great! Are you the first modder to make this happen?
  13. Tomatekh

    Tomatekh Sahib-i-Qirani

    Aug 6, 2012
    It's not perfect, though. You need to overwrite the “Icons_Religions.xml” file in the base game folders with the same named file included in the mod. Overwriting base game files is currently the only way to add new art icons like this, but we're hoping that the release of the official SDK will allow us to add new art stuff normally.

    I credit Sukritact for helping me to figure out how to add the new icons this way.

    Hajee also has a post about it in the forums:

  14. Agent327

    Agent327 Observer

    Oct 28, 2006
    In orbit
    I wasn't trying to be pedantic.

    Also, I don't need to provide alternative terms, they're in your own (CiV) mod. ;)
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2016
  15. Tomatekh

    Tomatekh Sahib-i-Qirani

    Aug 6, 2012
    None of the terms used in the Greco-Roman Denominations pack would be appropriate as they all represent specific aspects of Greco-Roman religiosity instead of a generalized term to encompass Greco-Roman religious thought. It would be like calling a generalized "Christianity" religion a specific denomination like Protestantism.

    Greek belief can generally be split into three broad categories of religious expression: traditional religion, mystery cults, and philosophical mysticism (along with various subsets of these things like hero cults, etc). Dodekatheism, Mysteries, Neoplatonism, and Heros Karabazmos all refer to one of these specific aspects while excluding the others. Similarly, Roman belief is made up of traditional religion, inherited Etruscan belief, state cults, and syncretic & oriental traditions. Terms like Numenism, Imperial Cult, and Mithraism are all overly specific and would be inappropriate for a more generalized inclusion of Greco-Roman religious thought.

    Hellenism is the only term I can think of that provides a general meaning that doesn't exclude any specific form of Greco-Roman religiosity.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2016
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  16. UncivilizedGuy

    UncivilizedGuy The Village Idiot

    May 24, 2012
    Land of the Lost
    I've been recycling icons in my own mods by overwriting files but I didn't realize it was possible to add new stuff. This is very cool :thumbsup:
  17. drugs

    drugs Chieftain

    Oct 26, 2016
    I'm playing with ~30 mods, and it seems to be this one that is making me unable to start a new game. I'll set everything up accordingly, but it just goes from "Loading" to "Start game" and then back to the main menu.
  18. Tomatekh

    Tomatekh Sahib-i-Qirani

    Aug 6, 2012
    If you've installed it correctly, I can only suppose there might be a mod conflict between this mod and one of the other ones you are using. Do any of them also edit the game's religion entries? Otherwise, I and several other modders have tested this mod solo with no problems. If you could post an error log, I might be able to determine more.
  19. Agent327

    Agent327 Observer

    Oct 28, 2006
    In orbit
    I'm guessing this mod is incompatible with either Dale's ReligiiousUnitsBorderControl, .AlertGuard or YnAMP, as I can't start a game with it. (Turning Dale's mod off doesn't make a difference.) The game just goes from Start Game straight back to the start menu.

    Well, that would be exactly my point. There is no term that covers Greco-Roman religiosity, nor the various religions that prospered in the Greco-Roman era. So, you can call it 'Hellenism'- as long as you realize that's a misnomer. And if you think that's 'pedantic', soit.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2016
  20. carasucia

    carasucia Chieftain

    Sep 1, 2013
    I for one was glad to see the generic term 'Hellenism' as I rather thought 'Hellenistic Polytheism' (according to Wikipedia, entering its decline around the time of the Constantinian shift, and from which Wikipedia redirects to 'Greco-Roman Polytheism') to be a bit too long a name.

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