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Tourism from Relics

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Strategy & Tips' started by Minou, May 26, 2019.

  1. Minou

    Minou Chieftain

    Apr 19, 2013
    I was trying to make sure I understand how Reliquaries (+200%), Enlightenment (-50%), and the different religion (-50%) tourism penalty interact for tourism.

    Let's say I have one relic. That should provide 8 tourism. This should go to 24 if I have Reliquaries belief. Or, it should be cut to 4 if an AI follows a different religion.

    What about if I have Reliquaries AND the AI follows a different religion? I thought they would stack additively at first based on how other modified like production bonuses seem to work - so 200% minus 50% would equal +150% bonus, yielding 20 tourism from one relic.

    Looking at how much tourism is being generated in my current game though it seems they multiple, so 200% * 50% equals 100% bonus, or 16 tourism from one relic.

    I assume this means if the AI also got Humanism it would be 50%*50%*200% and a relic would only yield 8 tourism with Reliquaries?

    Sorry if this has already been solved a long time ago. It is a bit tricky to work out the numbers since the Reliquaries Relics are always listed as 24 on the Tourism lens and Great Works screen even when penalties come into play, and the individual AI values do not provide a breakdown by source so you need to work out other things like Holy City, books or wonders plus the the bonus/penalties from Open Borders, trade, etc.
  2. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011
    Now this is interesting as it appears to have changed. This is how it did work.

    A civ has 1 city 1 relic, and 2 great works or writing, printing and enlightenment.

    The works are modified first so relics becomes 24 and writing becomes 16 (4*2*100%)=16. You should see these displayed as such in the great works screen. Your enlightenment does not modify your relics, only those of other civs.
    So the tourism total on the main screen should show you generating 40 tourism.

    There are 3 other civs in the game. Kongo has enlightenment, Norway founded a different religion and also has enlightenment, England has neither.

    When you look on the culture victory screen and move your mouse over the suitcases for the civs

    It should show
    England getting 40 tourism per turn
    Kongo getting 28 tourism per turn
    Norway getting 22 tourism per turn.

    If your initial relic screen is showing only 16 for the relic that would be weird as England would be getting the full 24.

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