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Tourism ouput needs a nerf?

Discussion in 'Community Patch Project' started by IAIWE, Oct 15, 2019.

  1. ridjack

    ridjack King

    Mar 12, 2017
    I'm working on it!
  2. azum4roll

    azum4roll Prince

    Jul 17, 2018
    As France, I'm already influential with everyone and 13 policies into Autocracy in Atomic, while having 75% tourism penalty and Travel Ban passed. Building the CEP now.
  3. ridjack

    ridjack King

    Mar 12, 2017
    Did get my victory. Emperor, playing Pineappledan's Inuit custom civ, went Progress/Artistry/Rationalism/Freedom, settled 15 cities. Inuits put a relatively decent amount of culture on tiles (3 from UI, 3 from fish turning into Seals), so I used that along with Holy Sites buffed by Theocratic Rule, landmarks, and my Gold+Lapis monopolies to convert that culture into tourism with Hotels, Stadiums and the like. Also took Sacred Sites as Reformation. Finished the CEP on turn 423, at which point I was getting 2881 tourism per turn.
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  4. JamesNinelives

    JamesNinelives King

    Mar 16, 2019
    What is the Inuit's UI? :)
  5. ridjack

    ridjack King

    Mar 12, 2017


    Spoiler :

    UA - Until the Ice Breaks
    • Non-Specialist Citizens consume half the normal amount of :c5food: Food.
    • Improved Fish Resources adjacent to Tundra or Snow are converted into Seals, a luxury resource.
    • Land units have Double Movement on Snow and can cross Ice.

    UR - Seal
    Yields: 1
    Improved by Fishing Boat: 1:c5production:1:c5gold:
    Monopoly: +2:c5culture: on Tile
    Corporation: Giorgio Armeier

    UI - Inuksuk

    Unlocked at Hunting
    Must be built on Snow or Tundra, and not next to each other
    +1:c5food: Food, +1:c5production: Production, +1:c5culture: Culture
    +2:c5culture: at Compass
    +1:c5food:/:c5gold: Food at Navigation
    +1:c5culture:/:c5gold: at Biology
    On Construction, claims adjacent neutral tiles
    +1 :c5production: Production to Adjacent Tundra and Snow tiles
    Claims adjacent tiles

    UU - Unatattik (Crossbowman)
    Unlocked at Machinery
    17 :c5strength:CS, 21 :c5rangedstrength:RCS (+2 CS from Crossbowman)
    2 Range (but lowered to 1 by 'Unaak' promotion)
    Ignores Terrain
    Unaak promotion
    (+25% Defense. -1 Range. On ranged attack, target loses 1 move on their next turn. Does not Stack.
    Spoiler 3/4UC compatibility :

    4UC - UB - Igloo (Caravansary)
    unlocked at Currency
    When a Land Trade Route originating here and targeting another Civ is completed, receive a Tourism boost with the Civ based on your recent Culture output.
    Land Trade Routes gain +50% Range and +3 :c5gold:
    +1 :c5gold: from Merchants.
    +1 :c5food:/:c5gold:/:c5culture: for every 3 tundra or Snow tiles worked by city. (up from 1:c5food:/:c5gold: for every 3 tiles)
    +1:c5production:/:c5gold: for every 3 Desert, Coast or Ocean tiles worked by city.
    An Igluviak is constructed on a nearby valid tile

    Truffles +2 :c5gold:
    Cotton +1:c5production:/:c5culture:
    Furs +1:c5gold:/:c5production:
    Flax +1 :c5gold:/:c5faith:

    View attachment 536136
    4UC - UI2 - Igluviak
    +1:c5food:1:c5culture: at Rifling
    Built automatically on construction of an Igloo
    Must be built on Snow tile within 3 tiles of the city.
    Cannot be constructed on a tile with an existing resource or improvement
    Permanent (Cannot be pillaged or removed)

    4UC - UU - Qamutiik (Chariot Archer)
    Unlocked at Agriculture
    7 :c5strength:CS, 7 :c5rangedstrength:RCS
    (-1 CS/RCS)
    3 Movement
    Gains XP from exploration
    Does not require Horses
    Does not have Rough Terrain penalty

    • TPangolin: Concept
    • Neirai: XML and Lua, Concept, adapted Pedia entries
    • JFD: XML and Lua help
    • LastSword: XML and Lua help
    • Leugi: Leaderscreen, Icons, Inuksuk Graphics, Concept
    • Regalmanemperor: Map
    • Civitar: Unaaq graphics
    • Viregel: Pedias
    • Pervandr: Seals Icon adapted from "On the Ice"
    • Hiram: Icon conversion
    • TarcisioCM: Icon conversion
    • Charlatan Alley: Voice Acting
    • AH*NEE*MAH: Peace Music: "Voices of the Wind"
    • Tagaq: War Music: "Force"
    • Reedstilt: Historical consultancy
    • Civfanatics: Lua help
    • HungryForFood: CPP dll modifications
    • pineappledan: VP compatibility
    • Barathor: Qamutiik icon
    • Trystero49: Qamutiik idea
    • Windiz: Qamutiik unit skin
    • Mikeburnfire: Igloo icon
    • Asterix Rage: Promotion Icons

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