Tournament Battle 3x3 by UTC+03


Feb 12, 2023
Hi all!
We really want to play with guys from other countries, we have an organized team of 3 people who can play a one-time game.

Please, if you have such an opportunity, please write to us.

We have restrictions:
- Time limit no more than 3 hours. If the game lasts more than 3 hours, then we save the game and agree on the next time.
- We also rely on friendly relations without foul language against each other.
- And also on an organized approach in time, so as not to let anyone down.

Our team uses both Steam and Epic, using cross-creation mode.

You can contact me personally here, or using telegrams at: or email: Moderator Action: Better to not have your email public. The_J
So we and you can pump your skills.
Waiting for you!
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