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Toughest Boosts

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Strategy & Tips' started by Minou, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. Minou

    Minou Prince

    Apr 19, 2013
    The more I play Civ 6 the more I appreciate the important of carefully planning boosts. Some are very easy and some almost impossible to get "in time" in the context of a fast space victory. By in time, I mean without slowly overall progress towards victory - e.g. it's almost always possible to get all the boosts but if that means you dawdle off the path to Rocketry / Globalization for a dozen turns while waiting for some build to complete you've lost net turns.

    Here is my list, curious if others feel some techs/civics should be added or deleted from the "tough boost" roll call.
    I ignored the ones that can only be boosted by Great Scientists or Spies, as well as techs/civics that you can just skip altogether in Science Victory like Capitalism or Naval Tradition (though you may want to boost these to increase the odds of getting other more valuable boosts from Great Scientists or Tribal Villages). They are listed in the order they unlock, not necessarily hardest to easiest.


    Games and Recreation (have the Construction tech): Ah, the king of all unboosted Civics. I actually got this boost one time, when I had some crazy early science - I think 3 early envoys in Science City States when they were worth 2spt. Barring that, it just never makes sense to tech Construction early when so many other techs are needed.

    Drama and Poetry (build a wonder): This is easy if you really want it, but I just can’t ever find the spare production for something so expensive while trying to expand and get military up and running. About every fourth game or so I luck out and capture Great Bath or Stonehenge and score the boost, but rarely manage to do something like chop Pyramids in time.

    Military Training (build an Encampment): This is another one that is easy in theory but conflicts with the best build order in the early game. Building an Encampment for the boost means you are skipping something that is almost certainly more valuable like two Horsemen or another Settler. I used to build one, now I skip it and focus on more important things.

    Defensive Tactics (be target of a declaration of war): Oh how I miss the days when you could just declare on any AI and their City State vassal would counter-saatisfying the boost. This one is pretty much luck of the draw. The problem is, AIs only tend to declare early in the game when you are much weaker, and the boost is worthless if you get killed by 4 Warriors on T30!

    Medieval Faires (have 4 trade routes): This is one I have been really focusing on perfecting. It comes at a bottleneck in the Civic tree so you can’t really delay it. Back in the day it required planning to get 3 Commercial Hubs (or 2 and a Harbor) up for this, but now that Markets are also needed you really have to plan it out. Magnus can make it alot easier along with Monumentality for the actual Traders and if you are really lucky you’ll capture a relevant district.

    Diplomatic Service (form an Alliance): Very easy to get, but my problem is by the time Alliances are available I have probably wiped out two Civs and everyone else will hate me. If possible I sign Friendship with a farther off AI before the wars start allowing an Alliance, but if you only have one or two AIs on your starting continent its much more valuable to just conquer them. Gilgabro helps tremendously here of course as an instant ally when you meet him.

    Humanism (recruit a Great Artist): It has always been my dream to boost this one day, but I usually only have about 5 Great Artist points by the time I need the boost. Maybe it could be possible in a really lucky game where you are next to Pericles and capture two Theater Squares before turn 50... Even then it would take many projects or a massive pile of faith / gold. Overall Great Artists are just too expensive - if I tweaked the game I would make them 120 points instead of 240 and unlock the Frescos card at Drama and Poetry to make the boost plausible.

    Nationalism (declare war with a Causa Belli): This is one the player has little control over. The Holy War option is the easiest but may or may not be possible.

    Urbanization (have a size 15 city): Missing this one is always my own fault, I sometimes start thinking of it on T100 instead of T50. If planned right, some otherwise crappy flatland city captured from an AI can achieve 12-13 pop in time just by farming everything, and then 2-3 food harvests can push it over the edge. Just have to keep on top of Housing.

    Mass Media (have the Radio tech): I think I managed this just once, normally the civic comes well before the tech even if you have about a 3:2 science to civic ratio.

    Globalization (build three airports): This of course also requires three aerodromes. I have gotten it a few times with some chops anor when I have a massive excess of gold, but miss it most of the time.


    Buttress (build a Cassical Era or later wonder): Like with Drama and Poetry, it’s not so much that it is hard to build a Classical Wonder in time, it’s just that I feel I need that production for other things at this stage in the game. This is one I almost often boost with a Great Scientist though.

    Military Engineering (build an Aquaduct): About every third game I will luck out and capture an Aquaduct, but otherwise I feel pressured to skip the boost so as not to delay Niter accumulation. Another one often boosted by Great Scientist.

    Economics (build two Banks)
    Steam Power (build two Shipyards):
    Sanitation (build two Neighborhoods):
    I group these because they are a trio I always try to boost with Great Scientist Emilie Du Chatelet. Banks and Shipyards can be built in time especially with a couple chops, but I hate wasting the production. Neighborhoods I never come close to being able to build as I rarely if ever unlock Urbanization in time.

    Flight (build an Industrial Era or later wonder): I feel this is a real test of planning. I sometimes fumble and find I don’t have enough production to boost it especially when my tech rate is very fast, but with proper planning Magnus or one of the wonder-boosting Great Engineers should make this possible most games.

    Radio (build a National Park): I have never once gotten this boost, since I usually either have not reached Conservation or if culture is flying skip by it to race for Globalization.

    Chemistry (have a Level 2 Alliance): This one seems like it might not be mathemetically possible in fast games since even if your own culture is flying one Friendly AI must also have Diplomatic Service, and the poits accumulate so slow even if you can get them in a joint war.

    Advaned Flight (build three biplanes): I suppose with enough gold they can be purchased, but not sure if even then that gold would be better spent on another Reyna Spaceport for Laser chops.

    Advanced Ballistics (build two oil power plants): This one may actually not be too hard, I have never bother to run the convert to oil power project. Usually by the time I hit this I’m near one tech per turn so it might not be worth the effort.

    Guidance Systems (kill a fighter): Never saw an AI fighter in a game! In my current game it is T130 and the AIs are still running around with Crossbows and Galleys.
  2. Archon_Wing

    Archon_Wing Vote for me or die

    Apr 3, 2005
    Games and Rec-- More or less impractical

    Drama and Poetry-- Chop Oracle is the easiest.

    Diplomatic Service-- Depends, if not a war game or if you joint war'd it's not too hard.

    Humanism-- Mostly impossible

    Nationalism, annoying. Mostly boosted with Protectorate War.

    Urbanization-- Gather food/chop jungle

    Mass Media-- Mostly dependent on Science

    Globalization-- Very hard; usually brute force by Moon Landing. Mostly unnecessary in non-SVs.

    Buttress-- Build Colosseum or Mausoleum.

    Military Engineering-- Aqueducts cost like nothing when placed early.

    Economics (build two Banks)
    Really only needed for Big Ben.

    Steam Power (build two Shipyards):
    Veterancy. Harbors are better than hubs past early game anyways.

    Sanitation (build two Neighborhoods):
    Yea, no.

    Build Big Ben or Oxford.

    Only in culture victories; maybe more viable since Naturalist are cheaper.

    Usually research alliance is easy to get

    Advaned Flight
    Mostly domination games where you'd want biplanes to upgrade to fighters anyways.

    And yea the other two are lol
  3. Minou

    Minou Prince

    Apr 19, 2013
    I used to chop Oracle all the time, but lately I aways feel like the 290h would be much better converted into a bunch of Horsemen or another Settler. Part of this is because the AI seems to ignore Oracle until much later these days - I chopped it on T91 in my current game whereas it used to go often go around T50. Of course there is variation game to game but generally I feel safe leaving it until my full army is up and running. Pyramids is my first choice to chop early but of course you don't always have a handy desert tile.
  4. MrRadar

    MrRadar Emperor

    Nov 8, 2014
    What about Professional Sports with 4 ECs? Or do you win before that? :)
  5. Minou

    Minou Prince

    Apr 19, 2013
    Well it’s technically not needed for Space, but the AI seems to like them so I almost always conquer three (I build one for Colosseum Most games).
  6. myclan

    myclan Prince

    Feb 26, 2008
    For Games and Recreation, I never got a inspiration in early CIV VI games. But after lumbermill become available in Construction and it provides +2P, I will try to build a watermill earlier to boost it, thus having a chance to boost Games and Recreation.

    For Drama and Poetry, almost never unless early conquest or play as Qin.

    Defensive Tactics just need luck. While I think Fedualism is also very difficult without early conquest.
  7. Bibor

    Bibor Doomsday Machine

    Jun 6, 2004
    Zagreb, Croatia
    The Eureka for machinery should be *not* building 3 archers :lol: Agreed on the rest.
  8. tetley

    tetley Head tea leaf

    Nov 8, 2001
    It's good to have this list on-hand. What I do is try and time my Great Scientists to maximize the odds that he will trigger eureka for only the hard-to-get ones. IOW pick up all the eurekas I can first, then retire the GS. It can get painful when it's a CS quest.

    Humanism inspiration I commonly get through faith-buy. Buy right before the age ends, to get the CS quest. Or when you need it, but usually for me the age end comes first (and it's any age when you have both the faith and the CS quest). I fight and pillage a lot, so I tend to have faith available
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2020
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