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Feb 17, 2002
Hi all
Im very newbie to this game so i need some help:
1st: how do i get money?!?
i always lost my money if i dont have 100% tax 0%saience
2nd: how do i use this 'trade' guy with horse ( i dont know his name)?
3rd: its good to build granary, temple, coloseus, colosseum,... in every city?
4th: any other good hints would be good too ;)

Ok thanks a lot
I´ll try to answer your questions as good as I can.

1. To get more money you need to increase your trade, or arrows. It can be done in several ways, for example by building roads, creating trade routes (see next question) and switching to republic/democracy.

You should also try to increase your population, since the more "squares" that your cities use, the more arrows do they produce. Of course, the squares need to have roads (or be a river). Building marketplaces and banks also increase tax revenue by 50% each.

2. Just bring the caravan to another city. Foreign cities are the best, but you could also use your own as long as they are at least 10 squares apart (if I remember correctly). When you try to enter the city a message will pop up, that says that you have created a trade route. This trade route will generate some arrows in the city that built the caravan. You can only have three active trade routes per city.

3. In the civiliopedia is a brief description of the functions of all city improvements, like granary etc. If you should build them or not depends on the situation. Granaries are usually good because they speed up growth, you need temples to improve the happines in your cities, and so on.

4. Well, use your common sense and explore. Learning how to play is the fun part, and I would not want to spoil it for you. :)

Happy gaming!
thanks soooo much :)
u have realy helped me....
but this 'squear' is this irrigration or its like blue 'diamond'?
It's good to see that nowadays, there are still some people playing Civ1 :):goodjob:

To add a detail our friend Mr Spice forgot to say:
You can also create a taxeman. If you click once on a square while being in city screen mode, this square will become empty and the worker will be "converted" into a bard, creating luxuries and making population happy. Click once on this bard, and he will become a taxeman. Another click and he will be a scientist (increased research bulb). So if you have a bank+marketplace+3taxemen in a city, for sure you will have a lot of money. Especially if you have mined gold mountain in the vicinity.
luxuries? this is men with guitar? :)
ok another Q:
- if i have this luxuries ppl then my food is decreasing ( black wheat ) what to do?
-if i dont have luxuries then i have 'civil disorther' !
-which contry (race) is best? i try french, americans and russian...
and for now i think ruusian are the best, because if i dont chose them, they always destroy me :)
Lucky: yes, this is the man with a guitar. Of course, when you recruit people for entertainment, then they won't be working any more, therefore you may have not enough food. Actually everything is a compromise between tax rate. If you need food then the other way is to build colosseum/cathedral/temple to need less bards. And of course set the luxuries rate at 10 or even 20%. Just keep in mind that there's a good tip: when you eed money, set the tax rate at 100% (0% science, 0%luxuries) for 4 or 5 turns. If all your cities have banks or marketplace, you will be earning an incredibly high amount of money. Then set the ratio back to 80 science/20 tax/0 lux (this is only an example of course). And btw this is also a tip for Luka. Don't fear loosing money. I always do. The only thing is that when my treasury goes too low, then as I said, I set 100% to tax for 5 turns, then I get easily 2000 gold... And it will take me at least 20 turns before it goes low again. Quite profitable. So once again, don't pay attention to that :) (of course it's not realistic ;) in actual life, if you kept on loosing money, I doubt that you would be able to be president :D)
Concerning the civs, well, I think a long time ago there has been a very interesting thread about that. Actually each civ leader has an agressivity rank. To be honest, no civ is better than any other one, and it principally depens on when you start on the map (desert sucks, better starting next to coal/gold...). Now if you choose Zulus (for instance, I don't want to restart the Zulu cult war :D), then they won't annoy you. So just choose an aggressive civ. Then it won't be played by the computer and then you won't have troubles. So far, it seems to me that Genghis K. is the most aggressive leader.... :)

Luka, try to go on Democracy ASAP. The drawback: each military unit that's not in its home city will make 2 unhappy people (unless you get Women suffrage) instead of 1 for Republic. But the advantage is that there is NO corruption at all! interesting isn't it? And trust me this is invaluable. Without corruption you can get up to 3 or 4 extra trades per city... That's really essential.
wow thanks... this realy helped me...
i'm playing: small, veryeasy, 4bilon, 3civ and russian...
I'm in 1700AD and i have 1cities and i have destroyed french...
i dont know where are croatians yet :\
One city????:eek:

Now I understand why you lost and ran out of money ;)
Actually, unless you're very experienced (like Stormerne or TTG), you should play a OCC. first thing to do is of course to build a phalanx to defend your mother city. But then build as many settlers as possible (be careful concerning their food support) and spread over the continent... expand like rabbits, or you will be not match for the enemy civs.
Yep, there is nothing better than many cities. Getting as many of them as possible is the far most important thing in this game. :)
sry sry my mistake 10 cities!!
of course i have more now...
i attacked croatians but they have alot of canonns :p
PS democracy is ****!!
i must have a lot of 'ppl with guitar' !!
I never knew there was a croatian civ in civ 1.
Thinks there were the french english babylonians zulu russian roman, Mongolian ,chinese,american,Indian,Aztec,German,Greek, and Egyptian
no croatians.

Oh well, maybe he has an editor for civ that allows you to rename tribes.
Yaaaaaay more people are playing civ
big civ 1 party at my house *takes down sign that says beer party now puts up sign that says civ party*
yes i got it from my friend...
yes game is very good...
but when is game over... when do u win?
Originally posted by Luka
luxuries? this is men with guitar? :)

Luka, if you really want a man with a guitar play Civ 2! :lol: Sorry, he's lonesom' tonight.


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Originally posted by GenghisK
You win when:
_ you destroyt all enemy civs
_ or (exclusive or) send successfully your dpaceship to alpha centauri
_ or retire after year 20xx, depending on your level.

what about barbarians?
must i kill them too to win?
Yoy don't have to kill the barbarians, they are not a civ. They are only in the game to make it a little harder: they tend to show up whenever you are at war with another civ or when you have left a city undefended.......
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