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Too Many CDs


Jan 20, 2009
I have all of the expansion packs, and they work great on my Vista laptop.
However, my problem is, when I installed them, I don't think I installed them right. I installed the games to a different hard drive (mainly for space purposes). Although the games work fine, I have to use different cds for each game.
For example, if I want to play a Warlords scenario, I have to use the Warlords cd. I cannot play any original or Warlord scenarios when I have the Beyond the Sword disc in. Its the same for all scenarios.
Also, the wonders do not transfer from each game either. For example, if I was playing a game on Beyond the Sword, I cannot get the Great Wall wonder.
This does not make sense to me. I'm sure this is was not what was intended, and I'm sure I installed it wrong or something.
So to recap my question, How do I install the game to make sure I only have to use one cd to play all of the scenarios and get all of the features of all the games at one time?
Thanks for your help!:)
Welcome to CFC :band:

the wonders introduced in Warlords are all also in BtS - so you should be able to build them. The rest works as intended - you need the disc for the game you want to play, i.e. Civ4 for Civ4, warlords for warlords and bts for bts :)
I will certainly check again.
However, I was going by the civilopedia at the main screen of Beyond the Sword.
When I was searching through the wonder list, the Great Wall was not listed nor any of the other two Warlord wonders. I'm assuming the rest of the Warlord stuff is not listed as well.
I had no idea that Beyond the Sword contained those things. Still, I'm uncertain because it never mentioned about the game containing the Great Wall or anything.
I still think somethings missing.

Thanks for the reply! :)
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