[TOT] [ToTPP] AI civs are refusing to fight


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Mar 11, 2004
I have encountered an unplayable problem where all AI civs refuse to fight each other or even me. This happens no matter what mod or scenario I use. I am on 0.18.4, and I have this issue on previous versions too. I ran an AI Original game and started with Marco Polo's Embassy to keep track of AI relations, and not one single war broke out. This issue affects all mods and most scenarios. I have provided the autosave file and my totpp ini.


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Valka D'Ur

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Mar 3, 2005
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I've encountered the problem (in Lalande) where the non-human civs refused to upgrade their military tech to the point that they could realistically defend themselves against the Nona aliens (they were trying to use a Bombus, of all the idiotic things; Bombuses - Bombii? are great for exploring and taking out much weaker early game units, but completely useless against Nona aliens). Since I needed two of them alive in the late game so they could discover the tech I needed to get myself to Nona, I ended up giving them Kineticores (not that they appreciated it, but oh well...).
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